CH 15

[2nd Period Mathematics Section]

Demian: 100 points (Perfect even in the solving process. He seems to have a talent for mathematics.)

Sienna: 70 points (Makes mistakes starting with questions of medium difficulty)

Lucas: 20 points (He’ll do better…)

“Demian really has a lot of talent in this field, though?”

Eleanor gave a small admiration. Just like Demian’s personality, the neatly arranged solution matched exactly with the model answer Eleanor made.

She’ll have to tell the Duke later.

“Sienna is a bit weak at math.”

There are a few calculation mistakes, and some mistakes in the approach.

Eleanor, who was looking at the solution, nodded slowly. It wasn’t a big problem as she seemed to understand the basic concept.

“And Lucas, his test papers are so clean.”

If he had pushed all the way to one number, he would have gotten 25 points… Still, he kept his manners, so it’s not too bad. It’s fine.

Eleanor, relying on the power of positivity once again, moved on to the next page with a smile.

[3rd Period Foreign Language Section]

Demian: 65 points (Must study vocabularies)

Sienna: 70 points (Weak in grammar part)

Lucas: 30 points (Let’s not give up yet!)

All three of them weren’t very good at foreign languages. Yet Eleanor’s face had a confident light like never before.

In the Academy located in Deln, a neutral country, the Imperial Language was generally used, but the language of Balkan, a neighboring continent, was also often used. Balkan had a language system very similar to English. Only the shape of the alphabet is slightly different.

It was fortunate for Eleanor, who majored in English education in college. It was also the reason why she could expect a high score when Eleanor took the Academy entrance exam.

It’s a bit gloomy that this world is also centered around languages and math, but…

“That means that it’s the subject I am most confident in. It doesn’t matter because I can take responsibility for foreign languages.”

She’ll show the true taste of private education.

[4th Period History Section]

Demian: 90 points (Also great)

Sienna: 75 points (Must study world history)

Lucas: 85 points (Finally!!!)

Eleanor, who finally checked the history section grades, took a short breath. Lucas scored a whopping 85 points.

‘As expected, a prince is… Patriotism, something like that.’

Come to think of it, it was just that. For him, it would have been easy to accept because it was the story of his grandparents. It must have been a story he had heard so many times since he was a child.

“Right, look at this. The power of education is so great. Eleanor, you can do this too.”

Eleanor clenched her fists as if she was determined. She felt like she saw some potential. Although it’s a very, very faint, feeble, and thin possibility… As if she had faced a difficult quest in the game, she was motivated.

“Of course, I think I need a little consultation with his guardian. Because we can’t just keep the class up with Lucas.”

Overcoming the learning gap between Demian, Sienna and Lucas was the most difficult and important task. First of all, she thought it would be best to meet the guardian who was in charge of Lucas’s education and ask him to study the rest.

Eleanor pulled out a clean letter paper and scribbled down short notes.

[Hello, Sir/Madam Guardian.

I am Eleanor Everett, who has been in charge of Prince Lucas’ class for the time being. I have something to discuss, so I would like to meet you for a while. Please let me know when and where it is convenient for you. I hope you have a day as enjoyable as the good weather.

Sincerely, Eleanor Everett.] 


So having finished her rough grasp of the children, Eleanor approached the babbling children.

“Okay, I’ll share your grades. Everyone worked hard and did a really good job.”

This is Demian’s, this is Sienna’s, and the rest is Lucas’.

As Eleanor handed out the test papers, Sienna quickly began examining mine. When she saw a problem that was wrong, she would bite her lip in resentment.

In comparison, Demian and Lucas didn’t seem to have much interest in the score itself.

Lucas asked, flipping through the paper.

“Is it over now?”

“Yeah, time is up and today’s class is over.”


In an instant, Lucas’ face lit up. Eleanor asked with a smile.

“Ah, Lucas. Has there ever been another person in charge of education in the Imperial Palace?”

“Hmm, the person who teaches often changes… I think Angela usually takes care of it.”

Eleanor handed Lucas a note and asked.

“Can you pass this on to her?”

“What is this?”

“I thought I might ask for a meeting because I have a question for her. Can you do it?”

His big eyes twinkled. Lucas shook his head, quickly received the letter and answered with dignity.

“Trust me!”

Sienna and Demian’s eyes quickly turned to Lucas. Eleanor, bursting with laughter, suggested in a bright voice.

“Great. Everyone can eat snacks and wait until the carriages pick you up. Anybody want some juice?”

Lucas shouted, raising one of his arms.

“I want cocoa!”

“I want cocoa too.”

“Demian too?”

He shook his head.

“Alright. Wait a minute.”


Sienna’s face cooled as soon as Eleanor disappeared into the small room adjoining the drawing room. Sienna, crossing her legs and arms, began to argue with Lucas.

“You’re going to come out like this?”


Lucas asked calmly, scratching his tickling left ear.

“This is a breakdown of negotiations.”

“Breakdown? what is that?”

Anyway, that pompous pink-haired girl has a bad habit of choosing difficult words on purpose. Lucas frowned.

“It means that our alliance will be difficult to maintain if you use such sly tricks alone.”

How reassuring those difficult words that made him feel strangely intimidating when they were on the same side. However, when he was attacked by Sienna, the situation changed a bit. The feeling of being pricked by words he doesn’t know the meaning of wasn’t very nice.

‘It’s unlucky, but I can’t turn him into an enemy after all.’

Lucas protested in a softer voice.

“Sly tricks? I didn’t do anything.”

“Didn’t you intentionally ruin the test?”

Sienna pointed at the test paper full of red asterisks as she said so. However, she thought for a moment and shook her head.

“When I think about you, it doesn’t seem like that. But it’s a warning. You intend to give that letter to His Highness, not to Angela, right?”

“Of course. You said you were going to bring your uncle instead of your mom and dad.”

“I did, but…”

Lucas gave a surprisingly logical answer. Sienna pouted her lips, though she was still convinced. At this rate, she might fall behind even to His Highness the Crown Prince.

She liked Teacher first. She met Teacher when she was a baby.

“It’s mean.”

Sienna muttered sullenly. She hated everything. Among them, what she hates the most is, of course, her stupid uncle.

Why doesn’t he know that this is all for her uncle? He must be doing his job comfortably, not knowing that his niece is struggling so much. I won’t kiss you when we meet.

Lucas gave Sienna the meanest look he could.

“Pink Hair, life is inherently mean.”

Demian looked at the two of them and shook his head. Anyway, he shouldn’t be so childish. Demian made a promise to himself over and over again.

Just then, someone’s voice was heard from the doorway. The one standing alone where the eyes of the three children were focused was Adrian.

He greeted Lucas and Demian in the eyes and looked at Sienna, asking sneakily.

“What about Ellen?”

“She’s in the next room! To get some cocoa!”

Sienna jumped up from her seat and shouted loudly. Waves of surprise and delight spread across her little face. Adrian’s eyes narrowed for a moment at the unexpectedly enthusiastic reply, but he soon strode toward the kitchen on his long legs.

Sienna, who was happily watching Adrian’s back, turned around. Sienna smiled as she looked down at Lucas and Demian arrogantly.

Did you guys see that?

“There are always twists and turns in life.”



Eleanor was startled by the voice behind her and turned around.

“Oh, Rian! Did you come to pick up Sienna?”

“No, I came to see you.”

Adrian grinned and walked beside Eleanor. Taking it as a joke, as usual, Eleanor laughed and shook her head.

Adrian, standing beside her naturally, helped her set the mugs. Standing by his side, it felt like the spacious kitchen was full. Eleanor asked Adrian after taking chopped chocolate out of the cupboard.

“I’m making it for the kids, would you like a cup too?”


Adrian, who was naturally handed the container, answered, opening the lid.

“Alright. Then, while I’m making yours, I’ll have a drink of mine too. Would you like some marshmallows too?”

“Yes, put it in.”

“Give me the marshmallow box next to it.”

Eleanor hummed softly as if she was feeling good about eating sweet treats. Adrian watched as she added the chopped chocolate, carefully poured in the warmed milk, and stirred quickly.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Sensing his gaze, Eleanor laughed and tapped Adrian with her elbow.

Because you’re pretty.

Adrian smiled softly as he swallowed the words that rose to his throat.

“Nothing. Shall I bring it to them when it’s done?”

“It’s still a bit too hot for the kids. It should cool down a bit. Drink it first.”

Eleanor held out a drink. Adrian looked down at the steaming cocoa for a moment before carefully taking a sip.

“How is it?”

Eleanor looked at Adrian with her expectant gaze.


“I made it at best, what is that reaction? How dull.”

Eleanor grunted, slightly pouting at his lukewarm response. Seeing her pouty face, Adrian burst into laughter.

“It’s an honor to be drinking a drink brewed by Miss Eleanor Everett, the best teacher in Bellium.”

“Are you going to keep saying weird things? I even put three marshmallows in it. I only put two in mine.”

Maybe that’s why it was too sweet for Adrian’s taste. However, according to Eleanor’s values, the number of marshmallows seemed proportional to her favor, so he was willing to endure even the sweetness that made his tongue ache.

Eleanor began sipping hers. She was cute as she was drinking while blowing the hot drink, hoo, hoo.

Adrian’s vision caught a little smudge of milk froth on Eleanor’s lips. His eyes were naturally drawn to her plump, red lips.

Adrian called Eleanor in a low voice.



As if asking why, Eleanor jerked her head in the direction where he was standing. Adrian, who bent his back to eye level with Eleanor, gently wiped the corner of Eleanor’s lips with his thumb.

Eleanor’s heart thumped against his face as he drew closer without warning.


Eleanor’s face filled with surprise at her bright golden eyes. Adrian’s eyes slightly curled as he checked the red-hot earlobes.

Adrian tapped and lengthened the corners of his lips.

“It’s smeared here.”

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