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After Yin Moshu and his group left, Gu Jinmian also got into his car afterwards.

As soon as he got inside the car, the butler served him an afternoon tea.

“Young Master seems to be in a good mood.”

Gu Jinmian threw a grape into his mouth, “Very good!

The butler smiled, sat down in the front row, and then opened a Weibo fan page dedicated to Yin Moshu.

Gu Jinmian simultaneously took out his phone and continued sending messages to Director Lin.

Gu Jinmian: Director Lin, I’ve already made an agreement with my Eldest brother. Aren’t I already considered an investor?

Director Lin: Yes,certainly.

Gu Jinmian squinted his eyes.

Gu Jinmian: Do investors have to visit the set frequently?

While typing was still in progress, Gu Jinmian pondered. “When I go to visit the set, I can also improve the food for the crew, and even provide some clothes and jewelry for them.”

The “typing in progress” disappeared.

Gu Jinmian: “But it’s a bit troublesome to visit the set frequently.”

The well-known Director Lin: …..

Gu Jinmian who didn’t know it well: What’s wrong?

Director Lin: How about I arrange a room next to Yin Moshu for you?

Gu Jinmian: [Teletubbies covering their face while twisting their ass.jpg]

Gu Jinmian: How embarrassing.

Director Lin went offline directly.

Gu Jinmian stretched out contentedly, and went home comfortably all the way.


It was already afternoon when he returned, and the Second brother was already waiting in the dining room to eat. Therefore Gu Jinmian went straight there right away and told the Second brother all the things that happened today.

After all, the money was paid by the Second brother, and he had the right to know, which in a sense could also be regarded as a connection.

It was fine at first. The second brother and the butler both smiled as they listened, until when he said that he was going to visit the set, the butler suddenly changed his face.

“Young Master wants to visit the set?”

“That’s right. Can’t I go to the set?” Gu Jinmian asked suspiciously.

“Right, can’t Mianmian go to the set?” The Second brother also asked.

He was completely on this united front with his younger brother.

“I thought the Young Master was simply sending people in with the aid of investment.” The butler continued worriedly. “But…..the protagonist of this movie is Hang Yuanting.”

“It turned out to be him!” The Second brother was no longer relaxed, turned around and stood on the united front with the butler, “Then Mianmian should never go, it’s bad luck!”

“Hang Yuanting?” Gu Jinmian was puzzled, searching for the name in his head, “Oh, it’s him.”

But he was only a mere minor villain who was unsuccessful in his career and was not very important.

These two shouldn’t be so concerned about him.

“What about Hang Yuanting?” Gu Jinmian asked.

The two of them had the ‘don’t want to pretend’ expressions on their faces. 

In the end, the Second elder brother couldn’t bear to watch it anymore, and put on a play to his younger brother, “Hang Yuanting is Ji Nan’s white moonlight, don’t you know?”

Gu Jinmian pondered about who Ji Nan was—who was the Young Master of the Ji family and a force that should not be underestimated.

The book didn’t mention that Hang Yuanting was Ji Nan’s white moonlight.

“Huh? I really don’t know.” Gu Jinmian said.

Maybe this was in He Bujin’s general outline, which hadn’t been written out yet, that’s why he didn’t see it.

Gu Lifan and the butler both covered their faces with both hands and stroked it, while also lowering their heads to prevent Gu Jinmian from seeing the expression on their faces.

They didn’t want Gu Jinmian to catch sight of it. They felt distressed for Gu Jinmian for pretending to be stupid at this time, and was even forcing a smile.

How could he not know?

Ji Nan almost became Gu Jinmian’s fiancé in the book.

The Gu family and Ji family were already on good terms, but they were even closer in the previous generation because Mrs. Gu and Mrs. Ji used to have a good relationship.

They used to be college classmates. After marriage, they met at a dinner party and became best friends, and their relationship became even better after having children.

They would even often bring their children around traveling.

Gu Jinmian was really pretty when he was a child, and Mrs. Gu would often dress him up in pink. During a party, the Little Gu Jinmian picked roses from the garden at home and gave them to Mrs. Ji.

Mrs. Ji was so happy that she could not close her mouth as she grinned from ear to ear, and said jokingly, “Whose little girl is this, she is so beautiful and sweet, can she be our Nannan’s wife?”

Mrs. Gu also made this kind of joke that was not uncommon among best friends. “Okay, it’s settled, let Mianmian be Nannan’s wife.”

At that time, Ji Nan was already ten years old and sensible. Knowing that this was a joke, he bent down and touched Little Gu Jinmian’s head with a smile, and said to him, “Hello, my little wife.”

This was nothing more than a mere silly joke, however, Little Gu Jinmian, who had some problems with his gender awareness at that time, took it seriously.

Since then, he had been chasing after Ji Nan’s ass for sixteen years, until Ji Nan got annoyed and disgusted with him and even did a series of things to hurt him, until the time he knew that there was already a white moonlight in Ji Nan’s heart.

This white moonlight gave Gu Jinmian a hard blow when they first met.

If it wasn’t for Ji Nan’s desperate protection, his white moonlight would have disappeared in the circle long ago.

Now, Gu Lifan and the butler were thinking. 

Gu Jinmian, uncharacteristically, sent Yin Moshu to Director Lin’s crew with such care. 

Does he really like Yin Moshu, or just wants to get involved again.

After all, he has done many similar things before.

Gu Lifan asked: “Mianmian, you are so kind to Yin Moshu, do you want to be his ‘sugar daddy’?”

Gu Jinmian almost spit out a mouthful of water.

He indeed wanted to support Yin Moshu, but how could supporting his own cub make him a ‘sugar daddy’?!

“Of course not!” 

Gu Lifan and the butler showed disappointed expressions at the same time.

A question mark slowly appeared on Gu Jinmian’s head.

Is it because he didn’t want to be a ‘sugar daddy’ to a male star that his Second brother and housekeeper are very disappointed?

“I won’t, why do you all look disappointed?”

The two looked at him with only distress and silence.

However, Gu Jinmian figured it out.

In the book, Gu Jinmian was a pervert. He tortured little stars every now and then, but took good care of a male star. In a male frequency world, an average person would naturally be scolded, but for the case of Gu Jinmian, it was seen as a great improvement, which was also something the whole family would be happy about.

How tolerant and pitiful the Gu family was.

And Gu Jinmian would take advantage of it.

He sincerely apologized. “I’m sorry, Second brother, I really don’t want to be.”

In fact, no one could raise Yin Moshu.

He knew very well that Yin Moshu, who always had a smile on his face, was so proud that he would never want to be supported by others.

The Yin family would also not allow it to happen. Putting him in the entertainment circle was punishment and was their bottom line as well. If he was supported by a powerful person, where would the Yin family’s face be?

Gu Lifan nodded, “Oh, it’s okay. Actually, I guessed it, but it’s not bad to have a little expectation too.”

Gu Jinmian: “…..”

It’s really true that you don’t have any demands on your younger brother, even the slightest higher normal expectations.

Gu Jinmian: “Second brother, I will work hard in the future.”

At least to be a normal person and not let you worry so much.

Gu Lifan: “No, Mianmian, don’t embarrass yourself.”

Gu Jinmian: “There won’t be.”

Gu Lifan turned his head away. “Stop talking!”

The butler couldn’t bear to see such a sad scene, thus he came forward to ease the atmosphere, “The Young Master was very happy to see Yin Moshu today.”

Gu Lifan turned his head instantly, “Really?”

“Really, Second brother, let me tell you, Yin Moshu was super outstanding!”

Gu Jinmian chatted about Yin Moshu’s excellence with his Second brother. From his hair to toes, from his stage presence to acting skills–he talked with great familiarity of the said person.

Gu Lifan felt the vigor and vitality glowing from his sluggish face, and the more he listened, the happier he became.

He felt that Gu Jinmian’s treatment of Yin Moshu was different from the previous ones.

But didn’t they only meet for the first time?

They should get in touch more. Maybe Yin Moshu can make Gu Jinmian come out.

His younger brother just had too few contacts, and his eyes had only been on Ji Nan for more than ten years.

Looks like he needs to give more effort.

“That’s great, Mianmian, you can go to the set to see more, don’t you want to invest in movies and television dramas, I think it’s not a loss to invest in him.”

This was actually what he’s thinking. Gu Jinmian said, “Second brother, you think the same as me.”

Gu Lifan: “By the way, in addition to investment, our family also has ready-made resources. Take a look at the jewelry, clothing, cars, and home appliances under the Gu Group. Are there any suitable endorsements for him? Fashion resources and commercial value should also be raised!”

It’s said that being popular in the entertainment industry is very beneficial. If a person becomes very popular, their appearance will become more dazzling. If Yan Moshu is regarded as a dazzling star, will Gu Jinmian still follow Ji Nan?

Gu Jinmian was overjoyed. “Second Brother, I’m so happy!”

Gu Lifan was moved. “Who isn’t.”

Then the two discussed for a while about what endorsement they would give to Yin Moshu.

For a long time, Gu Jinmian either went to find Ji Nan, or stayed in his room lifelessly. The two rarely had the opportunity to chat like this. It made Gu Lifan feel satisfied.


It was already late when Gu Jinmian went upstairs.

He opened the empty chat box with Yin Moshu, and sent an emoji greeting Teletubbies.

After about 20 minutes, Yin Moshu replied.

Yin Moshu: …..

Gu Jinmian: What are you doing tomorrow?

Yin Moshu sent Gu Jinmian his newly adjusted itinerary for this week.

Gu Jinmian was flattered.

Tomorrow morning, Yin Moshu would have acting class, in the afternoon, there would be an interview, and afterwards, he’s going to shoot a commercial.

Seeing the content of the advertisement, Gu Jinmian’s eyes paused for more than ten seconds.

Gu Jinmian: When you shoot the commercial, can I go and see?

Yin Moshu: What if I say no.

Gu Jinmian: The building where the commercial will be taken is owned by the Gu Group.

Yin Moshu: ……

Gu Jinmian only sent an emoticon with its hands on its hips and didn’t bother him anymore.

When he put down his mobile phone, his face was actually very serious, although it could hardly be noticed because of facial paralysis.

After contemplating for a while, he found Yin Moshu’s Weibo and posts of his fans, and followed them one by one. While looking for useful information, he was also looking for more shining points of Yin Moshu in this world.

Now, Yin Moshu has just over 10 million fans on Weibo. There were not only forced businesses on his Weibo, but there were many treasures, like stages, interviews and beautiful pictures. Gu Jinmian had become a ruthless storage and collection machine with shining eyes.

When he saw that there was a recruitment for a manager position for the fan club, he applied immediately.

One of the items when filling out the form was ‘what skills do you have’.

Thinking of Yin Moshu’s impoverished support club in the book, Gu Jinmian filled in one ‘money capability’ and ‘flying a plane’.

It may be that the money-making ability impressed the management, that he was pulled into the group in less than an hour.

After chatting in the group and swiping through the multiple posts until two o’clock in the middle of the night, Gu Jinmian reluctantly put down his phone and went to sleep. It wasn’t that he wanted to sleep, but that he still had important things to do tomorrow.

When he saw the itinerary, and as he confidently said that Yin Moshu’s filming location was the Gu’s Building, it was not because he knew the Gu’s Building very well, but because he clearly remembered this plot in the book.

Hating one person may be due to a preference for another person. 

This was how Gu Jinmian disliked the protagonist of the book, Bai Xinyu. He hated Bai Xinyu, who was accomplished because of the supporting character,Yin Moshu, and also hated some of his brainless fans.

In many fan groups, it was naturally difficult for each member to be friendly with others. It’s only a fool’s dream for fans of different stars to be harmonious and warm with other fans.

The people with the most fans in their group were Bai Xinyu and Yin Moshu, and these two were also the two with the most huge and well-known fans.

Some of Bai Xinyu’s fans, especially a few wealthy ones, would always trample on Yin Moshu in various ways, regardless of the impact and harm it would bring to Yin Moshu.

Yin Moshu’s shoot of advertisement tomorrow afternoon was not a public itinerary, but it’s no secret that they were in the same group with the same manager.

Gu Jinmian knew that there would be a group of Bai Xinyu’s fans waiting for him at the opposite side of Gu’s Building tomorrow, and that they would even bring a drone to shoot Yin Moshu as material for their insidious plans.

Gu Jinmian closed his eyes full of fighting spirit.

He will be a knight for his cub tomorrow.


Yin Moshu’s commercial needed to be shot with a scene overlooking the night view of the entire City, and it needed to be at the highest point preferably with floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the CBD Central City, the Gu’s Building, known as the Sky Building, just fitted the requirements.

Those who work on the top ten floors were all the elites of the Gu family, and the flow of water passing through their hands in a day was unimaginable for ordinary people.

The Gu family, who was not short of money, rarely rents their top floors to outsiders. The brand owner personally came forward to rent it for two hours at a high price.

An hour before the appointed time, the director and photographer began to urge everyone, for fear of wasting a second of the venue.

Li Yuan and Yin Moshu drove over there in the car, and told the director that they would be there soon. Yet, the director called them himself after a while and told them to hurry up again.

“No fans, no assistants, keep quiet throughout the shooting.”

Li Yuan responded with a smile. “Director, you don’t have to worry.”

After hanging up the phone, her complexion didn’t look good. “It’s really amazing, I remember that it was not like this when the Film Emperor came to shoot before.”

After Li Yuan finished speaking, she didn’t hear any response. She turned her head only to see Yin Moshu sitting lazily in the back, looking at the scenery outside the car window, with a look of ‘I don’t know how many times I walked this road before but it seems to be very beautiful to me now’ on his face.

“Yin Moshu, what’s the matter with you these last two days? Your attitude is not positive at all.”

Yin Moshu smiled. “Then what else can I do? Do you think that I, a little star, is worth mentioning in front of the Gu’s, or do you think I can be compared with the Film Emperor?”

“That’s not the problem.”  Li Yuan wanted to continue talking, but was suddenly interrupted by Yin Moshu.

“We’re here,” he said.

The Gu Group building was right in front of them, therefore Li Yuan had to shut up.

Before getting out of the car, she looked at Yin Moshu with reluctance, and saw that he was looking at the opposite side of the Gu’s Building. Glancing from the center of his eyes to its ends, there seemed to be a faint light flickering, and the corner of his mouth displayed a smile.

Li Yuan didn’t know how to describe her feelings after seeing it.

After receiving the news that she was asked to lead a boy group, Li Yuan carefully studied each member, especially the ones with potential, and even went to look for each’s background and history before debuting.

Before Yin Moshu joined the group, he had a very down-and-out time. During that period, he played many small supporting roles, and one of them, stuck to her memory deeply.

It was the role of a psychopath.

There was only one scene where he had the exclusive shot. He was haggard and dressed in a hospital gown, holding a syringe in his hand, staring at the needle on it, trembling with excitement, and a crazy smile spread on his face.

“Pain, I’m so looking forward to the pain, hurry up, give me!”

Of course, the current him certainly did not have the expression of excitement, on the contrary, he looked very calm.

Li Yuan didn’t know why she thought of that scene and that line.

For the first time, facing this artist who was five years younger than her, she was a little apprehensive.

Realizing this, Li Yuan was a little annoyed, and looked at him again.

Unexpectedly, the pulsating light in Yin Moshu’s eyes had already disappeared, and was replaced with a layer of darkness.

And almost at the same second, she didn’t know whether the dusk was almost fading away, or that it had become overcast, but the sky outside suddenly turned dark in an instant.

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