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During the seventeenth year of Tiansheng, the scorching days of June and July were like a steamer, and fire would break out sooner or later.

Three decades after Da Yefang’s founding of the nation, all kinds of wastes have begun to flourish. His Majesty was frugal. There is very little ice in each palace and only a few palaces are not afraid of the heat.

The aristocratic families in the capital have a deep foundation. Several of them have plenty of ice, which can be used by the masters and enter the palace.

However, most families, and most people could only bear it.

The Yin family, the Minister of State Ceremonies, couldn’t compare to those of the upper levels, yet had more than enough to compare to those below.

After the first di1 lady who had married out, passed of dystocia, the madam in charge of the family underwent fasting, and chanted sutras. Her disposition seemed several degrees colder and lonelier, but not harsh. She specially sent ice to the West Corner Courtyard where the three shu ladies lived.

The pretty maidservant hugged the ice basin with her hands. Within a short walk, she felt cool and refreshed in front, but her back was soaked with sweat. She hurried to the west corner courtyard and went directly to the central room.

As soon as she entered the room, the ice basin left her hand, she turned to the window with familiarity and curtseyed to salute, “Greetings to Second Lady, this maid servant came to send you ice according to the Madam.”

There is a couch under the window. On the top of the couch reclined a beautiful and delicate woman in light clothes. She was Yin Mingyu, the second lady of the Yin family.

She held a round fan in her hand, fluttering her fan, and supported herself with one hand. She slowly propped up her upper body, lazily sat on her side, and remarked with a smile: “Sister, your appearance of sweating profusely really makes people feel pity. Please sit down and drink a cup of herbal tea, so that I can see more.”

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The servant girl covered her lips and smiled coquettishly, hatefully commenting: “You are teasing this servant.”

On the side, Yin Mingyu’s personal maid Yin’er moved the ice basin and jokingly grumbled, “Our lady is very considerate. As soon as Sister Mei comes, we’re out of her sight.”

The maid, Hong Mei, smiled again and then replied back to Yin Mingyu, “Second Lady, Xie Xiao Langjun2 will come later. This maid still has to head back to Madam’s to continue my duties. This servant has to apologize to you as this servant will not be able to drink your tea.”

Yin Mingyu’s fan paused and asked her, “Is he going to stay?”

The maidservant nodded, “Exactly so.”

The round fan regained its original frequency. Yin Mingyu smiled as if nothing had happened and said, “If so, I won’t keep sister any longer.”

After Hongmei left, Yin’er muttered strangely, “The old madam of Xie’s thinks so highly of Xiao Langjun yet she would actually allow him to come to live at Yin’s small courtyard?”

The Xie Family was the husband’s family of the deceased first lady, and one of the top five aristocratic families in Daye, with profound heritage.

Xie Xiao Langjun, Xie Ce is the son left by the eldest daughter, Yin Mingfu. It’s been only two years since his birth. Old madam Xie looked at her great-grandson like the pearl of her eye. In addition, Xiao Langjun was young. In the past, it was always the Yin family who went to see him at the Xie family.

This was the first time he’s been to the maternal side of the family……

Yin Mingyu seemed thoughtful, and her fan unconsciously slowed down.

“It has nothing to do with our lady anyways.” Another personal maid, Jin Er, conversely asked for instructions instead. “Lady, do you want to invite the Third Lady and the Fourth Lady to come here to relieve the summer heat?”

Yin Mingyu regained composure and laid back on the couch, unhurriedly commanding, “Send it to the Third Lady. Just say that it was held in my room last time, and it’s her turn to entertain.”

Jin’er agreed, hugged the ice basin and went to the Eastern Wing room.

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