Chapter 1323

"Take your life today!"

Huang Xuan said coldly.

There was chaos around him. He couldn't see clearly. Only one hand poked out and held a huge planet!

Huang Xuan is unparalleled and has great combat power. In this way, he holds the planet. His fingers and palms shine. He steps out and crosses the array in the sky,

On the East horizon, everyone is cold from head to foot.

"Huang xuanjiao Zu!"

Millions of troops in Outland roared loudly, the heaven and earth were trembling, and the starry sky was shaking violently.

The army on this side of the array made way for Huang Xuan.

"What should we do? There are nearly twenty Taoist ancestors over there!"

"There are dozens of ancestors of the virtual Taoist realm!"

"Is my eastern region doomed to collapse?"

The atmosphere on the East Tianyu side is low. It is not that they are bloodless, but that their strength is too different. Moreover, they know that the key point of this war is not on them, but on the religious ancestors of both sides.

At this time, everything seems useless. The gap of strength is there. Countless strong people in the Outland are eyeing, and there are only ten strong people at the level of religious ancestors on their side, and only a dozen strong people in the virtual realm. They are not opponents in the Outland at all, and there is no way to snipe.

It's desperate. It's a desperate situation!

"It's our turn to do it. Since they choose to do it, even if we die, we'll have to pull down some cushions." a person from the East Tianyu roared.

However, they are not empty Taoist realm, nor are they weak people who can be close to each other?

He has the intention to kill the enemy, but he is powerless!

"I don't want to be called a coward by later generations. Even if I die in the war, I will learn from the sky and my will with my blood!" some god kings shouted.

They can cultivate to the realm of God King. They are all geniuses. They have their own pride and don't want to die.

On the East Tianyu side, the depressed atmosphere was detonated. Today, the biggest thing is death!

"Kill it!"

"Killing one is enough, killing two makes money!"

The mood was ignited, everyone was no longer depressed, and the fighting spirit was high

At this time, the ferry man said, "it's not your turn. Wait until we old guys die."

With that, the ferry man walked slowly towards Huang Xuan.

"Teacher, who is this person?"

A strong man in the virtual world of the eastern heaven asked in a low voice. He had lived for 200000 years, but he had never seen a ferryman once.


An old man with white hair and beard sighed in a low voice, "Yingshi was the top strong man and the master of the emperor millions of years ago. Millions of years ago, the emperor fought with many sages and the devil ancestor. The devil ancestor was killed, and Yingshi and other strong men were also seriously injured."

"After that, the Outland people took the opportunity to invade, and the Yingshi group of strong people were killed and injured, and the Outland also suffered heavy losses."

"Just a million years later, our eastern heaven has long been less powerful than Outland!"

Everyone was awestruck.

They didn't expect that the ferryman was so big that he was the teacher of the emperor. The faces of two strong people in the East Tianyu changed, and they didn't know the identity of yingcang.

"Yingshi's state is very wrong. He doesn't have the combat power at his peak. He will probably suffer from fighting Huang Xuan." the old man with white hair and beard worried.

He experienced the battle millions of years ago. At that time, he was just a God King. He survived fortunately. He knew that Yingshi had suffered multiple injuries. Now he is already the religious ancestor in the middle of dunyijing. We can see that Yingshi is in a wrong state.

He rushed over. He was not at ease. Yingshi was not afraid of Huang Xuan millions of years ago, even stronger than Huang Xuan, but now I'm afraid it's Huang Xuan's opponent.

"No harm."

Yingshi also recognized the old man and said lightly, "I have lived for so many years and still have some cards. Now I have to hurt the people in Outland. If I wait for that person, it will be too late."

The ferry man looked indifferent and had already made a decision in his heart.

Although Huang Xuan is the top religious ancestor in Outland, he still lags behind the one in Outland. When he was young, he could fight with the emperor. Now he doesn't know what step he has taken.

The ferry man stepped out and rushed directly at Huang Xuan.

"You deserve to let my ancestors do it?"

A young religious ancestor on the Outland side spoke coldly. He was a disciple of Huang Xuan and had been in hiding for nearly ten years.

"Step down, I'll give him a chance to struggle!"

Huang Xuan said faintly.

Everyone on the East Tianyu side held their breath, nervous, uneasy and depressed. The strong men of all major forces were waiting. Their hearts beat badly. They all hoped that this elder could kill the other party's top strong man.

Just wait for that moment!

Everyone hopes it can work and turn the war around.


When Yingshi stepped into the center of the battlefield, Huang Xuan moved.

He can't get the Yingshi ready to finish. After all, Yingshi was also the top strong man millions of years ago. Even if he could see that there was something wrong with his body at a glance, he had to prevent Yingshi from having other means.

Huang Xuan held a slightly broken Tai Chi diagram and covered it directly towards the Yingshi.

The Tai Chi diagram looks broken and the light is very dim, but the strong people at the level of religious ancestors around are dignified. This Tai Chi diagram is a treasure in Outland. A strong man at the peak of virtual Tao can kill a religious ancestor with the Tai Chi diagram.


Even Jin Tianpeng has a dignified face. He knows that Yingshi is not in good condition. Maybe this battle will be the last battle of Yingshi,

Just under the cover of Tai Chi.

A stone tablet appeared in Yingshi's hand. The stone tablet was as black as ink, with blood stains. It was magnified in an instant. All the symbols on the stone tablet glowed, capping the world and releasing the power of fairy rules.

"Zhenmo monument!"

Huang Xuan exclaimed in surprise and hurriedly recalled Tai Chi to protect himself.

This is a stone tablet to suppress the evil ancestor. It is a magic weapon refined by the Emperor himself. As long as it is sacrificed, even the strong who escape from the peak of the territory can be killed.


The town demon tablet glowed and suppressed.

The Tai Chi diagram shines, and the lines are intertwined. Cut the stone tablet.


There are several cracks on the town demon tablet with blood, and the Tai Chi diagram is also fragmented and collapsed. It falls to the ground from the center of the battlefield, and there is no way to get close at all.


Huang Xuan vomited a big mouthful of blood, but he stabilized his body after all.

"It turns out that your confidence is the Zhenmo stele. Unfortunately, the Zhenmo stele has cracks and its power is not as powerful as before. You can't deal with me at all." Huang Xuanping shakes her head. "Yingshi, it seems that your strength has not been restored. You didn't pay attention to anyone except the emperor. Now you have to use a stele to dare to attack me."

Huang Xuan stared coldly at the people in the East Tianyu. "Now the town magic monument has been cracked. Who in the East Tianyu can hurt me?"

Yingshi's face is not good-looking. Now he can only play 60% of his strength in the peak period. If he uses the Zhenmo tablet in the peak period, he can easily seriously hurt Huang Xuan.

Although Huang Xuan was also injured, the injury was not serious and did not affect him to continue fighting.

"A group of foolish people, the weak East Tianyu, are overpowered by the mantis." a white tiger hundreds of thousands of feet high in the outland, who has the level of religious ancestors, sneered.

"Yingshi, let me deal with Huang Xuan." Jin Tianpeng said softly.

He got the chance to be promoted in the chaos and became one of the strongest three people in the eastern heaven region in the later stage of the escape realm.

"I'll come!"

An old man came out. He was too old. His body was full of dust, a few inches thick, as if he had been dusty for a period of time.

When I saw the old man, even the film maker respected him with a trace of respect,

This is the oldest religious ancestor in the eastern heaven region. He is older than Yingshi. His Qi and blood have dried up. If he hadn't been sealed by himself, he would have been seated long ago.

"Great ancestor." a religious ancestor in the eastern regions mourned in his heart.

"I have the last card on me. I had the cheek to ask the emperor for it. I wanted to protect our family, but now it's in use."

The old man took out a broken array plate from his arms.


The dusty old man roared and offered up the broken array plate. With a large number of array chess and array platform, he rushed out of the camp in the East sky region.


The white tiger in Outland felt his hair stand upright and felt dangerous.

"Supreme kill array?"

A religious ancestor said lightly.


Yingshi nodded. He once saw this array plate in the emperor's treasure house, but with the emperor's rise, he distributed a lot of things, but he didn't see the array plate. Unexpectedly, it was on the old man.

The old man sat on the array plate and urged his blood essence to kill Huang Xuan.

"It's just a incomplete killing array!"

Huang Xuan snorted coldly, pointing in the void

Then there was a big explosion!


Heaven and earth crumbled and blood stained the sky.

All the array platforms and flags disintegrated. The oldest religious ancestor in the East Tianyu also sighed and turned into light and rain on the incomplete array plate. He died directly, and all traces were destroyed.

"Mole ants, die well!"

The white tiger sneered.

The people on the East Tianyu side are desperate.


Huang Xuan vomited a mouthful of blood again. Obviously, the injury to him this time was not light.

He came with an invincible momentum. Unexpectedly, he was injured twice as soon as he shot. Today, his face is gone.

"Break the barrier and kill all these mole ants!"

The white tiger roared.

Nearly 20 religious ancestors in the Outland made direct moves. The array in the eastern heaven was set up during the emperor's time to prevent people in the Outland from making moves. If the array is not broken, no one can get in except those at the level of religious ancestors.

Twenty religious ancestors worked together to break out the immortal power.

Want to break the barrier!


The huge array trembled and was torn open by Sheng Sheng.

"You can't let them tear the French array completely!"

The ferryman let out a loud drink and shot directly.

The other religious ancestors also shot one after another, and the Outland also divided ten religious ancestors to welcome them. The Outland army has begun to pass through the gap, but the gap is very small, and only a dozen people can pass together at a time.


The fighting place was full of immortal light, and then a big river rushed out. The fighting force was too strong, causing chaos and unstable order on the main road.

"Tear up time and space!"

At this moment, all the people watching the war took a breath.

That kind of power is so terrible that it causes instability in the order of heaven and earth, interferes with the survival of all things, and has been fought out for a long time.

"When I tear this array, I'll kill you ants." the white tiger smiled.

The world shuddered and the river surged for a long time, which made the white tiger close his mouth soon. This place also made him feel dangerous at the level of religious ancestor.


The next moment, the atmosphere of terror suddenly emerged along the crack.

The sudden emergence of a tripod, huge and boundless, suddenly capped the star domain.

It was so sudden that everyone was shocked?

Where did this tripod come from? Its breath was so terrible that it shook the sky and the earth.

"Is this the human emperor tripod?"

When he had an affair, the teacher was suspicious.

"Did the emperor return from the fairyland?" the religious ancestor murmured,.

If the emperor is still secular, they will not dare to fight against the eastern regions.

"There is another man on the tripod!"

At this moment, someone shouted and saw the scene above the Dingkou.

There was a man standing there, with his back to the crowd and a green robe, like the emperor of heaven facing the dust!


Even the ten religious ancestors who supported the crack also changed their faces. Even they didn't know how the tripod and the man appeared. Moreover, the momentum of the people was amazing. At first glance, they were not simple people.

Is it really the return of the emperor from the fairyland?

People in Outland can't help trembling in their hearts.


A loud roar came from the mouth of the white tiger. The stars in the sky glowed, the body tens of thousands of feet moved violently, and a big claw covered the sun and moon.

With a bang, it grabbed the man above the tripod mouth.

Everyone was shocked. White tiger dared to take the lead. Seeing this, the other religious ancestors also looked at each other and tacitly killed the man above the Ding mouth.

What if the emperor returns?

There is still a strong man on their side who hasn't shot!


His body was shining, dazzling, just for a moment. Even his black hair was about to be dyed light gold, and his breath soared.


The white tiger roared.

With a thud, the man above the tripod directly punched the white tiger's paw with his powerful and invincible fist.


Chaos splashed, the claws of the white tiger broke, and the blood splashed in the starry sky. Many friars in Outland below had no time to escape and were directly killed by the blood of the white tiger.

So strong?

This kind of accident changed the faces of the foreign teachers who fought below, and they were worried.

Who the hell is this person? From where? In what era? Is it the hindhand left by the emperor before he ascended?

"Do you want to do it?"

Someone whispered to Huang Xuan.

The man's origin is unknown. It's difficult to take him if he doesn't do it at the same time.

These religious ancestors also felt the threat from the man on the tripod and felt it necessary to start first.

Now, although they can't figure out the situation, if there is a threat, it's better to take action in advance than to take the move passively.

Before they could make a move, the man walked on the tripod and landed slowly in the center of the battlefield.

At this moment, the scene is magnificent and unparalleled in the world.

A tripod is flying in the sky. A person steps on it and looks down at the world. He is unique in the world. He has a slender and straight body, black hair all over the sky, deep pupils and heroic spirit, as if he controls the world.

In Outland, millions of troops are like great enemies.

Originally, they all wanted to break the array and destroy the eastern heaven in one fell swoop, but now there is such a powerful creature.

"Who are you?"

The speaker is Huang Xuan. Only he can speak on behalf of the religious ancestors here.

"Why do I think that man is a bit like your father?"

On a warship in the distance, Lin Qingcang whispered to Lin qianluo.

"How is that possible?"

Lin qianluo shook his head and said, "even if my father is as gifted as you said, he will have reached the top in a hundred years."

Lin qianluo hasn't seen Lin Yin since he was eight years old. Although he vaguely feels that the man's back is familiar, he can't believe it.


Lin Qingcang nodded. It was really impossible to get to this step in a hundred years.

"Get out of the East sky."

The man on the tripod said slowly.

The forefathers' faces changed. He really came for the eastern heaven region.

"Sure enough, the emperor left behind."


A chariot appeared in the direction of Outland. The chariot was glowing and chaotic.

In an instant, the whole world was illuminated.

A human creature stood on the chariot, one holding a golden ancient spear.

That spear is too dazzling. The golden luster shines on the ancient and modern future, as if it were one forever.


The forefathers of foreign religions nodded one after another, with an excited look on their faces.

Even Huang Xuan had to bow his head slightly to show his respect.

"I smell that man's blood again. What a disgusting smell!" the ancient ancestor of the Outland said coldly, "I went all over the star region and killed all the descendants of that man. I didn't expect that there were still fish missing."

"You did it!"

Yingshi shouted angrily.

He is optimistic about several people of empress descent. He has the blood of the emperor and can at least practice to escape. There is even a descendant who is not inferior to the emperor and is not impossible to win the supreme realm. However, he is mysteriously missing. He did it.

Gu Zu's eyes didn't stop on Yingshi, but said coldly, "in this era, I am invincible. Those who block me today will die!"

"Ha ha ha!"

The man on the tripod smiled, "who is invincible? Who dares to say invincible? A person who dares not even to face the demon ancestor dares to say invincible?"

"Kill him!"

"How dare you insult our ancient ancestors!"

The monks outside the region drank and took off one after another. They wanted to fight. In their eyes, Guzu was the strongest man in the sky and on the earth.


The people on the tripod looked towards the outland, like the sky was cracked and the stars were broken.


A group of people shouted and burst into a blood mist. Some people were cut in two by their eyes. The scene was very terrible.


Guzu did it.

With a stroke of the golden ancient spear, it cuts off the sky and blocks all this.

"After so many years, there is another supreme emperor in the emperor's blood?" Gu Zu opened his mouth in a gentle tone. Up to now, he has never paid attention to the man on the tripod.

Only Jin Tianpeng and Yingshi showed great joy on their faces.

Among the people present, only the two of them knew that the tripod master was Lin Yin. They didn't expect that Lin Yin actually stepped into the supreme realm. They had also rushed to the shelf. Even if all the chaotic springs in the immortal earth were absorbed by Jin Tianpeng, they could only step into the peak of the retreat realm. Their strength is equivalent to Huang Xuan. Now Lin Yin has stepped into the supreme realm,.

But the ancient ancestor of the Outland also stepped into the supreme realm. The victory or defeat of this time is on them.


The human emperor tripod flew out, directly bumped the golden ancient spear, hit the ancient ancestor of Outland on the shoulder, made him stagger, the soles of his feet broke through the void and retreated rapidly.

And a ray of Yin red appeared at the corner of his mouth, which was the fierce blow of the supreme realm, and it was also the weapon of the former Emperor. Who can bear it?

The ancient ancestors of Outland just shed a wisp of blood, which is the embodiment of extreme power. The blow of this series is often to break the starry sky and cross the universe.

It can be said that this is boundless divine power!

But the ancient ancestors of Outland resisted!

A group of people are in full swing. The old emperor has disappeared in the starry sky. I haven't seen the strong man of the supreme realm for millions of years. Today, there are two, and the ancient ancestor of Outland was injured. This is a great event, like the collapse of heaven and earth.

In the rear, many creatures in Outland howled. Their ancient ancestor, the invincible God of war, was injured here, which is unacceptable.

Renhuangding and Lin Yin joined together and went forward.

"How could this be?"

In Outland direction, some people began to worry. Surprised and worried about Gu Zu, there are endless questions at the same time.

If there is such a strong person hiding in the eastern sky, why arrange the supreme array on the blue star? Until now, the strong person doesn't appear until the array is weakened.

The ancient ancestor of Outland frowned. Facing Lin Yin holding the imperial tripod, he was a little hard. Even if he was promoted to the supreme realm, he was also a little passive in the face of the strong people who were also the supreme realm.

Moreover, the ancient spear in his hand is not as good as the human emperor tripod.


The ancient ancestor of Outland broke out. A shield with a trace of bronze rust appeared on his left hand to block the human emperor tripod. The golden ancient spear in his right hand was pierced out with boundless gold.

He launched a fierce counterattack. He held a shield in his left hand and a spear in his right hand. His divine power shocked the world!

"I managed to boil away the emperor and look down on the ages. No matter who you are today, you can't stop me!"

Guzu roared, and the sound moved the world.


The imperial tripod smashed the ancient spear, broke the ancient ancestor's spear, and * * on the bronze shield, directly smashed the ancient ancestor out.

Smashed Guzu for tens of thousands of kilometers and ejected a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

Lin Yin's power is unforgiving and he makes a fierce move.

At this moment, Guzu was in danger and in crisis.

The ancient ancestor used the secret method to fight Lin Yin.

The ancient ancestor of Outland was wounded and vomited blood again and again, making him crazy.

Since he became famous, when was he treated like this? Even if he fought with the emperor before, he didn't suffer such a big loss.


The human emperor tripod hit Gu Zu's back again and made him cough up blood. This blow was really too heavy. It hit Gu Zu directly from the rear. With the suppression of the avenue, Gu Zu shook his body and coughed up blood again.

Gu Zu's eyes were cold. With a strong shock, he straightened his back and beat back the human emperor tripod. His breath was fierce, like an unparalleled demon king.

"You have the smell of that man!"

Gu Zu looked at Lin Yin and said coldly.

His words were cold, not like those who were seriously injured, but still so calm.

"Yes, I am his descendant, but also because of his gift, I can step into the supreme realm!"

Lin Yin didn't hide it and said faintly.

If that drop of blood contained the old emperor's understanding of Tao and his lifelong cultivation, he could not suppress the ancient ancestors of Outland now.

The battle made people dizzy. Many creatures were shocked and trembling. The scene was so terrible that the ancient ancestors of Outland were suppressed.


Lin Yin threw out the human emperor tripod again.


The ancient ancestor of Outland shouted. Holding a shield in his left hand, he pushed outward like a mountain, trying to burst the attacking human emperor tripod. The gold spear in his hand stabbed Lin Yin.


This power is so powerful that it scattered many Avenue lines spreading in the void and let the star explode.

Moreover, Guzu's hands were bloody. It flowed from his fingers. Because he suffered a huge earthquake, the human emperor Ding was too strong.

The most terrible thing is that Lin Yin followed the tripod and fought with him.

"Take your life!"

Lin Yin said coldly.

He has been wounded since the war.

However, the ancient ancestors of Outland were more seriously injured. In several places, you can see the thick white bones, which hurt the origin.


In the distance, Lin Yin gave a loud drink, and his whole body radiated a fiery light. The whole person turned into a peerless Heavenly Sword. The sword cut forward, Chi, cut through the void, and cut off the ancient ancestors of the Outland.


The ancient ancestor of Outland collapsed and disappeared.

The starry sky burst into pieces, the sky fell apart, and ghosts cried and howled.

The blood rain is floating in the sky, making it very sad and beautiful here.

It can be seen that there are no stars nearby. They have long been shattered by the aftershocks of the fight. There are many star bones and rush in all directions.

"Guzu is dead?"

Many strongmen in Outland can't believe it. This is the strongman they respect in Outland. Those who can compete with the emperor are now dead in the hands of the emperor's heirs.

This is unacceptable to them.

But more people think, what should they do? Will the strong man who killed the ancient ancestors let them go?

"What should we do?"


Some of the religious ancestors who have fled the territory have already played a retreat drum in their hearts, but they dare not act rashly because of the strong man in the supreme territory in front of them.

"Those above the virtual Tao should be killed!"

Lin Yin slowly spits out a few words.

Dozens of disciples in the virtual Taoist realm in the Outland were worried. Several disciples who had confidence in their own speed didn't even make a call, so they fled directly to the distance.

"Can you run away?"

Lin Yin patted the imperial tripod and drank softly:


In the shocked eyes of the people, the human emperor tripod turned into a streamer, turned into a golden rainbow with a lightning speed, and rushed out of the void in an instant.

Almost at the same time, the virtual Tao realm of Outland fled, and all the life lights of the strong in the sect gate went out!

Lin Yin turned to look at Lin qianluo and said with a light smile:

"Qianluo, I'm back!"

(end of full text!)

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