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“This is not a realm that human beings can set foot in, but with this system, a ladder will be present for you to set foot. This system is your eye “

“So, you are saying that you can let me see this book directly?”  Chen Fann asked in surprise.

“Of course.” The system replied, but immediately afterwards changed its tone, “But not now.”

“Why not?”

” Because the Host’s intelligence and spiritual energy are insufficient. ” The system’s reply was very concise.


This was not the first time the system said he had a low IQ.

Chen Fann was a little depressed. “Is my IQ really that low?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at the data on the interface yourself.” The system seemed to have read his mind and reminded him kindly.

Chen Fann  didn’t believe it and went on to check the data on the interface.

Intelligence: 84 (Low level of normal humans)

Mental Strength: 50 (Low level of a normal human being) )

High score: 20 (Normal human beings… )

Chen Fann immediately turned off the data on the panel. His face was full of frown lines. Forget it, he didn’t want to look at the rest.

“Host, do you believe me now? Even if you are able to see the Old Gospel, with your level of intelligence and mental strength, you won’t be able to understand and contain the large amount of information.”

“Only by surpassing human intelligence can you understand the words of truth, and learn to understand the things on it”

“Only by surpassing human spiritual energy can you contain the spiritual storm brought by the Gospel, and not cause your mind to collapse”

“The higher-dimensional Book of Truth has nothing to do with human physical fitness, only a strong spiritual strength is enough to withstand spiritual storms. Therefore, even if this system can cultivate your physical strength after activating the super mode, but the IQ and mental power are insufficient, you can’t read the Old Gospels.”

“Then how can I increase my IQ and mental power?”  Chen Fan asked in puzzlement. These two things were a little vague and confusing, it was not as simple as training muscles to enhance to enhance physical strength.

“Of course it’s by learning!” The system firmly replied, ” only learning can make a person stronger”

“IQ is the comprehensive manifestation of intelligence. Your human intelligence is divided into three categories: neural intelligence, experiential intelligence, and reflective intelligence.”

“And spiritual energy is the higher embodiment of these intelligences after unification, which can be manifested in many aspects. For example, observation, memory, imagination, creativity, analysis and judgment, thinking ability, adaptability and reasoning ability.”

” So, in simple terms, intelligence is like the foundation of a big tree, and spiritual energy its branch. The deeper the foundation, the more luxuriant the branch will be. Therefore, the higher the intelligence, the stronger spiritual energy will be. “

“Learning is the land beneath the foundation. The more fertile the land, the deeper the foundation, and thus the lusher the tree will be.”

“Therefore, host, you need to read consistently. The more you read, the more knowledge you will be able to retain and once your brain capacity reaches a certain threshold, you will be able to withstand the spiritual storm brought by the Book of Truth and learn its contents. “

Well, as expected of the Learning God System. After circling it, it still let him learn.

But he had to admit that he was mystified by the Learning God System’s theory.

“I have another question. Although reading according to you can increase IQ and mental strength, how many books do I need to read in order to meet the requirements of reading the Old Sun Gospel?”

“About 100,000 books.”

Chen Fann:… “

“System, do you know how long it takes for a normal person to finish reading 100,000 books?”  Chen Fann silently took out his phone and opened the calculator.

“Come, System, let me calculate for you.”

“A normal physical book usually ranges between 100,000 to 300,000 words. Taking out a median value of 200,000 words means that 100,000 books are 20,000,000,000 words.”

“The normal reading speed of humans is between 200 to 300 words per minute. Even if I could  read 10 lines at a time, I can only manage  300 words per minute. “

” 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, which means 1440 minutes per day. How much does 1440 times 300 mean? 432,000.”

” That means I can read 430,000 words a day, and we’ll use 200,000,000 divided by 430,000. Mm… that’s 46,511.”

“So… after reading 100,000 books, I have to spend 46,511 days starving, without food, drinks or sleep. That’s a total of about 127 years!”

“It’s just reading words, no need to do reading comprehension, no need to think about problems, moreover, for 127 years, I’ll be spending my entire time reading books and doing nothing else!”

“I don’t need to wait until I read the Old Days’ Gospel. I’ll be already fucking dead!”

Chen Fann was so angry that he almost spat out blood. “System, you really came to scam me. If I count on you, I might as well expect a sow to climb a tree!”

“Host, don’t be agitated. Since this system allows you to read, how can this kind of thing not be in the system’s calculations?” The system replied calmly.

“As the Learning God System, its goal is to allow the host to read and learn and become smarter. How can it lack any black technology?”

“Hm? You still have black technology?”  Chen Fann asked. He originally thought that the system could only let him read books.

“Of course.” The magnetic electronic voice of the system said proudly, “This system can give you the Eye of the Genius which can increase your understanding. As long as you see a human book, you can instantly grasp photographic memories. In addition, it can also increase your reading speed ten-fold, reading a hundred lines at a glance. “

Speaking of this, the System’s tone suddenly changed. “But who said that relying on a sow to climb a tree would be better than relying on this System?”

“System, sorry, I was wrong. Forgive me for not recognizing the gold and jade.”  Chen Fann immediately lowered his head and apologized.

“En… On account of the host’s sincerity.”

“There’s no other way. According to the normal procedure, this kind of black technology requires the Host to obtain points through the subject exam before it can be exchanged… But since we are in an extraordinary period, the System is generous enough to allow you to use the backdoor to directly reward you.”

So the system can actually use the back door.

“Thank you, system!”

“Alright, this system has given the host the Eye of the Genius Student.”

There really is an Eye of the Genius Student?

Chen Fann didn’t feel anything.

Neither did his vision get stronger nor his eyesight become better.

However, the system wouldn’t trick him with such a thing, right?

He originally wanted to read books at home to test the new ability, but he wasn’t a studious person. Other than reading novels on his phone, he did not have any other books at home.

Oh right, he could use his phone to read books and test it out.

Although the entire human race had transmigrated, the Internet on his phone was still online.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, machines could run for a while without supervision.

Thinking of this, Chen Fann immediately took out his mobile phone, opened the reading app, and randomly searched for a chemistry book.

When he read the book, he felt that the System wasn’t bragging about the Eye of the Genius Student.

Being an idiot in chemistry, when he read the chemistry book, he always found it hard to understand. He clearly knew every word as they were written but he didn’t know what they meant.

But now, he was reading a hundred lines at a glance. Not only was he reading very quickly, but he also instantly understood what it meant. It was as if the door to a new world had been opened.

He  never realized that reading could be such a delightful thing.

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