Chapter 100:

After Liang Wen finished calling Ying Shunchen, she collapsed on the ground.

She hugged herself tightly, even buried her head in her knees. First there was silence, then bursts of sobbing, and finally howling. Anyway, this new home is empty, the door is closed and the curtains are hung, even if she commits suicide now, no one will see her.

After she cried out all her emotions, Liang Wen sneered. Life is such a **** thing.

The past, one by one, came to the fore.

At the beginning, Ying Shunchen was wearing a black suit, with a cold face, walked up to his mother's photo, and told himself that he was his mother's former student, and that his mother was his guide to enter the entertainment industry.

Her first reaction at the time was: I was dreaming.

When the male **** you have been thinking about walks in front of you and tells you: I have some kind of deep relationship with you. You will also feel like you are dreaming.

Liang Wen secretly pinched her finger, it hurts! This dream is quite confusing, and even the method of breaking the dream has been contributed.

But when the male **** started calling people to find her mother's former friends, she woke up completely. It turned out that this was not a dream.

Ying Shunchen, her room is full of everything about him except for the books she studies, including discs of movies and TV dramas he acted in, posters, peripherals, as well as news interviews and tidbits.

Her room was painted powder blue by herself, which belongs to Ying Shunchen's color.

She is an out-and-out fan, a member of the subjects.

However, the mother saw it, but never said that she and Ying Shunchen were old acquaintances, and she was even his dance teacher and guide in the industry.

Liang Wen has never seen her bad father since she was three years old, and she and her mother depend on each other for life.

My mother taught dance at an early childhood school, and all the money was used to raise her. After finally saving enough money for the house, she bought a house, but before she could move in, she was involved in a car accident.

When she thought she would be alone for the rest of her life, Ying Shunchen descended from the sky and rescued her already silent heart like a god.

Grandpa doted on her like a granddaughter, and Ying Shunchen treated her well, asking her about her life and study from time to time.

She called him uncle, which he didn't seem to like very much, and then she boldly called him brother.

Later, she boldly stripped naked and got into Ying Shunchen's bed, completely dazzled by her grandfather's encouragement.

She actually married the male **** in a daze. If you want to ask her about her experience, her answer is... Please keep calm at all times, otherwise you will write the word "Shame" too many times and you will never recognize it again.

That's the way life is fucked. When she thought she would spend the rest of her life with Ying Shunchen, she went abroad for further study the day after she received the certificate and returned home.

As the titular wife, she was the last to know.

She was angry, she was annoyed, and she felt that she was too much. It's her kind of person to make an inch of it.

Because of her, her parents' marriage came to an end, and now even though she was lucky enough to marry the male god, the male **** just treated her well and married her for her mother's sake. Others, I'm afraid they didn't think about anything at all.

She felt ashamed and threw her to her grandma's house. After struggling for a month, she wrote a confession letter to Ying Shunchen on the other side of the ocean.

Ying Shunchen opened a small Weibo account, and she learned about it from Zuo Xing, so she checked it every day and left messages from time to time.

The two communicated easily, like a netizen.

Just when Liang Wen felt that her emotional cultivation was similar to that of the male god, her cheap father appeared in front of her.

Her life started to take the **** route again.

Zhan Qinghe cried to her, saying that all four of his houses were cheated by his second wife. He was so poor that he didn't even have the face to ask Liang Wen to take him in.

Liang Wen was angry and annoyed, and yelled at him to get out. The mother drew a clear line with him before she was alive, so it is naturally impossible for her to have any relationship with him.

However, Zhan Qinghe made trouble at school and at home, which made her feel ashamed. That's okay, she was afraid that Zhan Qinghe would cause trouble to the Ying family, and she really didn't know how to be the daughter-in-law of the Ying family after that.

Zhan Qinghe knew that Liang Wen was married to Ying Shunchen, so he wanted to cling tightly to this wealthy daughter. He said that if Liang Wen didn't help him repay the debt, he would go to Ying's house to ask his son-in-law for it. Otherwise, go to the media for exposure.

Liang Wen trembled with anger, so she had to take out all the money Ying Shunchen gave her and pay Zhan Qinghe the debt.

It is easy to satisfy people's greed. Kari's money was still not enough for him, so she had to go to the bar to accompany people to drink, dance, and sing, as long as she could coax the guests to give her a generous tip, she was willing.

And this kind of her must be disliked by Ying Shunchen, because the Ying family will not tolerate her.

She was deeply involved in it, knowing that she could not turn back, so she was determined not to contact Ying Shunchen.

Earning money and paying back the money, she no longer cared about going to class.

When she thought that the repayment was almost done, Zhan Qinghe could always take out some unknown debts, throw them in front of her, and let her continue to pay.

Time and time again, she thought that such days were coming to an end, and Zhan Qinghe beat her to **** again and again.

After repeating this several times, Liang Wen's mentality was completely out of balance.

Just a few days ago, someone called her mobile phone again, asking for the money owed by Zhan Qinghe.

The man said that the father should pay the debt, and she must pay it. The man also said that he knew Liang Wen's mobile phone number, home address, ID number, and would come to collect the bill at any time.

Liang Wen was already unable to scold Zhan Qinghe, she thought about it, and felt that since her **** life was going to torture her like this, she had to see Ying Shunchen again no matter what.

Coincidentally, her good friend Xi Jiameng from the same dormitory said that her life's wish is to act in a play with Ying Shunchen.

Liang Wen immediately said that she had a way to help her realize her dream.

Xi Jiameng felt that Liang Wen was bragging.

Liang Wen was unable to explain, so she called Ying Shunchen when she got home and told him to come back.

The call just now was indeed made, and Ying Shunchen didn't say whether he would return or not, but just said hello.

What good? Do you think that she made trouble for no reason, that the reason for letting him come back is too far-fetched and stupid, and you don't want to say another word? Do you feel that the relationship between the two of them has faded away for so many years, why should he come back when she says she wants him to come back?

However, when she logged into the fan group at night, Miss Zhan released a news that shocked everyone.

Sister Zhan: Our brother Chen is coming back!

Subject 1: Damn! impossible! Sister, are you hysterical?

Subject 2: If the news is true, I'll just eat my shit.

Subject 3: We have been looking forward to it for three years, and such news will be released every half a month. None of them are accurate.

Sister Zhan: Sisters who eat **** in place, you can prepare to eat shit. Brother Chen will arrive at Beijing Airport at 12:00 noon tomorrow, Brother Zuo told me personally.

After finishing speaking, she sent a booking message.

The whole group exploded. All kinds of exclamations came and went.

Sister Zhan called everyone to spread the news quickly and get ready to pick up the plane. We must let Ying Shunchen, who has been away for three years, feel the fans' high expectations for him, and at the same time let others see that even if our brother Chen disappeared for three years, he is still a frontline.

Liang Wen withered immediately when she saw these.

Is Ying Shunchen really back? Listen to her, come back?

What should she do? Her broken life is about to be discovered? !

If Zhan Qinghe knew that Ying Shunchen was back, he would definitely make trouble.

This was the night before the execution. Liang Wen stared at the ceiling with her eyes open, acting silly.

In the middle of the night, she drafted a divorce agreement and put it in an envelope.

The next morning, with bloodshot eyes, she went to the florist to buy a bouquet of pink and blue hydrangeas.

In the flower shop, she saw several little girls chirping and excitedly buying the same flowers as hers.

She couldn't be happier.

When we arrived at the airport, there was already a large group of people blocking the international exit, waiting for Ying Shunchen who was about to get off the plane.

Liang Wen just glanced at it, and her chest was so tight that she suffocated. She staggered into the bathroom.

At this time, the text message asking for the account came again. This time, I attached a photo of her dancing at school.

She closed the phone with trembling hands, and the pain in her chest became heavier and heavier.

Didn't sleep all night last night. No, she hasn't slept well for a long time.

She was so tired that she wanted to lie down and have a rest. Better not to wake up again.

The envelope containing the divorce agreement was still tightly clutched in her hand, and when she thought about it, her heart ached so badly that she couldn't breathe.

Seeing that she didn't reply, the accountant sent another message: Playing dead won't solve the problem. Pay back quickly.

Liang Wen chuckled, if pretending to be dead doesn't solve the problem, then it's really dead. Half of this life was given by Zhan Qinghe, so she just gave it back. It was better than letting her messy life stain Ying Shunchen.

As soon as this idea came up, her eyes suddenly went dark, and she felt that her spiritual body was slowly but without hesitation peeling off from her physical body inch by inch.

She stretched out her hand, and around her palm was a void of white light. she dead?

She lowered her head and saw that "myself" was sitting on the toilet with his head tilted against the wall.

For the first time, I felt what it means to be as light as a swallow.

She wanted to cry, cry for herself. But I couldn't cry at all. She doesn't have a physical lacrimal gland, even if she cries tears, it's nothingness.

She was still wondering if Ying Shunchen would shed a few tears for her if she knew she was dead. Even if it's pity for my own tears.

Zhan Qinghe must be half-pissed off without his own cash cow, and those who need to pay are the same. But they were not happy, and she was happy. Although her joy seemed extremely pale.

Just when she had countless thoughts, she suddenly saw "myself" eyes open.

She was so startled that she almost hit the ceiling. But she doesn't hurt even if she bumps into it now.

She floated down slowly, and saw a trace of confusion in "myself" eyes.

She is the dead Liang Wen, so who is the "she" who opened her eyes now? Could it be that a lonely ghost from where has occupied his body?

"She" looked down at the hydrangea in her left hand and the envelope in her right hand.

"She" opened the envelope, glanced at the contents inside, and immediately frowned, thoughtfully.

Then "she" walked out of the bathroom, rushed to the front of the pick-up line with a girl who claimed to be Xuan Lan.

Liang Wen was terrified. "She" is so courageous, she dared to meet Ying Shunchen!

At this time, Ying Shunchen, who was looking forward to it, walked slowly from a distance.

Liang Wen, who became Ah Piao, covered her face and wanted to cry again, but found that she had lost the ability to cry.

She could only stare at Ying Shunchen foolishly.

Unexpectedly, when Ying Shunchen saw "her", he took the letter from "her" with a smile on his face, and said that I prefer you to write to me rather than buy gifts from you.

After speaking, he opened the letter and saw the divorce agreement.

Seeing this scene, Liang Wen was so anxious that she floated back and forth, it was over.

Ying Shunchen calmly said, "Student, you have misrepresented the letter."

Liang Wen: "!!" Is it different from what I imagined? He wasn't angry? No, he would definitely not reveal his emotions in front of so many people.

Liang Wen watched "she" return to her new home in the villa, and saw Xi Jiameng waiting for her.

As a result, "she" scolded Xi Jiameng, saying that Xi Jiameng was ungrateful and shut her out.

Liang Wen: "!!" Which song is this sung again?

Immediately afterwards, "she" scolded Diao Jun, the **** broker who cheated on her, and made Diao Jun go as far as she could, and the brokerage contract was annulled immediately.

Liang Wen: "!!" "She" is just brave, much more resolute than her character.

Later, "she" won the opportunity to take the make-up exam, and also won the favor of Teacher Mei Zhou as the heroine of his new dance drama.

Liang Wen couldn't help but sigh, the person who took her body seemed to be turning her life around?

Although now her life has become "her" life.

Later, Ying Shunchen stepped into the new home, brought medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, helped "her" with dance moves, gently rubbed the medicine, treated all kinds of tenderness, even in places where "she" could not see, she saw Ying Shun Chen's eyes were as tender as water.

Liang Wen: "!!" Was I blind when I was alive?

At this time, the picture in front of him began to fast forward. "She" raged at Zhan Qinghe, never being a cash cow, even Ying Shunchen and "she" cleaned up her daughter's father together, frank and frank, without a trace of inferiority or concealment. "She" has good luck and is like a god's help, known as the little koi fairy. First, he signed a brokerage contract with the best gold medal agent, and then cut off Xi Jiameng, a deeply hidden green tea whore, to avenge her. Immediately afterwards, while rehearsing the latest dance drama, she participated in variety shows, which became popular one after another. From time to time, she was featured in hot searches and news, and gradually became familiar and liked by many people.

Seeing this, Liang Wen moved her eyes away.

Although I don't know who "she" is, "she" has lived another life trajectory for her.

She gave a wry smile.

Life doesn't **** up, it's yourself who **** up. I have lived like a coward, a ghost, if I blame fate and life, then I really can't blame it.

She is already dead, and before she dies, she can see that she can actually live another life, and she is content.

At this point in my mind, the tight string in my heart broke. Like a kite, she floated away, far away, to an unknown place.

Perhaps, once again, she will hold on to her fate tightly, step on it under her feet, and live a good life for herself.

If she could meet Ying Shunchen again, she thought, this time she must sleep with him!

What a pity, the most annoying!

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After Jiang Ya graduated from university, others went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. She packed her luggage and returned to her hometown to take care of her sick mother.

There is nothing in my hometown, only the blue sky, green mountains, green water, and gradually barren fields.

The field cannot be barren, and the heart cannot be panicked.

At first, it was just to support her family, but Jiang Ya wanted to find the way to gold and silver in the green water and green mountains of her hometown.

Later, the whole village came to beg her, begging her for help.

Later, this road became wider and wider, and became a broad avenue for Ben Fu.

Once upon a time there was a mountain with beautiful scenery but it couldn't keep people.

Later, negative oxygen ions in the mountains, natural mineral springs, wild game and wild fruits, old trees and old houses attracted people, and they had to pay to reserve seats in advance.

You say you are angry or not!

When Wan Zheng saw the little girl of the Jiang family appearing at the entrance of the village carrying her luggage, he immediately turned his head and said to his old lady: "What kind of a blind date?" No go no go!

A few days later, when he heard that the little girl was not leaving, he immediately said proudly to his brothers: She came back for me!

After a few days of waiting, the little girl came to him. His brothers asked: Brother Zheng, Jiang Ya came back to start a business. Does she have anything to do with you?

Wan Zheng blocked people on the ridge that night, and said ruthlessly: Jiang Ya, you are playing hard to get, right?

Jiang Ya blinked: Brother Zheng, what a coincidence. I just happened to be looking for you.

Wan Zheng immediately beamed with joy: "Xiaoya, donate money or work hard, just say a word."

The frog in the paddy field under his feet croaked to the sky: Brother Zheng, who was watching strongly, pretended to be aggressive.

The next day, Wan Zheng went to Jiang's house together with others and money: Xiaoya, brother Zheng, I signed up to marry.

The frog in the rice field: Oh my god, my brother Zheng is mighty.

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