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As soon as Yin Mingyu raised one foot, she saw a group of people walking out of the door. One in and one out, there was no warning. If he didn’t stop, he would bump into the leading man.

She had no time to look at people and hurriedly put her feet back to the ground, but her upper body continued to lean forward due to inertia.



The servants exclaimed nervously. The man opposite was as steady as a mountain, and instead of subconsciously stretching out his hand to help Yin Mingyu, he calmly stopped walking and took a step westward to avoid her.

In fact, Yin Mingyu didn’t walk fast, but her steps were a little big, and she was not stable until she pulled back her feet in a hurry. At the same time when the voices of the attendants fell, she had stabilized her body and quickly moved aside.

Everything happened in a flash. The two were face to face again with less than two feet apart.


Yin Mingyu subconsciously raised her head and looked at the other person’s cold eyes, then she recognized the person.

The man in front of her was handsome as a locust tree, and his temperament is similar to that of the soughing of pines and the reflection of moonlight on the water. His every move was as elegant as flowing water, and he was from head to toe filled with nobleness and dignity brought up by top aristocratic families.

He was the husband of the deceased di daughter of the Yin family, the youngest champion in the thirty years since Daye’s founding —— the Qilin son of the Xie family, Xie Qin and Xie Jingming.

However, at one glance, Yin Mingyu withdrew her sight and glanced to the left and stepped back, then stepped back again and saluted.

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Xie Qin nodded back slightly and glanced at Hong Mei behind her indifferently as he stepped past Yin Mingyu.

Hong Mei trembled and bowed her head deeply.

After Xie Qin went away, she raised her head again, looked at Yin Mingyu who seemed to be able to see through the hearts of the people, and pulled the corners of her mouth with shame.

Yin Mingyu really wanted to ask her why she didn’t say that Xie Langjun was also there, but she looked at Hong Mei and found it boring as she avoided her sight, so she turned her eyes and continued to walk in.

In the main room, Yu Lan, the maid, took a look at what had just happened and reported it to Madam Han in a low voice.

Without any surprise on her face, Han Shi stroked her grandson’s head lovingly and said, “Let her come in.”

A moment later, Yin Mingyu walked slowly into the room, looked straight at them, and saluted properly. “Mother, Mingyu came late.”

“Not late.” Han Shi said softly, “Come and sit down.”

Yin Mingyu got up and saw her di mother’s serious face, which had not smiled for a long time, with a shallow smile. Her eyes turned to the baby in her di mother’s bosom.

The child was really exquisite and lovely. Sitting in his grandmother’s arms, he looked a little stiff, but did not cry. He just looked at her strangely.

Looking at each other for a while, Yin Mingyu calmly moved her sight away. She glanced to the three servants of the Xie family not far away, then walked to the round stool not far from her di mother and sat down, looking down with her head lowered and speechless.

Han Shi didn’t greet her either. She bowed her head and gently introduced her to his grandson, “Ce’er, this is your aunt.”

Xie Ceyuan looked at Yin Mingyu with round eyes. After Han Shi repeated it again, he began to shout softly: “Au~”

He could not pronounce the word “aunt”.

Yin Mingyu bent her mouth and smiled at him in response, but she still didn’t speak.

Han Shi said, “Mingyu, come here and hug him. You aunt and nephew should be close.”

When the three servants of the Xie family heard these words, their eyes moved and they looked at Yin Mingyu without a trace.

Yin Mingyu struggling said, “Xie Xiao Langjun is still small, daughter is afraid that she will cause his fall because she has no sense in her hands.”

“Then play with Ce’er for a while.” Han Shi said that, and asked Nanny Tong to take Xie Ce to the cool square bed.

This is so strange……

Yin Mingyu paused, got up with the fan handle, walked to the corner of the square bed, and sat down sideways.

Han Shi watched from a distance. Yin Mingyu weighed it for a long time. It was very cool in the room, so she put the fan on the square bed, pushed it gently, and it slid to Xie Ce’s feet.

Xie Ce looked down, his little feet moved, and the fan was a little far away.

He didn’t reach for it, but looked up at Yin Mingyu.

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