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"The romantic young master from the Wang family is finally dead! Hahaha!"

Someone in the crowd yelled, and everyone gathered in the front of a luxurious mansion with joyful expressions on their faces.

"That's great, no one will rob everyone's handsome man again!"

"Then will Miao Lang, who was robbed from my family can come out?"

"What about my family Xiao Lang."

"And my family Li Xiucai."

… ...

what's going on? It made him looked like a slutty broken sleeve, he just invited those people to be guests at home, okay?

Then Miao Lang, Xiao Lang, Li Xiucai... He treated each other with courtesy, he didn't force them to stay, he didn't ground them, and nothing indescribable happened, how could this group of people say something like that about him ?

Wang Jin struggled to open his eyes, wishing he could immediately grow ten mouths to correct their words.

However, when he opened his eyes, he found that his eyes were dim, there was no one around, and the noisy voices that were still in his ears just now disappeared, and the surrounding area was very quiet.

He moved slightly, and his body immediately felt a piercing pain. He hissed, turned his head and frowned, and looked around.

It was a poor mud house, dusty everywhere, and extremely dark. There was a window directly in front of him, and the window was covered with animal skins, so no light could come in.

Where was this?

How could Xiaocui and Xiaohua let him live in such a house?.

was the moon silver not enough?

Wang Jin struggled to get up, but just when he sat up a little bit, his head suddenly became dizzy, and he fell down again.

At the same time, there were many more pictures in his mind...

It seemed to be another person's memory fragments.

His head was so dizzy that Wang Jin simply lay on the bed and slowly digested the flooding memories.

As time passed, his eyes widened...

he knew where it was!

This world was no longer the same as his original world. This was a strange beastman world. There were no women here, only men and gers.

A man could turn into a beast, and a ger could bear children for a man...

And Wang Jin's current identity was a ger!


Wang Jin stayed still for a full quarter of an hour before digesting this fact.

He remembered that he was already dead.

In another world, his body was too delicate, he was obviously not sick, but he was too hot to be cold, and he needed to supplement his body with ginseng every day, and he may die after exercising a little bit...

This time he was dissatisfied with his frail body, he ran around the backyard of his house, and then... Then he became a ger in this world...

This ger had the same name and appearance as him, but he was a lunatic, and he was still an annoying lunatic .

In this world, the beasts were rampant, and people lived in tribes. A tribe was equivalent to a small country. The tribe where the original owner was staying was called Danmu tribe. This tribe was not the original owner’s original tribe, but his second tribe.

There was very little communication between tribes, and they didn’t interfere with each other. At the same time, people in each tribe were very xenophobic, so the original owner was not likable in this tribe. But because there were very few gers in this world. So they reluctantly accepted him in...

the original owner’s brain seemed to be injured, and his memory was not complete. He didn't remember what happened to his first tribe, and he didn't remember how he went crazy.

According to Wang Jin's memory, the original owner was crazy from the very beginning.

Because of his madness and abnormal behavior, he was often bullied in this tribe. When he entered the tribe, his baggage was also robbed.

The corners of Wang Jin's mouth twitched. In another world, he was a rich man! He couldn't eve spend all the gold and silver in his family for several lifetimes, but in this world he turned into... a despised tramp who didn't have enough to eat or wear warm clothes!

The gap was too big, and Wang Jin didn't want to accept this fact.

"Brother Heng, do you really want to live with that lunatic?!" A somewhat coquettish male voice came from the door.

Hearing the word lunatic, Wang Jin pricked up his ears.

"It's rewarded by the leader, it’s good."

Another deep voice sounded, and the door was pushed open with a creak, but Wang Jin didn't see anyone. He took a closer look, only to find that he was in the inner room, and there was another door outside, and the two were in the room outside.

"Others I don't care, but you are the number one warrior in our tribe, how can you live with a lunatic! He was even  a wanderer from another tribe! The leader made it clear that he want to oppose you!

" Well, it's inappropriate for us to be alone."

"What's inappropriate? Just because you have a ger now?!"

The bitch's voice suddenly became very sharp, Wang Jin rubbed his ears uncomfortably, several images flashed through his mind, and he froze again.

Yesterday, the Danmu tribe held a hunting competition, and the leader would give the tribe's number one beauty as a reward.

Whoever got the first place in the hunting competition would be rewarded with the most beautiful ger.

In this world, there was a shortage of gers. It was very good for a man to have a ger, let alone the most beautiful ger in the tribe.

At that time, everyone was vying for the number one spot, and everyone agreed that the number one beauty in the tribe was Yue ger from Zhang Ye's family.

But they didn't expect that when the man named Yuan Heng won the first place, the reward changed from Yue ger to the lunatic Wang Jin.

While everyone was stunned, they also understood what the leader meant. The leader had pursued Yue ger for a long time. In fact, from the beginning, he was rushing to get the first place so that he could marry Yue ger. Who knew that he met Yuan Heng.

The leader was not strong enough, but he didn't want to give his favorite ger to Yuan Heng, so he played a little trick and replaced the first beautiful ger with Wang Jin.

Although this Wang Jin was a lunatic, his appearance was good. If he cleaned himself well, he would be more amazing than Yue ger. It was not wrong to say that he was the most beautiful ger in the tribe.

Immediately, the leader asked someone to pack Wang Jin and send it to Yuan Heng's house.

Wang Jin held on to the wall tremblingly, always feeling that this situation was challenging his acceptance limit again and again.

"Even if I don't have a ger, it's not appropriate for you to be alone with me." Yuan Heng said.

"Why is it inappropriate?! Didn't you fight so desperately for the first place yesterday because you wanted to marry me?"

"..." No.

Looking at the ger in front of him, Yuan Heng was a little bit embarrassed. He actually didn't put much effort into the competition yesterday, and somehow he won.

" Yue ger, you should go back, no matter what happened yesterday, anyway, from today onwards, I will have a ger, and you will marry someone."

After being silent for a while, Yuan Heng went out first and led Yue ger out.

Brother Yue was unyielding: "I just want to marry you!"

"..." Yuan Heng was speechless for a moment.

Yue ger gritted his teeth and said: "Once a beastman marries a ger, it’s a lifetime affair. You... that lunatic, who beats everyone when he is crazy, is not a person who can live a life with you. He is not worthy..."

" Yue ger!" Yuan Heng’s voice increased, shaking Wang Jin in the room all over.

There was silence outside for a while, and then there was a sobbing sound.

"You don't like me at all!"

Then, Wang Jin heard the sound of running, that Yue ger seemed to run away.

Not long after, the man entered the house... and opened the door of the back room.

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