CH 4


The Demon King sat on the throne with his cheek resting on the armrest and his legs crossed. 

Looking up at him, I was dripping with cold sweat.

This is the throne room (probably). From then on, I was carried into this room by this man. 

In the room, the guard knights were standing side by side, and standing on the red carpet in the center, I felt like I was going to lose my legs.

If Tiara wasn’t standing right behind me, I would have run away crying. To be honest, I still feel like I’m going to pee.

Was it because I was trembling? 

“It’s okay,” Tiara whispered beside me. 

Hearing that voice gave me a little bit of courage. 

I grabbed my skirt tightly and looked up at the demon king upstairs.

“I picked you up.”

Hy, hya~. 

It’s scary after all. 

Why did you pick me up?

“Who are you after all?”

The Demon King looked at me with interest. 

But there’s no way I can tell him the truth.

“I, I’m just a normal human…”

I line up excuses like that.

“Normal human? How can a normal human come to the demon world?”

“My, my father and mother threw me away because my magic power is strong. I was pushed into a place called ‘The Return of Time Valley’.”

So dangerous! 

I managed to come up with an excuse like that.

Well, it’s what Tiara said in tears and covered her mouth.  

Sorry Tiara. 

But I’m not lying, so forgive me…

All of a sudden, I noticed that a smile was spreading on Demon King-sama’s lips.


“Re, really…”

“I see. You’re not lying, are you?”

Ye, yes I am.

Could it be that I’m a saint?

“You, you will torture me…?”

I clung to Tiara and trembled.


It was Tiara who let out a maddened voice.

“Torture is no joke! Where did you learn that word!?”

And then, she hugged me. 

Because that’s what the human world teaches. 

If I get caught by demons, I’ll be tortured and killed.

“Poor thing”, Tiara stroked my head.

“… Are you going to kill me?”

While glancing at Demon King-sama, casually explore. 

But the Demon King had a wry smile on his face.  

I wonder what kind of expression this man has had since a while ago. 

It doesn’t seem like he’s in a bad mood… 

Is it just my imagination that he looks happy?

“What’s the point of torturing or killing a little girl like you?”



I don’t think he knows that I’m a saint.

“Rather, I’m interested in you.”


“Human children are rare. I definitely want to protect them and observe their ecology.”


It’s fine, it’s fine, you don’t have to observe it!

“It’s not bad news for you, isn’t it?”


“I said I would take care of you.”

No, it’s really good.  


Seriously! !

Instinctively, I backed away.

But at the same time, the Demon King also rises from his throne. 

And walk over to me.

Hie~! Don’t come over here!

If I take a step or two to escape, Tiara will hold me.  

When I was about to cry, she comforted me and told me it was okay.  

With Tiara in the back and a demon king in front, I can’t escape. 

The Demon King stopped in front of me and slowly knelt as if to meet my gaze.  

I squeeze my eyes shut in fear.



Discomfort felt in the neck. 

When I opened my eyes slightly, I saw the Demon King putting something around my neck. There is a clattering sound of metal touching. Since the Demon King’s hand was gone, I opened my eyes and checked my neck.

“… Huh?”

When I looked around, it was a collar that was the same magenta color as my eyes.  

There was something like a cute heart-shaped glass decoration on the collar – also magenta – that made a clicking sound when touched.

……What’s this?  

Even if I pull it out, it won’t come off at all.


The Demon King said when I was at a loss for words.

“You can’t take it off yourself”


“It would be troublesome if you ran away and got hurt like this time.”


Run, run away…?

“That’s right… next time you try to escape, I’ll torture you as you wish.”


This guy must have realized that I am a saint after all…

Demon king-sama sneezes at his throat, laughing.

“Hey Your Majesty!? Please stop threatening small children!”

Tiara was furious.

“It’s okay. This is to detect magic power and notify Demon King-sama so that Presea-sama won’t get lost.”

Hey! ? ! ? 

Where’s everything okay! ! ! 

Isn’t this an announcement of my termination!

“I don’t like this, please take it out!”

Even if I reluctantly pull the collar, this guy won’t budge despite his cute appearance.

“A no is a no”

“No way! This looks like I’m a pet! I don’t like it!”

“A pet?”

The Demon King opened his eyes slightly.

“Ah ah, you mean those animals?”

I’m not sure what he was thinking. However, he nodded as though it was a good idea.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Let’s do it. It’ll keep things from getting complicated.”


“From today onwards, you will be my pet.”

I am suddenly picked up.  

I am so startled and clung to the demon’s neck.

“I will take care of you”


As I opened my eyes, a sweet voice whispered.

“Your job is to be loved and cherished by me. Be happy, calm, and healthy. Other than that, you don’t need anything else.”

—-Be loved…?

At the sound, my heart thumped.

I can’t understand and freeze up.



It’s, it’s not okay!!

It’s not okay at all!!

Rather noooo! !

However, my intention is not taken into account.

In the end, I ended up living in this castle as the Demon King’s pet.

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