Chapter 860 - 860 A Heavy Blow

860 A Heavy Blow

She had already made her words very clear.

“If your attitude is better, maybe I’ll give it to you when I’m in a good mood. however, ” Lin yuelan’s sharp gaze swept across the faces of Lin Sanniu and the rest, ” the moment you arrived, you arrogantly threatened me for the house. You even want me to move out and make room for you so that I can spend the new year in that old, broken, small, and old house. You guys aren’t dreaming, are you? this is ridiculous!”

Lin yuelan’s sharp and unhesitating sarcasm caused Lin sanniu’s face to turn red and white. He roared in anger, ” so, you’re saying that you’re not giving me the house now? ”

Lin yuelan laughed sarcastically, ” third uncle Lin, I’ve always thought that you were a stupid and irresponsible man. I didn’t expect you to know your own limits!”

After Lin yuelan finished speaking, the officer took a deep breath. Wasn’t this child being too disrespectful and unfilial?

She was talking to her father like this.

To the Lin family villagers, this sharp Lin yuelan was the one they were familiar with.

How could she be the Lin yuelan who had agreed to Lin sanniu’s request yesterday?

Lin sSnniu was infuriated by Lin yuelan’s words. He pointed at Lin yuelan and shouted, “you … You … How dare you talk to me like this? Aren’t you afraid that people will say you’re unfilial and point fingers behind your back?”

Lin yuelan shrugged her thin shoulders and said indifferently, ” third uncle Lin, what you said is funny. Haven’t you already spoiled my reputation as an unfilial daughter a long time ago? Since that’s the case, why should I be afraid of an unfilial reputation!”

Lin Sanniu was choked by Lin yuelan’s words, and he could no longer refute her.

Before this, they had been able to act arrogantly in front of Lin yuelan because of the law of ” filial piety “. No matter what, Lin yuelan had to be filial to them.

But who would have thought that when Lin yuelan said she would be filial to them yesterday, the law would change today?

Taking advantage of Lin yuelan’s promise, they had to get the advantages as soon as possible!

However, they had underestimated her patience.

Lin yuelan didn’t want to give him the house anymore.

Li Cuihua was furious. She pointed at Lin yuelan and asked angrily, ” you clearly said yesterday that this house and thirty thousand taels of silver were for your parents as a token of respect. How come you don’t want to admit it after one night?”

Lin yuelan glanced at her and said indifferently, ” hehe, grandma Li, when did I not want to admit it? I just need you to wait patiently for ten days. After this New Year, I’ll make arrangements for all my staff, then I’ll free up this house for you and pay you.

“It’s just that it’s only been a night, and you’ve brought a group of people to my house in a grandiose manner. You’re forcing me to ask for the house and money. Now, you’re even asking me to pick up the junk you don’t want. Don’t you think you’ve gone too far? You’ve made me unhappy, but when I’m unhappy and in a bad mood, I can go back on my word on many things!”

Li Cuihua gritted her teeth and said, “How can you do this? Didn’t you say that the house and the money are for your parents?”

How could she be willing to lose everything that she was about to get?

Lin yuelan nodded and replied, ” that’s right! I promised to show them my filial piety. That’s why when they asked for the house and money, I agreed very quickly. According to the law, I can wait until my marriageable age to give them these things.”

“So, you don’t want to give them to me now?” Lin Sanniu said through gritted teeth.

Lin yuelan said, ” yes. When I promised to give you a house and money yesterday, didn’t I say that I was being filial to you according to the ‘filial piety law’? But at the same time, I also said that if the ‘filial piety method’ were to be modified and changed, I would immediately stop being filial!

“Didn’t they just say that there was an official coming to announce the Imperial Edict? Adopted, sold, abandoned children can no longer be filial to their biological parents.”

Lin Laosan and the others were stunned.

They hadn’t seen Lin yuelan just now, so they thought she didn’t know about the reform of the ‘filial piety law’. However, Lin yuelan did indeed know about it.

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