Chapter 1322

Jin Tianpeng is still fearless.

At the next moment, he broke out and his momentum continued to improve. The golden armor glowed like a flame into the sky, and the golden light swept the sky and the earth.

The war of religious ancestors is so terrible that it goes beyond ordinary people's imagination. It often breaks the stars and destroys the infinite territory.


The patriarch holding the long black sword screamed and the earth fell apart. The long black sword in his hand was Wu Guangda Sheng. He took one step first and stabbed Jin Tianpeng.

There is no doubt that this blow has great power. It stabbed Jin Tianpeng, crushing the void, the sun and the moon, and the chaotic Qi surged.


Jin Tianpeng also moved. A golden feather appeared in his hand and hit the long black sword with an earth shaking noise!

The huge shock wave swung around, like a huge wave in the ocean, towards the stars around. Some asteroids and meteorites were hit and suddenly became dim.

This scene is very amazing. Jiaozu Zhanbo is too wide and its influence is appalling.

Unexpectedly, after this attack, it quickly restored calm, and the usual silence was restored in the tens of millions of miles of star sea.

In the field, those people are still facing each other and staring at each other.

Jin Tianpeng stood in the center of the scene. The four religious ancestors were staring at him and looking at the golden feathers in his hands.

"Whose feather is this, so extraordinary?" the patriarch holding a long black sword said.

The golden feather looks dim, but it has just been able to shake the sword in the hands of the religious ancestor. It has not been damaged at all, which is enough to show its magic.

Jin Tianpeng did not answer.


Several religious ancestors in Outland did not talk to Jin Tianpeng. The war broke out in an instant. For a moment, it was like a roar of chaotic beasts. The recovery from the opening era is about to begin.

The star field exploded and boiled.


In the star domain, the void splits and spreads infinitely. Taking thousands of miles as a unit, the big black crack has been spreading and rushed to the horizon. I don't know where it will spread.

The stars tremble!

This world war broke out in an all-round way. With a red sound and a spear, it was the founder who was hurt by Jin Tianpeng at the beginning!


Holding a golden feather, Jin Tianpeng wrote on this bloody spear. Suddenly, a large amount of sparks splashed. Each spark fell to the ground and smashed countless black holes into the void.

The others also shot one after another. They are strong at the level of religious ancestors and cooperate tacitly.

All kinds of powerful supernatural powers and magic tools are aimed at Jin Tianpeng.


Several religious ancestors in Outland had cold eyes and urged the artifact to suppress Jin Tianpeng.


For a moment, Jin Tianpeng suddenly shouted, glowing all over. With the fairy fog, the golden feathers in Jin Tianpeng's hands burst into a fiery light.

"Go back!"

A cry came from the void.

Several religious ancestors who besieged Jin Tianpeng were surprised. They heard that the owner of the voice was a top strongman on their side. Even he warned that there must be something great about this feather.

Several people retreated rapidly and appeared thousands of miles away in an instant.

But it was still a step slower. The feathers in Jin Tianpeng's hands burst into a fiery light, directly enveloping everyone's body.


The blood was surging, and then the star field.

"What, that's... The founder of religion fell!" someone exclaimed.

"This is... The breath of our ancestor Hanming. He was killed. How could it be so?" someone cried sadly.

The fall of the religious ancestor is a major event shaking the star sea.

A religious ancestor, who has stood in the world for millions of years and is proud of the world, was killed today?

Many people can't believe it. It's too tragic. It hasn't happened for many years. The fall of Jiaozu is definitely a great event.

After a brief silence, all the people wailed and the sound of grief shook the sky.

In the distant battlefield, where the blood was so dazzling that it dyed the star field red, which was the scene when the blood essence of the ancestors was broken.

Even if I haven't seen it in the past, I know it now, because there are records in history books, indicating that heaven and earth have changed.

"I don't believe it. My grandfather is invincible. How can he die?"

"The blood of religious ancestors has crossed the sun and moon. Even if I don't believe it, I have to believe it." someone lamented and shocked his heart.

This kind of thing is too terrible. The religious ancestors are so terrible that they are high and dignified. They almost live the same life as heaven.

People in the Outland felt dejected for a while. Even their ancestors fell. Can they go back alive after their expedition to the East celestial region?

"Impossible, my religious ancestor, impossible to fall!"

A strong man in the virtual Tao realm shouted.

Their sect was originally a big Mac in the endless sea of stars. If today's religious ancestors fall, their status will inevitably plummet.

On the battlefield.

Jin Tianpeng's blond hair is scattered, his eyes are like the sun, and his golden battle clothes are incomparably bright and fascinating.

His battle clothes were stained with blood, but his tall and straight body became more and more tall. He was as powerful as a rainbow and a sea of blood!

There were only three religious ancestors who besieged Jin Tianpeng, with a look of fear on their faces,

They didn't know what the golden feather was. It suddenly burst out with such powerful power. If it weren't for the words of a big man, they couldn't escape death, but now they're not much better and seriously injured.

But Han Ming is not so lucky. He was hurt by Jin Tianpeng. He was shot slow and was directly killed!

And Jin Tianpeng's face is with regret.

A hundred years ago, he was chased into chaos by several religious ancestors and got a treasure unexpectedly. He not only improved his cultivation, but also possessed the golden feather.

Originally intended to rely on the golden feather to kill all the strong people who fled into the world, but it was destroyed.

"Kun Peng's feather, Jin Tianpeng, you're lucky." a figure shrouded in chaos slowly emerged, looked at Jin Tianpeng and said coldly: "unfortunately, Kun Peng's feather has been consumed by you, and you don't have a chance anymore."

The visitor is the strongman in Outland who just said a word to remind.

With his voice falling, nearly 20 figures also slowly emerged. Without exception, these figures are strong at the level of religious ancestors.

"Why talk nonsense with them and directly push it across to turn the whole eastern heaven into ghosts? I don't believe that chance doesn't come out!" a religious ancestor said coldly.


There are also nine strong people in the East Tianyu. They appear next to Jin Tianpeng.

The ferryman said coldly, "today I want to see how many people are left when you break through the eastern heaven?"

"You're not dead yet," exclaimed a forefather of Outland.

"It's just a lonely soul and a wild ghost!" said another foreign religion ancestor coldly.

"Yingcang, you died in my hands millions of years ago. I didn't expect you to survive until now!" a middle-aged man shrouded in fire walked out slowly and looked down at the ferry man.

This man undoubtedly has great strength. He could cripple the ferry people a million years ago. Now his strength is even more unfathomable.

"Try and you'll know!" said the ferry man coldly, "Huang Xuan, if I hadn't been seriously injured a million years ago, how could you beat me?"

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