CH 3.2

Codename: Mystery (2)

When she came to the confession room again, Lucia heard Mystery’s low voice before she could say anything. “Lucia, you are here.”

“Yeah!” Lucia heard Mystery’s voice, and tears appeared in her eyes, “I, my money is gone!”

“Oh?” Mystery’s voice was unhurried, “Why?”

Lucia was crying a storm.

“I, my mother said that if I picked up money it should be handed over to the priest or the patrol officer, wuu wuu wuu.”

“…Why didn’t you tell her that I gave it to you?” Mystery asked curiously.

“Wuu wuu wuu, If my mother knew that I’m following you, the bootleg god, she would force me to follow Lady Jormundra. I don’t want it! She won’t give me any money!”

“…” Mystery was speechless, so he had to say, “Then pray again.”

“What?” There was still a tear in the corner of Lucia’s eyes. She looked as cute as a bud covered in morning dew, “I can continue praying?”

“Yes.” Mystery promised.

Lucia closed her eyes and put her hands together.

She looked pure and holy, like an innocent lamb. Anyone who saw her would think that she was a girl beautiful enough to be put into a painting.

“Great Mystery, my good god friend, please give a miracle for your most, most, most faithful follower!”

“…okay.” Mystery agreed.

Lucia opened her eyes and saw that another small handful of light had appeared in front of her, with a round coin floating inside.

Recharge successful (1/1)

She’s a Mihoyo white knight again today.

Lucia’s beautiful blue eyes were like Serancha’s most beautiful blue skies. Filled with faith, she raised her hands and saw a silver coin inside.

“…” This damned scammer. “Why is there only one silver coin this time!” Lucia was very dissatisfied, and instantly turned from a Mihoyo white knight to a Mihoyo hater. “You’re a god, why are you so stingy? Your follower is no more!”

“Spending a gold coin would be too troublesome for you.” Mystery explained patiently, “But with silver coins, you can buy whatever you want.”

This reasoning still somewhat made sense. Lucia reluctantly accepted it with a disgusted look, but she still felt as if she had lost 100 million. “Fine, stingy god. I hereby announce that your wholehearted follower is no more.”

Mystery was amused by Lucia’s vivid expression, and laughed in a low voice: “Then, how should I recharge my wholehearted follower?”

Lucia put on a cold look. “There’s no turning back. My heart has gone cold.”

Mystery became amused again.

“I’ve thought about it carefully last night! I believe that you are a god.” Lucia wasn’t really angry because she wanted money, so she immediately thawed out after a few seconds, and she leaned against the confession room door with a smile. “You’re a god, that’s why you show up everytime I went to the temple. It makes sense.”

“Because I only have you as my follower,” Mystery explained, “so I always cherish you and pay attention to you all the time. ”

“You are such a pervert.” Lucia said angrily, “It’s not fair, what do you look like? You see me every day, but I have never seen you.”

“My appearance…?” Mystery pondered for a moment, “Are you curious?”

“Yes, I’ve been curious before, so I sneaked into the confession room several times. But I never even saw your shadow.” Lucia pouted, “Mr. Mystery.”

“I can’t show you what I really look like, and I can’t tell you my real name.” Mystery said apologetically, “For you, my existence cannot be understood and cannot be seen. Contact would lead to madness.”

“Wow, that’s awesome.” Lucia exclaimed, “So god has this kind of setting.”

“That’s right.” Mystery replied mildly, repeating the code name Lucia gave him, “so you can just call me Mr. Mystery.”

“Oh.” Lucia was a little disappointed.

Looking at his little believer looking like a kitten with drooped ears, Mystery added, “If it’s just an avatar, you can see it.”

“Hmm?” Lucia immediately cheered up.

“If you learn the god descension art and pray to me, I will descend based on the strength of your spirit and will.” Mystery added, “Soon, Serancha Elementary school will begin enrollment, your parents should take you to participate in the test.”

“Your talent is very suitable for becoming a priest. In the future, you should go to a seminary.”

Thunder! Fell! In! Broad! Daylight!

“What?” Lucia’s eyes widened while her whole body froze, “Did you just say something horrible!?”

“Horrible?” Mystery was puzzled.

“Wuu wuu wuu, did you just say it!? That horrible word!?” Genuine tears flashed in Lucia’s eyes, “That one where you move your body every morning like a zombie, staying inside a square room without any decoration, listening to vague and terrifying words, and writing blasphemous words with a pen at night!”

Mystery said speechlessly, “Going to school is how you receive knowledge.”

“Wuaaa! Whyyy!” Lucia clutched her head, “I don’t want to go to school!”

Seeing her soft blonde hair stand up, Mystery couldn’t help but want to help her smooth it.

But not yet.

“If you go to the seminary, you will be able to see me.” Mystery’s voice softened, “Is that not good?”

“…” Lucia went silent in sadness. It took a long time before she accepted the bad news that she had to go to school, and she said in a low voice, “Need to recharge again.”


“Need to recharge!” Lucia burst into tears, “Sacrificing my free time, do you have the nerve to speak without a VIP membership?!”

Mystery laughed and agreed, “Pray to me then.”

“Hmph, let’s talk about it next time.” Lucia said angrily. She felt a little tired and sat directly in front of the confession room door, leaning against it. “Actually, I’ve thought about it before, but there’s no school in my previous hometown. There were only masters who took apprentices there.”

“Maybe that’s why your parents came to Serancha.” Mystery said gently, “their love for you doesn’t ask for anything in return.”

“Well, they really are good people.” Lucia sighed pompously, her two little hands wrapped around her knees. “I’m the only one who is different, I think I’m really bad.”

“Huh?” Mystery asked with a smile, “Are you bad?”

Lucia said angrily, “You’re supposed to answer ‘you are the best in my eyes’ right now! Why aren’t you following the routine!”

Mystery immediately repeated with sincerity, “Of course, the lovely Miss Lucia is always the best in my eyes.”

“Then, can I exchange this silver coin for a gold one?” Lucia asked expectantly, holding up the silver coin she had just prayed for.

Facing her puppy-like sparkling eyes, Mystery replied with a smile, “No can do, sweet lady.”

“…” stingy god!

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