CH 8

Chapter 8 Husband

Zhuang Jinling's face was pale, his lips were bloodless, and the pain was really painful that he couldn't help biting his lower lip. 

Bei Yin Cangmo thought he was pretending at first, but no matter how much he pretended, his expression couldn't deceive anyone. 

"Dad." Yaya let go of Bei Yin Cangmo's thigh and ran to the bed to hold Zhuang Jinling's hand: "Dad, are you hurting again?"

Zhuang Jinling's bones were so painful that he couldn't answer her words. 

Yaya anxiously turned his head to look at Bei Yin Cangmo and shouted: "Dad scum, you should give my father an artificial inhalation and he will be fine." 

Bei Yin Cangmo: "..." 

This child, in the end, how persistent is it about breathe artificially? 

As far as Zhuang Jinling's situation was concerned, can artificial respiration be able to solve it? 

Zhuang Jinling noticed that Bei Yin Cangmo was here when he heard the child called dad scum. He cheered up and said weakly: "Yes, as long as it is artificially inhaled, it will be fine." 

After that he could change the sentences to heal his body. 

Bei Yin Cangmo sneered : "You're still in the mood for joking, it seems that your illness is not very serious." He didn't have the slightest sympathy for Zhuang Jinling, and turned back to the house he rented. 

When closing the door, he subconsciously looked at the door lock. 

When he went home before, there was obviously locked, how did the kid get in? 

Was the door lock broken? 

Bei Yin Cangmo checked the door lock but it was fine. 

At this moment, he felt a chill on his body, and when he looked down, the urine stain of the kid was still on him. 

With a twitch of his eyes, he went back to the room to find clothes and take a bath. 

In the next room, Yaya was still with Zhuang Jinling: "Dad, Yaya blow it for you and the pain will fly away." 

Zhuang Jinling endured the pain in his body and said, " Yaya, you go outside and play for yourself first. I will rest for a while."

It was the same when he was in the Great Forest in the past. As long as the bone pain occured, just let Yaya stayed aside and endured it by yourself. 

Yaya saw Zhuang Jinling in such pain, she didn't dare to disturb him anymore. 

She turned her head to look at the door of the room and saw that Bei Yin Cangmo was not there, and she pursed her little mouth unhappily: "Daddy scum." He caused father to suffer so much. 

Yaya noticed that her legs were cold, she lowered hee head to see that hee pants was still wet. 

She rolled her dark black eyes, opened the closet to find her little pants and then ran out with her pants, she came to the door of Bei Yin Cangmo's house. The door was like an identification device. Seeing the little girl coming, the locked door opened automatically. 

Bei Yin Cangmo, who was looking for clothes, heard the familiar footsteps and turned to look at the door of the room. He saw the little kid running into his room with small pants. 

He wondered, how did this little kid open the locked door and came in? Was the proprietress give the kid the key to his house when she saw the kid looked like himself? 

Bei Yin Cangmo found his pajamas and asked, "Girl? How did you get in?" 

Yaya answered the question: "Dad scum, I want to take a bath and change my pants." 

Bei Yin Cangmo's mouth twitched, "Go look for your dad." 

"You are." 

Bei Yin Cangmo said with his hands on his hips, felt angry and funny: "It's okay to ask me to bathe you, but you have to answer one of my questions. Tell me how did you get in?" 

Yaya said in milky voice : "Uncle Demon wants me to torture you on behalf of the angel, so he will open the door for me." 

Bei Yin Cangmo: "..." 

To be honest he really had a bad brain  with a child. 

At this moment, the mobile phone placed on the table beside Yaya suddenly rang. 

Yaya tiptoed on her toes curiously and looked at it. The phone showed the call from "Luo Pingqi".

Luo Pingqi was the daughter of Bei Yin Cangmo’s boss. Since Bei Yin Cangmo rescued her on mission, her favorability for Bei Yin Cangmo had soared and she always found a bunch of excuses to stay with Bei Yin Cangmo. At the same time, in the future, she would also help Bei Yin Cangmo sit in the leading position of Hecheng Guardian soldiers and became one of the women in the Harem of Bei Yin Cangmo. 

Yaya thought it was another bad woman who was coming to pester her scumbag dad, staring at Bei Yin Cangmo angrily. 

Bei Yin Cangmo ignored her and picked up the phone: "Miss Luo, how are you doing?" 

Luo Pingqi smiled and said, "Captain Bei Yin, didn't I say that you can call me Pingqi." 

Bei Yin Cang Mo raised his eyebrows and smiled and said, "If I call you that Captain Luo will be unhappy."

The guards of the country were divided into twelve levels, namely: private, superior, squad leader, squad leader, and middleman. Captain, Captain, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant, Governor, Marshal. The highest rank of the Guardian soldiers in each city was the Governor and the Marshal was in charge of all Guardian soldiers, so Luo Pingqi’s father was Hecheng's second commander of the National Guard, he had a very high status in Hecheng. 

"My dad will not be so stingy. By the way, I received an invitation letter for an auction two days ago, but I lack a male partner. I don't know if you have time to accompany me to the auction tonight." 

Bei Yin Cang Mo: "..." 

Why is it so coincidental? 

Li Sang would also attend the evening auction tonight and also invite him to go with her, so he couldn't agree to Luo Pinqi anymore. 

Just when Bei Yin Cangmo was thinking about rejecting the other party, he only heard the kid calling : "Husband, I want to take a bath with you." At the moment, the other end of the phone was silent. 

"..." Bei Yin Cangmo looked at her blankly, what did this little kid call him? 

When Luo Pingqi heard that someone called Bei Yin Cangmo "husband", her heart was cold, but she was still in the mood to notice that the other party's voice was childlike, now that many girls' voices were more tender and sweet, she didn't even think that it was a prank of a four-years-old kid.

She said embarrassingly: "Sorry, I interrupted you, I'll hang up first, and see you later ."

Luo Pingqi was afraid of crying on the phone and hung up the phone in a hurry. 

Bei Yin Cangmo couldn't even bother to explain to the other party. He asked, "Girl, what did you call me just now?" 

She smiled sweetly at him: "Scumbag." 

Bei Yin Cangmo: "..."

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