I was the only one who liked secondary male leads.

Among them, the one I liked the most was the young duke in the romantic novel 'If a Saint Falls from the Sky'.

'Rosenta Estella'

He has a delicate personality and is described as 'beautiful enough not to look like a man' in the novel.

He doesn't appear often in the novel, but every time he does appear, every reader has quite a bit of heartache.

In fact, Rosenta had never confessed to the female lead.

However, even though he never confessed, his being a secondary male love interest was an established fact among readers.

In fact, he always ranked high in sub-male preference surveys.

Of course, I also thought that way until I passed away in a sudden accident.

Rosenta Estella would be a secondary-man.


Rosa Veronica. She was a little girl, turning ten this year.

When her mother, her only family member, died early from illness at the age of eight, Rosa jumped into the front lines of securing her livelihood at a young age.

She was an extraordinary child.

Even after her mother died, she quickly got out of bed and did what she had to do step by step.

“Rossa, give me one beer.”

Rosa was earning money by helping out at a nearby inn.

"Yes! Please wait!"

“Rosa! Bring him some water.”

“I’ll bring it right away!”

Rosa ran around eagerly, her dark blue hair resembling a late evening fluttering.

The first floor of the inn was also used as a restaurant, and Rosa was in charge of serving food there.

All the guests knew Rosa by name and loved her like she was their own niece.

In particular, a smile came to everyone's lips the moment they met her pretty purple eyes that resembled amethyst.

Like the starlight engraved in her pupils, Rosa was an intelligent child.

I listened to the difficult stories of adults with sparkling eyes.

Even though these were stories that would be difficult for a child to understand, there was no way to ignore them.

“My son Danny is a very smart kid. He wants to study at the academy, but it costs a lot of money for an ordinary commoner.”

It was Eric. He often went to the restaurant by himself and talked about this and that.

Today, as always, Rosa brought Eric the food he ordered and listened to him.

There was nothing Rosa could actually solve. All I could do was hug Eric.

“Uncle, please do your best.”

"Yes. Thank you.”

That was all.

However, Rosa's small consolation came as a great consolation to the restaurant's customers.

“Rosa is really nice.”

“How can you be so strong when you’re alone without parents?”

“At my age, all the kids would be running around...Too bad.”

Most of the people who visited this restaurant were those who came because of Rosa.

For that reason, her employers, the innkeeper and his wife, took good care of Rosa.

In fact, thinking of young Rosa's stamina, they made her work only during lunch hours.

After work, they would give Rosa a variety of food to take home.

“Rosa, thank you for working hard today.”

"No. It’s a job that I get paid to do, so of course I have to work hard!”

Two dark eyes, that encased amethyst, curved like a pretty half moon.

The owner, who faced that smile, also burst out laughing.

She stroked Rosa's hair and handed her a paper bag full of warm bread.

“This is freshly made bread, so eat it for dinner tonight. Understand?"

"Yes! Thank you as always.”

"Of course. We are grateful. Be careful, Rosa.”

Rosa walked down the street holding the paper bag containing today's daily bread.

On the way, many local people greeted her.

Whenever that happened, Rosa actively accepted their greetings without showing any signs of annoyance.

However, people looked at Rosa and said that they felt sorry for her.

“Rosa is like an old child. She really doesn't look like a child.”

"That's probably why the villagers love Rosa more."

Rosa knew what people were saying about her.

But she was not discouraged.

Rather, whenever that happened, there were things that she joked about.

“Actually, I remembered my previous life. So my body is a child, but my mind is an adult!”

Actually, this wasn't a joke.

Rosa was telling people the truth. She said it knowing that no one would believe it.

To be more precise, the day her mother died of illness, Rosa collapsed from exhaustion.

And when she came to her senses, she realized.

She remembered her past life.

The world she’s in now is in a book she read in her previous life.

Of course, that didn't have a big impact on Rosa's life.

Even if it was a world in a book, Rosa was reincarnated as an ordinary commoner.

As a young girl who lost her mother and was left alone.

Rosa was so busy earning a living day by day that she never thought of intervening in the lives of the main characters of the book.

When she came home from work, it was overwhelming just to find time to rest before tomorrow.

"Ah. I feel tired."

As soon as Rosa entered the house, she collapsed at the kitchen table.

“I have to eat early and go to bed today.”

She barely lifted her heavy body.

With slow hand movements, she tied her navy blue hair into a ponytail.

Although Rosa's eyes were tightly closed, she did not immediately rest.

She put the long bread that she had received from the restaurant owner on a wooden cutting board so that she could divide it.

With familiar hand movements, Rosa cut the bread.


Suddenly a loud noise was heard.

It was because an unknown visitor, who had not been expected, had knocked hard on Rosa's door.


They knocked on the door as if they were in a hurry to open it quickly.

Rosa tilted her head. ‘Is there anyone here to even visit?’

Was it the lady next door?

Not too long ago, Rosa brought fruit to the next-door neighbor. She wondered if she had visited to repay her.

So she ran to the door and slowly opened it.


It wasn't the lady next door.

"Is your mother's name Jane Veronica by any chance?"

“Are you looking for my mother?”

Jane Veronica.

It was the name of my mother who passed away two years ago. But who are these people?

It was a middle-aged man wearing the most luxurious and fancy clothes Rosa had ever seen.

And behind him was someone with the appearance of a knight wearing silver armor.

As far as Rosa knew, her mother, Jane, was a commoner.

She worked as a maid all her life to keep them fed and raise Rosa. She was, in a word, was far from riches and nobility.

Naturally, Rosa looked cautiously at them and carefully asked.

“Yes, but who are you?”

Laughter bloomed on their faces as soon as Rosa finished her words.

They were genuinely happy.

Then, unlike before, he spoke to her with a polite posture and tone.

“The master is looking for his child, the little master.”

"His… … Child?"

The amethyst eyes fluctuated mercilessly, containing confusion.

Of course, if there is a mother, there must be a father.

But Rosa thought her father was dead. Because that’s what her mother told her every time she asked.

The sudden presence of her father made Rosa very uncomfortable.

‘No, even when my mother passed away, he didn’t come find me, so why now?’

What was this all of a sudden?

"Yes. Your father, Duke Estella, is looking for you.”

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