CH 2

Chapter 2, I will come to you now

Bei Yin Cangmo listened to what the child said on the phone, and his eyes flashed with sorrow. Before he could react, the man in the phone said angrily again: "Bei Yin Cangmo, you just wait for Lao Tzu..." 

Halfway through, The other party realized that he hadn't confirmed the other party's identity: "By the way, are you Bei Yin Cangmo?" 

Bei Yin Cangmo thought this person was really interesting, and only after yelling at him did he remember to ask who he was, he took the cigarette between his fingers and held it on his mouth: "Yes." 

The other person asked again: "Where are you now?" 

Bei Yin Cangmo hooked the corner of his mouth: "I'm at the west gate of Hecheng, enter from the west gate to the right. Take a hundred meters away."

"You stand still, I will come to you now." 

The other party hung up the phone. At the same time, the opposite woman, oh, no, it should be that the opposite man also hung up the phone. Returning the phone to the person who lent him, under the stunned eyes of everyone, holding the little feet of the child sitting on his shoulder, he walked toward the city gate dashingly. 

Jing Yang hurriedly pushed Bei Yin Cangmo who was still in a daze: "Boss, look at it, the little girl on his shoulder looks like you." 

It's more than just like, it was almost like a mold with his boss. She looked very beautiful, about three years old, with natural curly hair, a small face carved with pink jade, white and tender skin, long and thick eyelashes, and big pure and bright eyes flashing, very cute. 

Bei Yin Cangmo raised his eyebrows. 

"Boss, do you really recognize him?" 

Bei Yin Cangmo couldn't help but think back to the people he had seen before. The only person with a mole on the corner of his eye seemed to be... 

A person flashed across his mind, and he squinted his eyes. 

Among those who know him, there is indeed a person with a mole on the corner of his eye. That is the male wife who married him four years ago-Zhuang Jinling.

He married a man because the Beiyin family in Beijing wanted to humiliate him. Let him lost the inheritance rights of the person in charge, and made a plan to force him to marry other men, so it was not that he likes men.

When he first got married, he felt that Zhuang Jinling was forced to marry a man because of him. Therefore, he felt a little guilty about Zhuang Jinling. He also thought about treating Zhuang Jinling as a friend. Talk to each other. 

At the beginning, he only treated Zhuang Jinling as he venting his anger, and didn't care, until they were driven by the Bei Yin family to Hecheng to separate and fend for themselves. Zhuang Jinling lost the Zhuang as his backer, so he got some rich and powerful people. He (BYCM) became a slave dog and teased him (BYCM) with the rich. Once he almost died in the hands of the rich and powerful because of Zhuang Jinling, but Zhuang Jinling didn't feel any guilt, but got worse.

It was from that time that he became murderous against Zhuang Jinling. After that, Zhuang Jinling challenged his patience twice. He couldn't bear to design an assassination. When Zhuang Jinling accompanied the wealthy people out of the city to hunt, he fell to the bottom of the mountain. 

In order to confirm the death of Zhuang Jinling, he once went to find someone at the foot of the mountain, but only saw blood stains and no corpse. Zhuang Jinling never came back. Gradually, everyone thought he was dead. Even Bei Yin Cangmo thought that Zhuang Jinling was dead and did not see the body because he was eaten by a strange animal. 

The man just now shouldn’t be Zhuang Jinling, and he didn't look like the Zhuang Jinling he knew. The former Zhuang Jinling was a 220 catty fat man, he was covered with waste meat, his face was greasy and lacklustre like a pig. There was no quality either, but the man just now about 130 catty at most, so thin that a gust of wind could blow him up, and the pure temperament like spring water in the mountains was not something that wretched man Zhuang Jinling could possess. 

[a catty = 0,6 kg]

Of course, what Bei Yin Cangmo didn't know was that Zhuang Jinling was indeed dead when he fell to the bottom of the mountain, but he was alive later, because in Zhuang Jinling now lived another person's soul, he came from the world outside the book. 

Why is he from the world outside the book? Because for the current Zhuang Jinling, not only traveled through the world of novels written by his friend Tang Yunqi, but also dressed as a person with the same name and surname as him, and he is also the male wife of the male protagonist Bei Yin Cangmo, the character who will be killed by the male protagonist. 

The reason why he was so sure in the world of novels was because he had read this novel, and the world was exactly the same as described in the novel, he got a system, and the system told him that he was now in a book. In the novel of "The Legend of Martial Arts", this book was a book published by his friend. 

After his friend published the novel, he sent the physical book to his home by mail. As soon as he opened the package, he traveled through the novel. What was more unfortunate was that when he traveled over, the original owner was seriously injured. Without medical treatment, he relied on a strong will and a bit help from the system to survive, but he fell ill and suffered from sequelae in his lungs. As long as he exercised a little, he would be out of breath. In rainy and cold weather, his bones would be particularly painful. 

He could heal his body if he received timely treatment, but he encountered a very unreliable system, and kept pointing him in the wrong direction, made him went around in circles in the wild forest with a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers. Four years, during this period, apart from human corpses, he had never seen a single figure again. He couldn't even find a city. He had to fight against mutant animals and plants every day. From more than two hundred catties fat man to a thin man who is more than one hundred and thirty catties, felt sad when he thought about it.

Zhuang Jinling sometimes wondered if it was because the novel didn't describe why the original owner only met with the male lead four years later, so he had been trapped in the forest and couldn't get out. 

Regardless of the facts, it was true that the system was unreliable because now it only had three years of IQ, but it was much higher than when the two of them met for the first time. He remembered that when he first met her (the system), it was like a newborn baby who couldn't tell the left and right, let alone the south, east and north.

He looked at the little girl walking with his legs and couldn't help but raised his hand to rub his brain, yes, this little girl was the system he said. She originally had no gender distinction, but because the male protagonist Bei Yin Cangmo was popular with women and also very friendly to women, she would transform into a girl's appearance, and she also had the same surname as the male protagonist, called Bei Yin Qintong. She was called by her nickname, Yaya, and she considered herself as the child of him and the male lead. 

He got angry when he thought of the male lead. 

After coming to this world, he kept hearing the system urging him to find the male lead, saying that only when the male lead was found, the system function would be turned on and would be upgraded with the plot. Then he was brainwashed every day and listened to the system every day. Bei Yin Cangmo, after listening a lot, he felt resentment towards the male lead. Not to mention that the original owner was designed by the male lead to fall from the mountain and had a problem, but the plot of the male lead about to open the harem made him very abhorrent. 

Because his father was such a person, because he was rich, he looked for a mistress everywhere. There were so many women who were comparable to the sixth courtyard of the ancient emperor’s Sangong. His mother didn’t know how many tears left, and she suffered from depression and committed suicide. He hates his father, and also hates people who already have a family and have to go outside to find a mistress.

[sangong = three dukes, nominally the three highest positions in the central government except emperor]

Finally, according to the story development of the novel, he would still die in the hands of the male lead and the male lead's harem woman. He would end up as miserable as his mother. His impression of the male lead was even worse. He would never let the male lead do what he wants.

Zhuang Jinling was about to walk into the gate, and couldn't help but lift his eyes to the city wall that was hundreds of meters high. 

At the beginning of the new era of the novel world, animals and plants suddenly mutated, enhancing their strength, size, appearance and healing power, etc. Even if they didn’t have consciousness as plants or animals, they like to hunt and kill humans, fed on humans, and reproduce. The speed was very powerful, plants and animals all over the world overnight. 

At that time, humanity was almost extinct. As a result, everyone was afraid to keep pets, poultry, livestock and vegetables in the city, which led to scarce food, and it became precious and expensive. More than 90% of the people couldn't afford food in the city and could only go hunting outside the city on their own, but the environment outside the city was very dangerous, and a meal was almost exchanged for their lives. 

Although there were guns in this era, a few bullets could kill mutant animals and plants, but the bullets were limited, and the price was high, they were expensive, and ordinary people couldn't afford it. Therefore, if you didn't have martial arts to defend yourself, you didn't know how you would die. Because of this, the ancient family of martial arts reappeared in the world, more and more people were practicing martial arts, and the world was slowly restored, building copper walls and iron walls to prevent mutated animals and plants from entering. 

It was also from that time that mankind respected martial arts. 

Zhuang Jinling returned to his senses and noticed that someone was watching him. Turning his head, he saw a young man in a coat of guardian soldiers standing at the gate of the city, looking at him in surprise. He asked, "You look at me like this, don't you? Know me?" 

Yang Jing shook his head. 

[in the first chapter is Jing Yang, but now it's Yang Jing]

Zhuang Jinling said with no anger: "Then what do you look at? Haven't you seen a man?" 

The child was sitting on Zhuang Jinling's shoulders, Yaya , leart from  Zhuang Jinling with milk voice and fiercely said: "What do you look at, haven't you seen a woman?" 

Yang Jing : "..." Can a three-year-old baby be called a woman? 

The father and daughter snorted very tacitly and turned to leave. 

Bei Yin Cangmo, who stood behind Police Yang, couldn't help but laughed out loud.

After Zhuang Jinling walked into the city gate, he found out that this was the west gate. He walked into the west gate and walked a hundred meters to the right according to what Bei Yin Cangmo said. Then he saw a female toilet. 

He was stunned, women's toilet? How could it be a female toilet? 

Zhuang Jinling immediately realized that he was being tricked by Bei Yin Cangmo: "Damn, Bei Yin Cangmo, when I see you, I must kill you." 

He narrowed his eyes, thinking how to return to the hero. 

At this time, Yaya shook his legs, and said excitedly: "Dad, daddy."

"What's wrong?" Zhuang Jinling turned and took the child to the corner of where there was no one around. 

"Dad, my system function is activated, and I have a task. I also have a system name, called..." Yeah, she was very happy at the beginning, but after talking about it, golden beans fell from her eyes, crying very sadly. 

This was the first time Zhuang Jinling saw her cry , he were anxious and distressed and wiped her tears: " Why you spoke then began to weeep, is your system name is difficult to listen to it?" 

Ya Ya wooow, Crying even louder. 

Zhuang Jinling: "..."

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