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Chapter 910 Immortal Slayer's Origin

"F*ck! Misty Breath."

"F*ck… Primordial stone?"

After sorting out the gifts that Lin Qingzhu took out, Ye Qiu couldn't hold it in anymore.

Was this old man so rich? He…

Could it be that he didn't know the value of these things? Was he actually willing to give such things?

However, it seemed to make sense. Ye Wuhen was born carefree and had pursued supreme power his entire life. He was not interested in so-called forging or alchemy.

These things might have been found in some primordial ruin. Perhaps even he didn't pay attention to these things and had kept them in a corner to produce dust.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qingzhu accidentally picked it all up this time.

Fortunately, she wasn't like Linglong, who went to get those so-called fun things. Compared to those immortal-grade artifacts, the value of these was too high. Of course, the prerequisite was that you knew how to forge a sword. Otherwise, it would be useless to obtain this thing.

"M-Master." Lin Qingzhu was at a loss when she saw her master's confused expression. She thought that she had done something wrong. She hurriedly said, "Did I take the wrong one? I don't know if these things are useful, but I was curious, so I took some."

She was a little uncertain because in the beginning, she also wanted to choose some good-quality finished products like Linglong. However, when she thought about how she already had the Immortal Slayer Sword, those weapons were useless. She might as well choose some strange things that might be useful.

However, when she saw her master's strange expression, she panicked. She thought that she had taken the wrong one and missed a chance to get rich.

Would her master think that she was very stupid? She did not seize the opportunity to become rich in front of her.

Ye Qiu smiled without saying anything when he saw her flustered expression. She might not know, but it was her sudden thought that resolved Ye Qiu's greatest problem, which was that the Immortal Slayer Sword could be upgraded.

"Haha! Ye Qiu laughed and said happily, "No, you didn't take the wrong one. Disciple, you did very well this time."

Even Ye Qiu had to praise Lin Qingzhu's wit. He was worried about how to upgrade the Immortal Slayer Sword, but he didn't expect her to gather the materials herself.

Wasn't this a coincidence?

Perhaps this was the opportunity that should have belonged to her. She, who had great providence, had many immortal encounters at this moment. It was just that she had been staying on the mountain and did not have the chance to go down the mountain to find her own opportunity.

"Ah! I don't understand. I hope Master can explain." Lin Qingzhu was completely stunned. She couldn't understand why her master was laughing, let alone what she had done wrong. Could it be that these things were really useful for the upgrade of the Immortal Slayer Sword?

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt delighted. Coupled with her master's overall performance, she vaguely guessed something.

Ye Qiu looked at her quietly and already understood that she had sensed something. He nodded and said, "Looks like you've already guessed it. That's right. The core few rare materials needed to upgrade the Immortal Slayer Sword are this Primordial Fallen Heart Stone and this Misty Breath."

As soon as these words were spoken, Lin Qingzhu was overjoyed. No wonder when she was choosing gifts previously, she kept feeling that there was a voice in her heart telling her to choose these things.

This might be the consciousness of the Immortal Slayer Sword reminding her because at this moment, she had completely refined the Immortal Slayer Sword and her sword intent was sent to her clearly.

Under this unknowing reminder, she chose these things that were most useful to her in increasing her strength.

"Really? The surprise came too suddenly. Lin Qingzhu felt that it was a little unrealistic.

Ye Qiu nodded and said with certainty, "Immortal Slayer is an Immortal Ancient divine artifact. It itself is a legendary divine weapon. It's because after a destructive battle, its Heart of the Sword was destroyed, and its quality fell. Its power was greatly reduced.

"I've realized this since I obtained this sword back then, so I've been bitterly searching for a way to repair it. It's just that a lot of time was delayed later on, so I never had the chance. I didn't expect you to have gathered all the materials. Perhaps this is fate. This is a heaven-sent opportunity for you."

After hearing her master's words, Lin Qingzhu pondered. She had never doubted her master's words.

However, at this moment, she was even more grateful to Ye Wuhen. If he hadn't unintentionally taken out these treasures, Lin Qingzhu might not have been able to gather these materials in her life.

Of course, at this point, she should thank Linglong even more.

How could one make a man willing to go bankrupt for her in three sentences?

Linglong had done it. Moreover, she made Ye Wuhen take out all his treasures with a smile and willingly give them to them.

Linglong was too strong.

"Hehe, looks like I really have to thank Linglong when she comes back. My cute little junior sister, I didn't take care of you for so many years in vain. I really love you to death." Lin Qingzhu thought to herself that her junior sister, who she had doted on for many years, did not disappoint her in the end. It was awesome and exciting.

Indeed, at the critical moment, she still had to rely on Linglong. She was a harmless little loli who usually looked useless, but at every critical moment, she was the trump card that could turn the situation around.

Lin Qingzhu had never doubted this because back then, Linglong had really done it many times.

"The origin of the Immortal Slayer Sword is too ancient. It's so ancient that many records have already begun to blur. However, this doesn't stop us from restoring it. Although we can't restore it to its peak, this is enough at this stage."

Lin Qingzhu was puzzled and said, "Master, then how can we restore it to its peak?"

Ye Qiu looked at her and could clearly see the determination in her eyes. Clearly, Ye Qiu's unintentional words had unknowingly set a goal for her. Perhaps it was because of these many years of companionship that she, who was alone to begin with, treated the Immortal Slayer Sword as her most loyal companion.

This was her belief that she wanted to repair the Immortal Slayer Sword and restore it to its peak.

Ye Qiu realized this and didn't hide anything. He replied, "If I want to completely repair the Immortal Slayer Sword, I need something special."

"What is it?"

"Slaughter Stone!"

As soon as these words were spoken, Lin Qingzhu's body trembled slightly. Although she had never heard of the Slaughter Stone, she could feel the cold and heartless killing intent from its name.

It was a very strong and heavy killing intent. It covered the sky and earth, giving people a feeling of extreme despair.



Ye Qiu answered her doubts and continued, "The Immortal Slayer is a sword of slaughter. According to the remaining ancient books, its birth was prepared for a vast immortal slaughtering feast.

"It can be said that it was born to slaughter immortals. Therefore, the most important core is slaughter."

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