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Chapter 158: become a legend...

After a lapse of more than four years, he became pregnant again. The initial anger passed, and Lei Jin quickly accepted the reality. He understood very well. This matter itself has a large part of his responsibility that he cannot shirk. He was raped in bed. I'm used to serving, except for the occasional interest, and a few times above, the rest of the time I indulge the three people, thinking that I won't get pregnant, and every time I'm quite unscrupulous, and I don't give up until I'm full. It's good now, I don't know when, these two little guys will move in, and the two new residents are still very restless, and they take turns tossing people. He just barely vomited out his heart, liver and lungs. Fortunately, he has been running around all these years, and he has exercised very well, so he will not collapse because of this trouble. But like this, it is impossible to continue to run.

The orcs who followed Lei Jin all the year round, this year saw that Lei Jin could not go, and they had no intentions. In the past, Lei Jin took the lead, and they were responsible for obedience. Without Lei Jin, it seems that they have no backbone. There are quite a few places, and it is not as anxious as it was at the beginning.

"Boss, how have you been recently?" Picking that today, five or six orcs came to visit Lei Jin's house as soon as they discussed it. They also brought a lot of things. One of the orcs also carried a large jar of yogurt and said yes. It was produced by cows like myself, cow milk, goat milk and deer milk. In the past, the tribe did not know that this thing could be eaten. Later, after domesticating it and producing it, someone tried it. The taste is not as pure as milk juice, but the taste is more mellow. Some, Roger taught some ways to make yogurt, milk slices, and milk tofu, so that they can be stored for a long time. Personal tastes are different, and many people still don't like them, but Lei Jin is pregnant with acidity and still likes it.

"What could be wrong, isn't it just pregnancy? It's not like I've never been pregnant." Lei Jin said in a calm voice, and after listening to the few people in the room, they all secretly appreciated it. They are so calm and unrestrained, thanks to the fact that they heard the news that the eldest was pregnant before, and they were still quite uncomfortable. It’s hard for people to treat him like a weak female and take care of him, so when they heard the news that the boss was pregnant, many people were stunned. thing.

They patronized and admired it, completely unaware that Lei Jin had just spit up his breakfast before he came, and spread out on the bed with no image at all, like an eggplant beaten by frost. When he heard someone coming, he was in Mingya With the help of , sit up, pretending to be nothing.

Mingya had been instructed not to let Lei Jin get tired. When the time was almost up, he made an excuse to lead these people out to see their newly built waterwheel. Many of these orcs were about the same age as Mingya. There were three of them. Even in the same year as Mingya, he had eaten a lot of Lei Jin's meals at that time, and he was extremely respectful to Lei Jin. At this time, when he heard Mingya's opening, he greeted Lei Jin with knowledge and interest, and followed him away.

Xia entered the door with the re-cooked meal. Seeing that Lei Jin was crooked in the chair, she gave him a cotton pad to lean against his waist, and brought the meal to feed him personally.

"No, I'll do it myself." Lei Jin bowed.

"Didn't I say yesterday that I wanted to eat chicken stewed with chestnuts and mutton? It's still hot, let's taste it." Xi Ya handed him the chopsticks. On the table were a large bowl of stewed mutton with carrots, chicken with chestnuts, and a small plate of sour beans. , Quail eggs, vegetable porridge in the jar, Xi Ya Sheng came out and held it aside to cool it.

"There are so many, where to finish eating, let's eat together."

Xia pushed the vegetable porridge in front of him and said, "It's only half the morning. I can't eat at all. You should drink some porridge first. There are a lot of vegetables in it." But last year's dishes were preserved a lot, not to mention potatoes, onions, and cabbage, as well as many other celery, peppers, coriander, chives, and garlic, so this bowl of vegetable porridge is rich in texture.

"Dad." Grape entered the door, put down the small medicine box in his hand, and ran over.

"Exactly, let's eat with Dad."

Grape agreed, washed his hands, and sat next to Lei Jin.

Xia smiled and asked what she learned today, took another empty bowl, and helped the grapes with a bowl of vegetable porridge.

Lei Jin put all the quail eggs peeled in his hands into his bowl. Before he knew it, the grapes were already nine years old, and they were almost as tall as his chest, but they never got fat.

"Dad, enough to eat, no more." Grape Nunuzui, acting coquettish to Lei Jin, he understands that his father loves him the most, and if it is replaced by the three younger brothers, he will not be able to enjoy the warmth that his father rarely shows. He also likes his father very much. Although his father is not like other people, he stays at home every day to wash and cook for his children, but his father will teach them more things. Well, although he looks very out of place a lot of the time, He didn't say this, Uncle Chunji and Grandpa both said so.

"What are you laughing at while eating?" Why is this child so strange.

"Dad, I want to have a bubble." Uncle Berg and his family came to live there in late spring last year, and it's been almost a year now.

"Just right, Xia, Roger also told me that after the market, I want to go to the Tiger Tribe, why don't we go together and see Berg and Lan Qi by the way." Berg and Lan Qi now also have three A child, but he still likes bubbles the most.

"No, your belly was very big at that time, maybe two babies are about to be born, how can you go so far?" Xi Ya disagreed, this matter can't be left to his temper.

"I am idle, I want to see what Roger does." It is said that it is the result of these many years, he must go and see, "How about this, it is divided into two groups, one part goes first, and the other part sets. Go after the city."

Seeing that he made up his mind and insisted on doing so, Xi Ya couldn't force it, and besides, he also wanted to see what his father had been busy with for so many years.

After the family discussed, Anbu, Anson, Roger, Xia, and Lei Jin took their children to the Tiger Tribe in the second month of spring. The second group of Anbu, Moya and Mingya went there. Lei Jin's stomach has been around for more than five months, entering a relatively stable period, and the severe morning sickness also stopped around four months.

+ This season, the spring flowers on the grassland are already budding, but going north, the sky is still a little cold, and there are two light snows in the middle, but they are dressed warm enough, so it is not a problem, the trip is not in a hurry, plus Lei Jin was pregnant, so everyone deliberately slowed down.

It took about a month and a half to arrive at the Tiger Tribe, and the journey went smoothly, but the disappearance of the Big Apple scared everyone to pieces.

Big Apple is only four and a half years old this year, and it is a small beast with unfinished milk teeth. They stopped to rest that day, Anson Anluo went hunting, Roger and Xia cleaned up the cave, and Big Apple insisted on going to the tree. When he went to sleep, Lei Jin was not at ease. He was guarding under the tree. He just closed his eyes and squinted for a while, and then there was no shadow when he looked for someone. At that time, he broke out in a cold sweat. You must know that this is the edge of the primitive jungle, and any ferocious beast is possible. Appeared, and finally An Luo retrieved it. In addition, there were two and a half saber-toothed beasts. They were gnawed with little skin and no hair. Lei Jin held the big dirty cat-like apple. Suddenly, no one could hold back.

After the fight, Big Apple hugged Lei Jin's leg, her ruby ​​luster eyes were wet, she cried and said aggrieved: "Dad, their eyes are dangling, I can't sleep."

Lei Jin thought, "What's wrong, when you're at home, except during mealtimes, you rarely see your eyes open. Besides, the eyes of beasts are always bright at night, so why don't they close their eyes when you go out?

Roger persuaded from the side: "Some orcs are naturally very alert, even from a distance, they can feel it. Surviving in the wild and being alert in advance is a good thing. Apple is still small, and it can't be controlled when it encounters this. "

After all the fights, Lei Jin's anger diminished a little, so he no longer bothered with him, and only told him not to run around in the future, otherwise he would find two small sticks to hold up his eyelids and prevent him from sleeping.

I don't know the impact of this threat on others, but the effect on Apple is obvious. No matter how young he is, he doesn't dare to be vague about this matter.

In the Tiger Tribe, Kunge and the others were about to pack up and go to the Leopard Tribe when they heard that Lei Jin and the others were coming.

Because of Lei Jin's relationship, the Tiger Clan and the Leopard Clan have been walking around more frequently over the years, and they have known each other a lot, so now Lei Jin and the others have not stopped them from entering the Tiger Clan tribe.

Jing Ping held a ceremony a few years ago, moved out, and built a new home. There are three vacant rooms in the house. Roger and the others live in one room, Lei Jin and Grape have one room, and Xia takes three hair dumplings in one room. .

At dinner, Jing Ping and Jing Yue's family came over, Jing Yue's family added a little orc, and Jing Ping also had a little female.

In the tiger tribe, I also met Rongchuan once. He is much more restrained now than before. The orcs who hunted picked up a tiger cub who had lost both parents in the forest. The right front paw was missing, and no one wanted to keep it. , he and Jing Tang took it home, and now the family of three has heard it well.

Moya and the others came here at the end of April. Roger's petroglyphs have already started construction. The paint is fresh red. Everyone is divided into different tasks. They just want to express their meaning. There is no need to be very similar. It is the first time for Berg and Lan Qi to come here, and they feel novel and join them. Berg now has a fourth child in his belly, and his abdomen is slightly bulging, and he meets Lei Jinyi. , and they laughed at each other, but in this way, no one is more imposing than the other.

Roger took the opportunity to add some information about the mermaid. Lei Jin listened to him and said that the mermaid in the sea is very different from the orcs on the land in terms of social system and species evolution. I don't know why.

"If only the crystal space sealed in the forbidden area was not destroyed." Roger sighed again, in that case, many things may be able to find the source.

"What do you still want?" The space was accidentally destroyed by the four of them, and it has sunk to the bottom of the lake forever. Roger went to find no clues.

"There are so many things in it, you can bring out a little bit." But it's too late to say these things, Roger adjusted the paint and continued to paint.

"The old ones don't go away, and the new ones don't come." Lei Jin patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, looking at his expression, he knew there was no sincerity.

Roger was a little stunned. Maybe it was true. Isn't the source of life just rebirth, death, rebirth? This world has been reborn, why bother to keep those things that have been destroyed, they are now creating another history, the history they personally participated in, but he was lost in the confusion. Many times, the simpler the more Approaching the truth, in this regard, he admits that he is inferior to Lei Jin.

But this sentence, he will not say it if he lives or die, otherwise this man does not know how arrogant he will be.

Everyone was busy for nearly two months, and they finally finished drawing what Roger had designated.

Looking at the rock paintings in this half-valley, Roger always felt that something was missing, so he asked Lei Jin, "How about you leave something for the modern people?"

"You mean, the things here can be seen by modern people?" Lei Jin thought it was incredible.

"It should be." He was eight or nine points sure that the things here would not disappear, and would remain until modern times.

Lei Jin showed an evil smile and said, "How about we leave them a doomsday prophecy?"

"It's a good idea." Roger is also a playable person, and when he heard Lei Jin's words, his eyes lit up, "Add a few things that have already happened in front, and finally come up with a doomsday prophecy, so that more people will believe it. ."

Lei Jin glanced at him in amazement, and rudely hung half of his body on others, and said with a smile, "Roger, you are hiding quite a bit, I didn't realize that you have so many bad ideas."

Roger rolled his eyes at him, not intending to argue with him.

The two of them discussed it. In order to give his son a chance to express himself, Lei Jin greeted Yuzi and Chengzi and said, "You two, come here, I will say a few words, and you will write."

After the grapefruit and orange were written, Lei Jin looked at it, his face darkened, this is a square character, it is crooked, like a ghost drawing, and one can't recognize it.

"Dad, it's not easy to write with claws." Orange shook his claws, they were fluffy, and the paint was everywhere.

Instead, Roger laughed and said, "This is the best way to leave it to them to slowly decipher this unknown text."

In modern times, three years of continuous archaeological excavations are coming to an end. Joey holds the pocket watch in his hand. It is here that Roger disappeared. It has been more than two years. This pocket watch is from an oriental man. What he got back was indeed what he gave to Roger through his teacher. He personally engraved the initials of Roger's name on the back. He would not admit it wrong, but where did Roger go? Later, he wanted to find that one. The Oriental man inquired more carefully, and heard that the man was in danger and disappeared in the sea.

There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the deep cave.

"What happened?" Joey called out to someone who had just come out.

The young man was excited and said loudly: "A major discovery, we found a slate with a lot of writing on it, which shows that those orcs have invented their own writing, which helps us to further understand the history at that time. , may solve the mystery of the mysterious disappearance of these orcs in history, which will be a world-class discovery, and may rewrite the history we know now."

"There won't be such a day." Joey said lightly.

Sure enough, for many years after that, for some unknown reason, the results of this excavation were secretly sealed. Only a very small number of people knew about it, but it was never made public to the public. However, later, the prophecy of the doomsday gradually spread. .

At the same time, in the Leopard tribe.

"Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Tian Qi got up with his clothes on, and saw Chun Ji still sitting in the yard.

"Master, should Roger and Lei Jin go to that place?" Chun Ji's eyes were hidden under the slightly longer bangs, so he couldn't see clearly.

"Counting the time, it should be almost the time. Don't think about it, go back to sleep, tomorrow is a good day, and I have to dry the medicinal herbs." Tian Qi yawned and turned back to prepare to go back to the house.

"Master?" Chunji called out to him.

"Damn boy, I can't talk about anything tomorrow." Tian Qi stared, pretending to be impatient.

"Master, to put it mildly, we are the guardians of the new world. In fact, we are the people who have been abandoned here." Carrying a heavy burden, guarding the eternal secret.

"I hate this lineage, and I hope it will be cut off in my generation." Something long overdue.

"Is this the real reason why you have been refusing to transform your body and have children with orcs?"

"Yes." In the dark, people seem to face their hearts easily.

"If this is your final choice, I won't stop it."

Xia took the three children to the lake to take a bath, Mingya also jumped down, and Grape sat in the corner and whispered to Bubbles.

Mo Ya took Lei Jin from Roger, took him to sit on the warm stone by the lake, bowed his head and kissed the corner of his mouth and asked, "Does your stomach feel uncomfortable today?" I can't blame him for being careful, Lei Jin's belly is eight months old, and the orc baby is almost there.

"How can you be so punctual?" Recently, except for the focus of the stomach, I don't feel much at all.

Lei Jin just finished saying these words, covering his stomach, his face turned pale and crooked in Mo Ya's arms.

"Lei Jin, what's wrong with you?"

"It seems to be really on time this time." Lei Jin still wanted to make a joke.

Mo Ya was not as relaxed as him, she shouted to everyone, hugged Lei Jin and left.


"Lei Jin..."

A large group of people followed, and lo and behold, this lively family.


The author has something to say: This is the ending of the legend. Rice once gave a promise after the end a long time ago. If anyone remembers, I will finish it after I revise the text.

Thank you everyone for accompanying me for so long. It’s been more than a year. In fact, the hard work and writing should have ended a long time ago. The laziness has been delayed until now, and I apologize to everyone.

I’m going to say parting here. I’m really reluctant. Maybe after a long wait, I’ve written a lot of articles, so I won’t have so many feelings, but this is the first ending article. It feels very subtle, ah, it seems a little hypocritical. .

In short, thank you all, no matter whether there is fate or not in the future, thank you for this article for letting us all meet.

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