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Chapter 130

"Chen Ge, I'll tell you that all the people who went today are big and influential people. My friends also know that you are my student. So after you go, you should give me a good performance. If you give me shame, you can wait for me."

Meng Cairu said rudely.

Chen Ge did not answer, just glanced out of the window.


Meng Cairu snorted, but he didn't speak and focused on driving.

Today, Meng Cairu is particularly beautiful and sexy. This is the first time that Chen GE has worked with Meng Cairu so closely. Smelling Meng Cairu's body fragrance, it is a lie to say that this woman has no charm for men.

While Chen Ge was dreaming, the door of the zero bar had arrived in Jinling commercial street.

At the moment, many luxury cars have stopped at the gate.

Many people come and go.

At the door, Chen Ge also saw Li Feihong's flower basket. After all, working together on the street, Chen Ge should have some face.

Even Zhao Zixing, the new boss, sent his blessing.

It can be seen that the owner of this bar has a good personal relationship.

"Cairu, how can you come? I'm waiting for you!"

A couple of men and women, arm in arm and surrounded by a group of people, came to say hello to Meng Cairu.

"Qiaoqiao, I'm really sorry. Isn't the traffic slow? Wish you good luck and prosperous business

Meng Cairu said to a woman who was obviously the owner of a bar.

"Ha ha ha, I'm glad you can come. By the way, can you find someone to help you?"

"Yes, it's right here."

They were chatting.

Chen Ge is bored to see who is going to send flower baskets in the commercial street and see which ones he knows.

At this time, Meng Cairu tugged Chen Ge.

"The landlady calls you!"

"Ao, Hello, my name is Chen Ge!"

Chen Ge reacts and subconsciously reaches out his hand to shake hands.

But the atmosphere stopped.

Qiaoqiao and her lover, two people look at Chen Ge extended hand, facial expression a stiff.

Who are you?

Aren't you a part-time worker? Do you deserve to shake hands with us?

Now people are all about face, some etiquette is necessary, but the gap between you is too big, and shaking hands again means disrespectful.

At the moment, it happens to be this mentality.

Now, a scornful smile.

"What are you doing! Take back your rotten hands

Meng Cairu had a cold drink.

"Come on, you know yourself a little bit, will you? Coincidentally, you can tell him to do something? "

"Well, let him go to the bar to help, carry drinks and so on!"

Qiaoqiao also looked at Chen Ge and shook his head with a bitter smile.

In this way, Chen Ge became the bar to carry wine.

Meng Cairu naturally entered the most luxurious box with the proprietress.

It's very nice in the bar.

Especially tonight, there are a lot of rich second-generation childe brothers.

"Three dozen beers for table 6!"

"Ah? But I can't get busy. The guests tonight are over budget. Who are you? Go and deliver three dozen beers to table 6

The waiter on the bar pointed to Chen Ge who had just moved the wine and sat down to rest.

"Hold on

The waiter raised his voice again.


Chen Ge should not be, should not be.

But think about it, now that I've taken this job, I'd better take it as a part-time job. I haven't done it before!

Take it and head for table 6!

At this point, table 6.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not happy. Please come back to me

There are six female guests here at table 6.

looks like the third mock exam girl.

But all of them are sexy, mature and beautiful.

After blowing a bottle of it, Xiaojie, the first one, grabbed the best sister beside her:

"Xiaoti, what's the matter with you? These two days, I see you don't live, and you've been depressed all the time. Usually, the bar is your favorite. Are you busy? If you have something, you can tell it! "

"Sister Xiao, do you think there is any kind of person who is a hidden rich second generation, that is, you can see that he has no money, he is a poor man, but he is really rich, and the money is frightening!"

Wang Xiaoti, who has just been beaten in the face, is not sitting here.

Now depressed said.

"Ha ha ha, it's true, but this kind of situation is too few, and we can't rule out another situation, that is, this person has a strong vanity, and even can go to the wrong side of the sword, with high loans to force. You know, in fact, he's still a poor man!"Xiao said.

It seems that Xiaojie's family should be rich.

Wang Xiaoti nodded abruptly: "yes, to Xiaojie, this person, according to my observation, is very vain! And I asked, he once won the lottery, maybe he got rich in this way, and he likes to show off! "

"Ha ha, you've seen so many people like this. Don't take it seriously. One day when you are poor, come and drink!"

Wang Xiaoti was a little relieved.

To tell you the truth, one day, Wang Xiaoti was nervous.

I really don't want to think about tea and rice. When I drink wine at the moment, I feel that the wine is horse urine with water, which is tasteless.

Not all because of the Chen Song!

In the morning, I was beaten too hard.

Moreover, the Chen song is likely to be Chen Shao ah!

After all, that Lamborghini could be his!

However, Wang Xiaoti really can't understand that the car is really his. Chen Ge is so rich, why would he be bullied by others?

That doesn't make sense.

It should be a coincidence that the owner of Lamborghini has another owner. Chen GE has gone elsewhere!

With Xiaojie's consolation, Wang Xiaoti is in a better mood.

"Ladies, your wine!"

At this time, Chen Ge came with the wine.

Put it down and prepare to turn around and leave.

"Damn it! Stop for me. Who are you calling

Elder sister big Xiao elder sister angry way.

Sisters usually play open is to play open, but you are very sensitive to that aspect.

Now I was called miss by a waiter on the spot?

What do you mean, miss!

Chen Ge was also shocked.

Just now he almost didn't think about it. He just saw that these girls were very beautiful, wearing miniskirts and so on.

Subconsciously called miss.

I didn't expect to get into trouble.

"That beauty, I'm sorry, sorry, I yelled wrong! This is your wine. Please enjoy it

Chen Ge bowed slightly.

She said to them apologetically.

However, the moment Chen Ge raised his face, he was stunned to see a girl.

And the girl was stunned to see Chen Ge.

"Chen Ge!"

"Wang Xiaoti

This is really a narrow road!

Wang Xiaoti is serious about Chen Ge. He didn't expect Chen Ge to come.

And what's more!!!

How did Chen Ge become a waiter in the bar? Hehe, isn't he rich?

I don't know why, seeing Chen Ge like this, Wang Xiaoti's heart suddenly has a kind of different pleasure.

Now, I want to see Chen Ge again.

With a cold face and a bad smile, he said, "Chen Ge, don't go away. How can I be your acquaintance? Ha ha, is there something we should talk about?"

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