CH 12

Some players had yet to adapt to the instance and figured out the situation, but Chi Yiyin had already grasped the most critical clue of the instance.

–—The aunt.

The evidence was that when he walked into the banquet hall with the aunt on his arm, the surrounding temperature instantly dropped.

Chi Yiyin knew that this was the female ghost who left before had come back.

He didn’t try to look back to confirm his guess, the smug grin of the housekeeper besides him already explained everything.

Because he was born in an orphanage, he was extremely sensitive to people’s good and evil thoughts, so he could feel the cold gaze akin to needles on his back.

Not to him, but to the aunt.

At the same time, Chi Yiyin noticed Tong Yao’s eyes looking at the aunt.

Surprise, disgust, apprehensive.

He is a newcomer who is not familiar with the instance, but Tong Yao is an old player who is good at collecting information. Before entering the instance, she had made sufficient preparations. She must know what the key character, the aunt, had done.

That may be why the female ghost resented her aunt.

Chi Yiyin heard a slight crack in the air. His  intuition made him notice the danger, his muscles tensed. In an instant, he made up his mind and looked sideways at the aunt.

The aunt was still laughing to the players in the living room calling “Yuze” and repeatedly praising, “good child, let auntie take a look,” without realizing what was going to happen.

However, Chi Yiyin had already grabbed the aunt’s arm, spun lightly with his feet, and then changed the position of the aunt and dragged her in front of him.

At the same time, a red figure suddenly appeared at the place where the aunt was standing, and an angry roar came from the air.

The female ghost rushed at nothing, but the servant next to her was affected, and after a “boom!” sound, it exploded into a cloud of blood mist in an instant.

Chi Yiyin immediately lowered his eyelashes, not letting himself look at the danger instinctively, but quickly backed away to distance himself from the female ghost.

——Thanking the aunt for being in front of him and helping him blocked the blood mist.

Otherwise, his clothes would be ruined, which would be disgusting.

The female ghost turned her head slowly. She looked at Chi Yiyin bluntly with hatred. Blood and tears flowing from her pale cheeks, silently questioning why he wanted to stop her.

But the young man closed his eyes and smiled with a calm expression, as if he had just danced a waltz.

The female ghost roared and screamed, and started attacking in Chi Yiyin’s direction like a madwoman.

The players in the banquet hall were all attracted by the loud noise, and looked at the scene at the door in shock.

The servant’s head without facial features flew out and fell heavily on the dining table, and then quickly rotted and shriveled, turning into a skinny scorched skull, with dark, empty eye sockets staring straight at the players.

A newcomer was horrified by the blood mist sprayed all over the wall and ground. He trembled with fright, and started screaming uncontrollably.

But the player next to him quickly covered his mouth with his eyes and hands, lest he break the rules because of this, and one day would be deducted from one death.

The female ghost’s sharp nails were already close to Chi Yiyin’s chest, and they were about to pierce his heart. He tilted his head as he heard the wind, but didn’t dodge it.

However, at the critical moment, the system sound appeared.

The female ghost’s movements froze instantly.

[Congratulations! You have triggered “Revenge of the Female Ghost,” the current hatred value is 96/100, the NPC’s comprehensive hatred value is 65, and it is currently ranked first!]

[Because your comprehensive hatred value exceeds 60, you have triggered the hatred of the whole instance, and obtained the achievement “People hate you.” The initial hatred value of all NPCs in the whole instance towards you is 65.]

The announcement rang in the ears of all players in the entire instance at the same time.

[Survivor Chi Yiyin has obtained a hatred value of 65 in the instance and successfully triggered the plot “Her Wedding Dress.”]

[She thought that she would be coming back to a family reunion, but she didn’t expect that what awaited her would be her family’s endless urge for marriage, the hostility of her younger siblings, and the relative who came to the door at this time… What is the purpose of the aunt? A home that is about to be broken, will there be a day when it will be complete again?]

The players who were envious of Chi Yiyin just now looked at him in astonishment.

The broadcast hall was also in a daze, not knowing what Chi Yiyin was trying to do.

[Sick! Taking advantage of the good situation and not doing business, he actually provoked the NPCs? That’s all right, let’s see how he plays.]

[Suicide? Hahahaha this is the most exciting gameplay I have ever seen, when will the anchor die? I will pay attention.]

[Crazy! A complete lunatic!]

In a few seconds, Chi Yiyin’s smooth situation, which had the upper hand, was completely reversed, and he ran all the way to the worst direction.

The gap between heaven and hell made the players think that Chi Yiyin must be crazy!

They didn’t know the real identity of the female ghost, nor did they know the shaky partnership between Chi Yiyin and the female ghost. They only saw his action of rescuing the aunt from the attack of a malicious NPC.

But veteran players knew that Chi Yiyin was not far from death—no one had ever survived when the hatred value of the entire instance was triggered.

The card in the red letter prompted an update.

At the same time, the entire instance froze. Before entering the next main storyline, there’s a buffer time for players.

The insidious joy on the housekeeper’s face, the astonishment of the aunt, the fuzzy red screaming female ghost, the three younger siblings who were already sitting at the table, and the servants of the whole mansion all froze in place.

Chi Yiyin let go of the aunt, straightened the wrinkles on his suit calmly, and walked towards the long table.

The newcomer was trembling with fright, stood up and backed away to avoid Chi Yiyin. But he accidentally kicked over his chair and was tripped to the ground again, looking pale and embarrassed.

NPCs are scary, but Chi Yiyin, who could trigger the collective hatred of NPCs… is even more scary!

Chi Yiyin didn’t give the newcomer half a look, but walked slowly towards the long table under the complicated eyes of all the players.

The player sitting in the first position consciously got up and made way for him to the seat.

“Chi Yiyin… What are you doing here?”

Some players couldn’t help asking: “Are you going to kill us all?”

Chi Yiyin raised his eyebrows and looked surprised: “Strange, I didn’t ask you why you didn’t help me when I was in danger, but now I’m saving myself, but you say I’m going to kill you all?”

“If you have such thoughts, you can leave the instance.”

He raised his hand towards the door and said with a smile, “Please, you may go.”

“You know that you can’t leave the instance in the middle…” 

The player scolded angrily, but was pulled back to his seat by the person next to him.

Ah Si, the programmer with a short gray head who died suddenly, nodded apologetically to Chi Yiyin: “He was too excited, sorry, we have to be united in this kind of time to leave the instance. The rule that one person dies minus one day is not a joke.”

Ah Si suggested: “It happens that what we are saying now will not be heard by the NPCs. Why don’t we use this time to share information with each other.”

He said this, but stared at Chi Yiyin, The meaning was self-evident.

The rest of the players also nodded and looked at Chi Yiyin in unison, pressuring silently.

Chi Yiyin closed his eyes and rested his mind, obviously not intending to cooperate.

Ah Si’s face trembled, and he could hardly contain his anger.

Tong Yao immediately spoke for Chi Yiyin: “Since Ah Si suggested it, then you do it first.”

All the players received the task of going to the banquet, even if they were not blocked by the housekeeper like Chi Yiyin, they all fought hard. They had to run desperately to reach the banquet hall on time.

Because of the common interests involved, they also had to bring the newcomers who were lagging behind to run together. Some old players even used up precious props, which gave them pain.

Many people saw the skeleton before, and some guessed that it was at Chi Yiyin’s direction, but they weighed which one was more dangerous between the skeleton and the time of one day less, and then happily gave up on Chi Yiyin.

Even before Chi Yiyin walked into the banquet hall, the players were still worried about him in a friendly manner, regretting he was going to die and ready to listen to the system broadcast when he died, but they didn’t expect that Chi Yiyin not only came back, but was also unscathed!

This made them even more afraid of Chi Yiyin while being astonished.

At that time, Tong Yao was sad and angry, but couldn’t stop it. It wasn’t until Chi Yiyin came back that she regained her backbone. Under his calm guidance, she thought it was his trust in her, and began to charge forward.

Ah Si wanted to be an opinion leader among the players, but now under the leadership of Tong Yao, he was also put on fire, and had to speak out for his own prestige.

“Before I entered the instance, I did make some preparations…”

Chi Yiyin didn’t seem to be interested, but he held his breath and listened to the surrounding voices, his thoughts running fast.

The other players didn’t know that he closed his eyes because of the rule that there was a ghost behind—even if he saw the female ghost in a reflection, he would be judged to have violated the rule, which made him have to guard against it.

At this time, he heard one of the players mention the identity of the aunt.

“This Madam Ma’s younger sister, I saw her in the materials I bought, she…”

Chi Yiyin’s expression gradually became serious.

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