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Chapter 121: Come to Japan

Xu Pingsheng's mountain flower with roots and mud was planted in the courtyard by Xu Xing, and the flower was warmed up in the wind. At the beginning of March of the 17th year, there was a bright spring flower.

Years ago, the country of the Ravens of the Ghost Road was squandered by the people, and the thousands of ghosts and ghosts were squandered by the world, and the four gates were liquidated, and finally ended with a ruin.

Nowadays, the corpse of the Magic Road and the blood sects have also repeated the mistakes of the former.

At the beginning of February, Sun Yuanzhou introduced a patriarchal ancestor and sent a letter to the four gates. The letter said that there was a good intention in the letter, but in fact it was hinting at the return.

After receiving the letter, Xu Xingzhi and Qu Chi and others specially went to see Sun Yuanzhou. This person is dressed in a gray robe, a pair of ashes are very quiet, not humble, and have a degree of advancement and retreat. It is really a safe figure.

According to the agreement, the total circle of Magic Road was temporarily marked as a safe zone within three hundred miles. The magical disciple is active in the middle, and the four doors will not go to interfere.

If there are still Demon disciples who intend to return, they can go to the altar of the Magic Road on their own. Once they have settled in the altar, they can no longer smelt people and quench their poisons. Sun Yuanzhou is the new master of the magic road. Responsible for what happened within the altar, such as chaos once again, the four doors can tear the covenant at any time.

Sun Yuanzhou promised one by one, but it was not entirely acceptable. He said that he would not send a proton like the former lord, but he would come to visit the mountains on a regular basis to protect his four hearts.

Xu Xingzhi, who had a jealousy about protons, acquiesced to Sun Yuanzhou’s proposal.

After all the things were agreed, Xu Xingzhi casually asked: "Why should you choose the old place?"

Sun Yuanzhou heard the words, the eyelashes slightly hang down.

His age is obviously not where he is going, but his words and demeanor always bring out a sense of compassion for the elders.

Sun Yuanzhou whispered: "There is no blood relative in the mountains, and there must always be someone who keeps the spirit for him."

Knowing that this person has a belief in his heart, Xu Xingzhi will stop talking and let him go.

There is a main faction, and the rest of the demon tribes have been active in twos and threes. Some have quietly slipped back to the altar, and some have abandoned the altar directly, claiming that they are orthodox and can’t learn. The slaves of the red ancestors never fell to the four gates, in an attempt to attract believers and take the opportunity to expand their power.

These targets are either standing up or owing.

After Xu Xingzhi and Meng Chongguang’s disciples smashed a few mountains, there were even more people who sneaked into the altar of the Magic Road.

The general trend has gone, the new trend will be completed, just like the old four-door annihilation of the day, no one can stop the new four-door new star.

On the third day of March, the new four-door Xuancheng ceremony will be held.

Prior to this, we cleared up the clues of the clues, sorted out the four new rosters, reset the seals of the mountains, presided over the rebuilding and rebuilding, and the piles were all busy with the back of the head.

The rhinoceros lamp placed in the hall of Xu Xing was re-ignited, releasing the rhinoceros and scent of the day and night. Qu Chi, Xu Xingzhi and Zhou Beinan's illusions are one of them. They are busy each other, and they always discuss the martial matters and exchanges. It seems that everyone has forgotten, and the rhinoceros is actually the fourth.

However, on the day of mid-February, when the three men were dealing with each other in the door, a transparent vortex of air floated in the void, like a white sun lit up on the blue sky at dawn.

Xu Xingzhi, Qu Chi and Zhou Beinan looked at each other in unison, and no one spoke. Anyone knew how absurd their expectations were.

The white sun gradually dissipated by the airflow, and a faint figure appeared.

The person dressed in a green 蝉 feather coat, wrist wear lightning hit the jujube yin and yang ring, the ghost face is cold, the palm is holding the light, it is the replacement of the cool valley and other grade-level clothing Lu Yujiu.

His phantom stood in the room and looked around with a sigh of relief.

He had previously heard that the four first-handers were connected by a lamp, but because he was too low in order to enter Wen Xuechen’s residence, he did not know what the lamp looked like.

When the magic road rushed into the Qinggu Valley, the former residence of Wen Xuechen was looted, and the lamp was dumped on the ground, but it was probably the light made by Xu Xingzhi. The style was too ugly, and it was not like a mysterious treasure. The disciples who were not aware of the goods were treated as ordinary things, and the hands were stuffed into the small room where the temple was stored. The disciples who had been cleaned until today were turned out and presented to Lu Yujiu.

Seeing the implied expectations in the eyes of the three people fell through, and a face under the face of Lu Yujiu burned up, solemnly and shamefully worshipping: "The new valley of the cool valley, Lu Yujiu, meets three brothers."

Xu Xingzhi smiled and said: "Hey, what are we doing with us? Get up. What's the situation in Qingliang Valley?"

With only a few words, Xu Xingzhi took the atmosphere out of the inexplicable low, and in his easy tone, Lu Yuji quickly walked out of the shackles, placed the rhinoceros lamp in front of the table, and went to the desk used by Wen Xuechen. Before, I started to grind new ink in the old enamel.

Xu Xingzhi bowed his head and the cinnabar pen he reviewed stopped.

He heard the snoring of the wheelchair, and from the distant past to the present, Yu Guangzhong seemed to have a trace of white hair floating through the door.

Xu Xingzhi’s heart glimpsed, but he did not feel raised his eyes, but he saw that the green buds of the first line were blown by the wind, and they flowed under the clear sky.

Xu Xingzhi turned his head and saw that Zhou Beinan was as lost as he was.

He stared at the scroll cylinder placed on Wen Xuechen's old table. He thought about it. I don't know if Wen Xuechen's love poems were written to the small string.

Between the three, only Qu Chi buried the paper, and the look was as usual.

He is four years older than Xu Xing and two years older than Zhou Beinan. This short period of time has precipitated an extremely calm light on him. It seems to be gentle and seemingly ruthless.

The time passed quietly, and in the blink of an eye, the third day of March, when the peach blossoms were in full bloom.

The completion of the new four-door ceremony will be held in Fengling. Quchi has always been safe and sound, and will never slack off in the face of such major events.

As early as three days ago, he selected the people who stayed at Danyang Peak and arranged the disciples who accompanied him to Fengling. The newly built Danyang New Array also asked Lu Yuji to check to ensure that even if he left the mountain. There is a magic road to come to the chaos, Danyang Feng left the disciples also have a 100% chance to win.

After clarifying the affairs in the mountains, Qu Chi got up early and took care of himself. He wears a crown and puts on a heavy Zhu Yi, which is the body of the official ceremony. From the perspective of the bronze mirror, it is a seemingly dignified gentleman.

When he was finished, he remembered that there was another important thing that was not done.

He picked up the kettle and went out the window, watering his little peach tree, and thinking about the procedures after a few hours.

After the watering was completed, he did not scrutinize and turned around. He still missed what he said on the ceremony.

Suddenly, he felt that the belt was hooked by something.

Feel the care of the pull, Qu Chi without any thought, the lips will sneak a smile: "Tao..."

The voice stopped short.

There was no one behind him, and the little twigs that were born in the lower part of the peach tree were caught in his belt. The shape looked like an overly slender finger.

Qu Chi has been thinking about the rituals since the beginning. Now I look at it and discover the little peach trees. The greenery has already emerged from the branches, and the branches are white and fine. .

Compared to the peach blossoms that have already spread through the mountains, this little one or two flowers look very lonely and weak, like a pottery.

Tao Yu is like this, never dare to touch the hand of Qu Chi. If something is called, instead of whispering "The Brother of the Qu", he will grab his belt or cuffs and shake it carefully, for fear of offending him.

...he blossomed.

Qu Chi thought: When he blossomed, when was it?

He turned back and reached out and took the twig of the red bloom. The flowers looked at each other and the flowers struggled to sway in the palm of Qu Chi. I don’t know if it was wind, flowers, or heart.

A small amount of tears, a tear from the eyes of Qu Chi, a drop, another drop.

Looking at this fragile flower, he thought of Tao Xing, thought of the peach blossoms of thirteen years ago, thought of the blood of four disciples, and thought of the old friends buried in the wild sand.

Silent, reliable, gentle, and inclusive, who has always regarded himself as a mountain, has fallen in tears that have never fallen before people in front of a weak flower.

After half a moment, Lin Haoxin’s figure appeared outside the temple.

He gave a tribute to the back of Qu Chi standing under the flower tree: "Senior brother, it is time to leave."

Qu Chi turned his back to him and did not turn.

Lin Haoxin is a bit strange: "... brother?"

Qu Chi is still facing him, but the voice has restored the stability of the past: "... Come."

He turned around, put down the kettle, took off the jade handle from the window side, and put a tail on the arm and put it on the arm: "Go."

In addition to the micro-infrared of the corner of the eye, there is no more sadness on the surface of the music, it seems gentle, and it seems to be ruthless.

The ceremony began at noon, and the Qinglianggu disciples who attended the meeting, including Zhoubeinan, standing on the high platform, burned a purple embossed mark to ensure that they could still act in the sun.

In front of the Qingzhu Temple in Fengling Mountain, the four disciples were separated into four places and the shape was strict.

Zhou Wang unloaded the double knives, dressed in a Tsing Yi, standing in front of the Qingliang Valley team; Meng Chongguang put on the costumes of Fengling disciples, Yuan Ruyi was wearing a black cloak, standing on the top of the Fenglingshan team tail.

Xu Xingzhi, Zhou Beinan, Qu Chi, and Lu Yu were on the high platform. Qu Chi hosted and announced the completion of the new four doors. Each of the four rules was in accordance with the past and did not change too much.

Everything seems to have not changed, but there is inevitably a sigh in everyone’s heart.

... fourteen years.

He has been driving the gold car for a full fourteen years.

Fortunately, the four doors finally gathered again, but fortunately the youngsters are still old, the soul is still there.

At the end of the ceremony, Qu Chi Yang said: "Please ask the new mountain owner Xu Xingzhi of Fenglingshan as the new four-door inscription."

The inscription is supposed to be carried out by Qu Chi, who has a higher status in the old age. However, Xu Xingzhi’s knowledge of the world of artifacts is known throughout the world. His inscriptions are more insignificant than the ghosts of others.

Xu Xingzhi heard the words, stepping out of the line, and the right sleeve was gently shaken, revealing a slap in the wrist. The wooden hand that was originally attached to the broken limb has disappeared. Instead, a flesh is fresh and agile. In the right hand, a twilight light belt was attached to the wrist to cover the scar at the joint.

There are disciples under the whispers of the audience, but everyone who is familiar with Xu Xingzhi has a smile.

In order to give Xu Xingzhi back to this hand, Meng Zhongguang can be said to be painstaking. After the hand came back, although it is no longer possible to dance with a knife, there is no problem in writing.

Xu Xingzhi took out the "quick pen" from his waist, and Meng Zhongguang, who was in the audience, took the lead and took a roll of snow in his hand and threw it up to pick a sapphire.

When the snow volley tumbling down, Xu Xingzhi stepped on the wind, and the "free pen" turned into a brush full of green ink, leaving a string of cursive cursive on the satin.

Xu Xingzhi's wrist is closed, and the backhand bites the pen in the entrance. When it falls on the high platform, it will bring the wind and the wind.

Meng Zhongguang almost obsessedly looked at all the actions of Xu Xingzhi.

On the side of Xu Xingzhi, the banner-like satin was swept up by the wind.

The world book, history, and past events, is equivalent to a history book.

Historical books are often written by me. However, Xu Xingzhi prefers cursive scripts, so under the pen and dragon snakes, eight ink words are flowing out:

"To come to Japan, the future is boundless."

The author has something to say: the eight-character inscription, used in Liang Lao's "Youth China".

In a sentence introduction, "Ten years of drinking ice, it is difficult to cool the blood", also from the hands of Liang Lao.

The text of "The villain is too beautiful" was officially announced today.

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