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Chapter 157: don't say that

When Lei Jin and Mingya came out of the house, the snow on the grassland had not yet melted. They were still wearing thick winter clothes. The further south they went, the hotter the weather was. When he flew out of the grassland, he had already changed into thin summer clothes.

The weather in the past two days has been very bad. It has been windy and rainy. The group hastened their journey. There was very little time to rest on the road. The patriarch of the Feiyu clan saw that everyone was a little overwhelmed. It was still dark and they found a clean water source. Just let everyone stop. This is a junction area between grassland and forest. The terrain is flat and open. The Feiyu people run around all year round. The division of labor is clear and the tacit understanding is complete. They set up tents, collect firewood, set up bonfires, hunt, do The meal is in order.

Lei Jin helped sort out the medicinal materials in the patriarch's tent, and saw that Mingya and the Feiyu clan came back carrying their prey.

Seeing Lei Jin, Mingya grinned, waved her hand, and went with the others to wash the prey by the river.

"What a lovely child." Nan Xin, the patriarch of the Feiyu clan, was older than Ansen and the others, and always treated Lei Jin and Ming Ya as children.

"His son is even cuter." Thinking of the child, Lei Jin's face was much softer. On the day he left, he was afraid that the children would cry, so he left quietly while they were asleep. I don't know if they would make trouble when they woke up, but There are so many people at home who are taking care of them, so you shouldn't be worried.

The whole family gets together, eats, drinks, farms, hunts, and teases the children. He does not deny that the days are warm and peaceful enough, but for him, there is nothing to do, and if he stays in one place for a long time, everyone will be tortured. When I’m bored, people still have to go out for a walk, to relax, not to mention the long-term knowledge, and still find a lot of good things, just like now, on the road, I picked the seeds of carrots and tomatoes, and a kind of oily fruit. Rub it on your hands to prevent cracking.

Nan Xin lived in Lei Jin's house last year, knew every child in his family, and admired Lei Jin's bright temperament, so he was not surprised to hear Lei Jin's unceremonious compliment to his children at this moment, and quite agree with him Nodding his head, he admitted that those little guys were chubby for nothing. Although they were a little naughty, they were not annoying at all.

"The two ghosts, grapefruit and orange, I haven't been able to tell who is who."

"The two of them just need to be beaten." The two of them are over seven years old together, and they like to play the game of swapping identities. I'm really afraid that their future partners will not be able to tell them apart.

"Grapes are fine." Chao Yu sat on Lei Jin's right hand, pursed his lips, and added in a low voice.

Lei Jin was very familiar with him, so he freed his hand, flicked his forehead, and said with a smile, "Little devil, stop hitting on my son's idea."

Chaoyu puffed up his cheeks unwillingly, but when he thought that he was from Grape, he didn't dare to resist, and secretly muttered in his heart: The female uncles in the tribe are obviously very gentle, why is Grape so violent? Fortunately, Grape's temper is not like that. he.

Another poor child who is blinded by the good-looking surface of grapes.

Nan Xin saw the two of them laughing and didn't stop him. Chao Yu is a good boy. He is smart and sensible, and he can learn medicine quickly. He has lost his parents since he was a child. Love to tease him, this child looks much brighter than before, laughing when he is happy, and staring when he is unhappy.

"Patriarch, Lei Jin, it's time to eat." Someone outside came in and said.

"Let's go, let's go eat, I've been hungry for a long time." Nan Xin greeted Lei Jin and took Chao Yu's hand.

Except for Lei Jin, this group of people are all orcs. At first, they agreed to Lei Jin to join the team. First, the patriarch agreed, and they were not against it. Second, they knew that Lei Jin's partner was the future leader of the Leopard clan. It's a matter of face to deal with, but later, seeing that the young Mingya is unusually brave in hunting, and Lei Jin's temperament is not as weak and troublesome as ordinary females, he really accepts them.

Lei Jin could also feel the change in their attitude. At first they were polite, but now they are close.

"Lei Jin, come and eat the roasted pork rind. It just came out, and it is crispy."

Lei Jin took it with a smile, pulled a straw mat and sat down, and joined the group of people talking. The weather has been hot and humid recently, and the people in charge of cooking from the Feiyu tribe always add a lot of peppers and lemons to the food, which is sour and spicy. What a torture for the stomach. Everyone else can accept it, and Lei Jin endures it.

Seeing that he didn't eat much, Mingya returned to their tent and brought out a large bowl of fish soup like magic.

"How is this done?" The Feiyu clan has a special person to cook, and Lei Jin and Mingya don't want to open a small stove and cause trouble, so they eat whatever they want.

"I caught some small fish, cut them up, added water and put them in a bowl, and then threw the red-hot clean goose soft stones into it, and there was fish soup."

"Mingya is really getting smarter." Lei Jin rewarded him with a big kiss on the forehead, and he and Mingya drank it together. The fish soup had a very special mellow and delicious flavor, because the stone at the bottom of the bowl was very hot. , the soup has never been cold, and after drinking it, the warmth in the stomach is very appropriate.

"I'm out for a vigil." The Feiyu people sprinkled herbs to repel mosquitoes around the campsite, and arranged for people to take turns to watch the night. Mingya was in the middle of the night. "Come back early, if you see anything abnormal, you will speak up, don't do it alone. Silly to get started." Lei Jin sat on the animal skin and helped Mingya straighten the loose clothes.

"Well," Mingya hugged him, turned and went out to press down the entrance of the tent, shook her arms, and took a deep breath of the hot air. He was very happy that Lei Jin chose to take him out this time.

Continuing south, there is a large jungle, which is sultry and unbearable, like a steamer, and the leaves are dripping without rain. There is a small stockade in the depths of the jungle, where more than a dozen families live. The Feiyu people are familiar and often supply supplies here. He Duosu, they are busy collecting medicines and making medicines every day. The relatively leisurely Lei Jin and Mingya followed the people in the stockade, smeared red paint on their faces and arms, went to the swamp to catch crocodiles, and learned to hunt blue poison Frog, this poisonous frog can paralyze a prey the size of an elephant, but the prey eats it, nothing happens, they also learn to plant umbrella trees, and the cut branches are thrown in the water to raise, but after a while. At night, umbrella-like things can grow, and it is no problem for three or four people to shelter from the rain. It is very magical. There is also a mushroom that is fully cooked, more than two meters above the ground, and the umbrella cover can be opened to hold children. The exterior is tough, the teeth of beasts cannot be pierced, and the inside is breathable and dry. People in the stockade put their children in this mushroom when they go out. Lei Jin really wanted to bring two back home, but it was too big.

Passing through this jungle, going all the way, you enter the plateau area. The sky is getting cooler, and the air is a bit autumnal. A series of tall mountains runs through the north and south, the east is the desert, the west is the sparse grassland, and the grassland is sparse. It is not inhabited, and large-scale gravel groups can be seen everywhere, some of which are carved with strange patterns.

In the fifth month, they reached the southernmost tip of the continent. It was already a winter scene. It was surrounded by the sea on three sides. There were a lot of floating ice floating on the sea level, but it was not as ice as Lei Jin thought. The world covered by layers, many rivers and tall mountains originate, galloping into the sea, the trees on the land are also very tall, and there are many kinds of animals and plants, but the sky is always gray, but this does not affect the vision of the orcs, Feiyu clan Materials that can be used as medicine can be found on the cliffs, in the sea, and on the beach, and Ming Ya took Lei Jin to hunt a lot of extremely warm leather.

The journey back is relatively fast. Although they will also collect herbs, they have already figured out the approximate location earlier, and it did not delay for a long time. Even so, when they return to the Leopard tribe, it is already autumn. Fei Yu The people of the clan made a short stop here, continued north, and returned home.

The children hadn't seen Lei Jin for nearly half a year, and when they thought it would be impossible, they hugged their arms as soon as they met, and didn't let go of their legs.

When Xiya and Moya saw Lei Jin coming back this time, he lost weight, but his brows and eyes were clear, and he felt wanton in his bones. They knew in their hearts that he was really bored in those days. They don't want to hold the females around the pot platform either. Lei Jin likes it. There are three of them guarding them horizontally and vertically. Let him toss.

During the festival this year, Anbu insisted that Xi Ya became the new patriarch of the Leopard Clan.

Roger made something called a blowpipe and used the poisonous frog juice brought back by Lei Jin and Mingya. When encountering large and ferocious beasts, he could ambush at a distance, avoiding face-to-face encounters. Fighting, the number of casualties of orcs going out to hunt has decreased.

In the following two years, Lei Jin followed the Feiyu clan to go out many times one after another. Sometimes Mingya was with him, and sometimes it was Moya. Xia couldn't leave because she was the patriarch.

Many places in the Eastern Continent have left their footprints, because Lei Jin can bring back a lot of useful things every time he goes out. Later, orcs from the tribe joined one after another, and the team grew invisibly, so Lei Jin finally became the boss again. Continue to live a good life of countless younger brothers and beautiful women hugging each other.

Time has entered its tenth year. Lei Jin left home in the summer and only came back in the winter. This time, Mo Ya was with him. When he first entered the tribe, he heard from the orc on duty that Xia was injured, and his heart felt violent. Jump, Xi Ya is the patriarch, and he needs to rush ahead in everything, and he has always been worried about this happening.

"Xiya." Lei Jin jumped off Mo Ya's back and broke into the door.

"Daddy, Daddy," Grape called out.

"You're back?" Xia sat on the bed, beckoned to Lei Jin, and showed a smile, the nine-year-old Grape was changing his medicine.

"Where is the injury?" Lei Jin patted Grape's head and sat beside Xia.

"It's no big deal, just a paw on the abdomen." Xia said lightly, holding Lei Jin's hand.

"Really okay?" Mo Ya was worried and wanted to check.

"It's really fine, I just got the medicine, don't take it off for me." Xi Ya stared at him helplessly, full of energy, "If you don't believe me, ask about the grapes." People's hearts are heavy, and if he sees the wound, he should be worried.

"Yes, daddy, daddy's injury is almost healed." Grape got Xiya's signal, and immediately stepped forward and hugged Moya's arm.

Mo Ya stopped and smiled, "That's good, what about daddy and those children?"

Xi Ya answered one by one.

Mo Ya simply put the things she brought back and asked, "I'm going to cook, brother, Lei Jin, grapes, what would you like to eat?" "I want to eat yam pork bone soup and big dumplings. "Xia is also welcome, who let him monopolize Lei Jin for so long.

"Okay, I'll do it, Lei Jin, take a break with your eldest brother." Mo Ya smiled kindly.

"Father, I'll help you set the fire."

"Okay, come here."

Seeing their father and son leave together, Xia no longer pretended to be strong, and leaned her head against Lei Jin's shoulder and hummed.

"What's wrong, it hurts?" Lei Jin raised his hand and gently rubbed his hair.

"Lei Jin, I don't want to be the patriarch anymore."

Lei Jin was stunned for a moment, then asked, "What's wrong? What happened?" It was so serious that the patriarch didn't want to do it.

"You've all gone out, it's boring to leave me alone at home." Xia pouted and complained.

What kind of reason is this, Lei Jin almost heard the sound of the blood vessels in his body bursting, and the person in his late 30s was acting coquettishly.

"Have you made up your mind?"

Xia buried herself in Lei Jin's shoulder, paused for a moment, and said, "Forget it, I'm joking." He wasn't afraid of danger, but Lei Jin and the others were often not at home. When he came home, he saw an empty room and bed, which was inevitable. He will feel tired and lonely, but he is an older brother, and it is his responsibility to protect his family. He does not love the power of the patriarch, but he will never allow others to give orders to him from a position that belongs to him, thereby hurting his family. , As soon as he thought of this, there was a renewed determination in his eyes.

"Let me think about this, you lie down and sleep first, and I'll call you to get up to eat later." Lei Jin held his head, leaned forward, and took a sip on his lips.

The room was very warm, and Lei Jin saw that Xia was gradually falling asleep. There might be wounds on her body, her brows were slightly frowned, her breathing was not steady, and a vague idea came to her mind.

"Lei Jin, do you mean you want to be the patriarch?" After dinner, Mingya was pinching walnuts for the children. When she heard Lei Jin's words, she suspected that she had heard it wrong. You can't blame him for being surprised because she had never heard of it before. The female is the patriarch.

"Don't be kidding, you want to be, I don't want to take the place." Xia frowned and refused, and handed Moya the medicine bowl she drank. He didn't know what Lei Jin was thinking, but it was just for him.

Mo Ya didn't say anything, as if she was really thinking about the feasibility of this matter.

"Moya, you wouldn't agree with it, would you?"

"Maybe try."

"No." Let Lei Jin take the lead, not to send him to danger?

"Listen to me." Lei Jin didn't have the patience to listen to their quarrel, so he roared, and even Apple, who was stuffing something into his mouth, stopped.

"I've been thinking about it. I'm the most suitable patriarch. The position of the patriarch will not be lost. None of you will be bound here and will not be able to go out." give in.

"What about you?" Xia asked.

"Big brother, don't you think that the orcs in the tribe will really let a female hunt with you?" Big brother is concerned and confused, and didn't think clearly about the key here.

"You mean, the patriarch, Lei Jin is here, and we will take turns with us to hunt?"

"And we can too." There were footsteps of several people outside the window, Anson and Roger pushed the door in.

"Father, ah, why are you here?" Mingya and Grape moved stools for them.

Roger was concerned about Xia's injury, stepped forward to check, and said, "Lei Jin just mentioned this to me, and I think it's a good idea." In the past, the females in the tribe were all favored, and they were relatively weak, but Over the years, the orcs have been out hunting, and most of the work in the fields is done by females. Now, the food in each household is almost half of the food. Those females’ waists are much straighter than before. If Lei Jin is now Said to be the patriarch, those females will definitely swarm to support.

Lei Jin's popularity is very good. He helped everyone to keep their homes in the first year of his arrival. Later, he took everyone through the spring drought, divided the fields, opened water canals, brought back a lot of grain and vegetable seeds, renovated food, and made friends with the surrounding tribes. …

"Huh? If you don't say it, I don't know yet. When you say it like this, I find that I have really done a lot of good things. What I originally thought was to try to win as much as I could, and if I couldn't win, I would bring people to the door one by one to reason. "As for the truth, it depends on the cooperation attitude of the other party.

How could Roger not understand his thoughts, he secretly spit out, "It's really rascal."

Orcs have a deep concept of being a strong man, Anson and the others are no exception. Besides, their age is really nothing among orcs. Leading the clan to rush ahead, although it will be dangerous, but the feeling of a strong man is that every orc is Want to have, so they agree with Lei Jin's idea, when the children are out, there are them.

The result was as expected by Roger. As soon as Lei Jin wanted to be the patriarch, the females in the tribe were overjoyed. Needless to say, the orcs who follow Lei Jin go out, the old nature supports it, and the others who keep Lei Jin's good things in their hearts do not object. Some of them are self-confident and are not convinced. Protected by the two patriarchs, they did not dare to come forward rashly.

This year's sacrifice month, Lei Jin became the first female patriarch in the history of the Leopard Clan.

In the succession ceremony of the patriarch, one of the priests in the tribe took the lead in smearing grease and various colors on the body of the new patriarch. If an orc is only allowed to wear a pair of shorts, one is to show that he is strong enough, and the other is to show his sincerity to the gods. , but Lei Jin is a female, and no one is embarrassed to strip him of his clothes in the winter. The old priest took a compromise and let Lei Jin wear only a single dress at the ceremony. The female is the patriarch, although he does not need to lead the hunt, But it can't be so weak that it will collapse at the first blow. This is the bottom line that everyone can accept.

Lei Jin thinks it's nothing, isn't it just wearing a thin light to make a bright appearance in winter, and it won't kill anyone, so he readily agreed, but he misestimated the enthusiasm of the people in the tribe. Smear it, don't support it, he knows that he can be the patriarch, and most of them must agree, but he didn't expect so many people to come in front of the temple, he is very suspicious, is there anyone who hasn't come? Even Gano, who was wrong with him, mixed the lard with ashes, smeared his face, and hummed a cheerful ditty.

Insisting on not letting Xiya and the others get close, Lei Jin clenched his fists and endured it for nearly three hours, and finally let nearly 4,000 people in the tribe touch them one by one, thinking to himself that it was a big loss, and the last person came down , Xia immediately rushed up and hugged the person down. Lei Jin's lips were frozen purple, and his whole body was almost frozen. Mingya had already prepared hot water at home. Moya helped Lei Jin change his clothes and rubbed his hands and feet. Take it to the tub.

Lei Jin's spirit is not very good, but the evening ceremony still needs to be presided over by the new patriarch. He was busy until midnight and spit out all the food he had eaten as soon as he got home.

Grape looked at it repeatedly for a long time, and his face was weird.

"Grape, what happened to your father?" Mo Ya asked.

"I haven't learned this yet, so I'm not sure. Let's ask my master to come over." Grape scratched his head, Ah, no matter how you look at this pulse...

Fortunately, Xi Ya didn't dare to pin all her hopes on a child, and had already invited someone in person.

After Tianqi participated in the ceremony, he sat with the old priest for a while. As soon as he got home, he was pulled over by Xi Ya, and Chun Ji followed.

Tianqi finished the pulse diagnosis, looked at the anxious people, smiled and said nothing.

"Is it?" Lei Jin's expression was still calm. He had a hunch, but he couldn't believe it. Apple was more than four years old. In the past four years, the four of them have been together countless times without any problems. will be pregnant again.

"It's been more than three months, and the pulses are so different. If you don't expect it, you should have a female baby and an orc baby in your belly."

Lei Jin's eyes froze in an instant, looking at the three people surrounding the bed, he asked sharply, "Tell me, who did it this time?"

The three wiped away their cold sweat and took a step back in unison, thinking: You don't know, how can we know. But there was an irresistible smile on the corners of his mouth, anyone's is fine, in short, it's their child.

Grapefruit and orange were clinging to the door frame from left to right, only their heads were exposed. In a place where no one could see, the tips of their tails touched each other, and it was silently conveyed in my heart that we are about to have two younger brothers.

Apple lay on the ground, stretched out his claws and stretched his waist, suddenly understood what was going on, and jumped onto the bed in one step, his big head arched and arched on Lei Jin's stomach, arched and arched, and cheered: "Dad, Daddy, Am I going to be a brother too?"

The whole family applauded for Big Apple's courage to sacrifice itself without fear of death.

Lei Jin was helpless, he stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around his neck, pressed him into his arms, and said softly, "Well, there are still five months, don't make any noise."

The news came out very quickly, and many people felt that, well, the new patriarch has been put on it as soon as he took office, and it is a good sign of prosperity.

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