CH 9

The cheers on the Gu’s Building continued, and the excitement around it continued unabated. At the same time, three hot searches appeared on Weibo.

#Sky Building Support#

#Gu’s Building Yin Moshu#

#Bai Xinyu Big Fans Diverts to Yin Moshu#

Needless to say, the popularity of the first two hot searches were really very hot.

The Gu’s Building was a landmark building in City S, famous all over the country.

People from all over the country who had traveled to City S also checked in on this excitement in the famous building. 

What is it like to support a star for the first time?

Almost everyone who saw this trending search checked in.

City S was economically developed, and the lights at night were like the sea, which were brighter than the stars. Among them, the 826 meter Gu’s Building was the most eye-catching.

On the tallest building in the whole city, a young man with a wanton smile overlooked the whole city from above the sea of lights.

Under the effect of this atmosphere, it left a very special impression on the netizens who saw him for the first time.

In the hot search section, fans took the opportunity to post raw footage of the outdoor screen of the Gu’s Building and the photos taken were more exquisite than the images displayed on the building. When the whole network knew that his name was Yin Moshu, countless face dog fanatics immediately went into the pit.

Naturally, some people questioned, but that was not important.

The brand’s side that would shoot the advertisement tonight took the opportunity to promote it. Some people even said that it was originally from the brand side’s owner, and that he doted on this spokesperson too much.

Not a spokesperson.

But the brand’s side didn’t say anything, and only took the opportunity to promote it.

Advertisements should be made public, and such a popular publicity should be open on its nature or origin.

However, they didn’t release any statement, instead, it was the Gu’s who spoke.

When the entire Internet focused on them, on the Gu’s official blog, it only posted two words: Not.

(t/n Bu Shi- pinyin bù shi, “Not or No”)

Not what?

This had led to some series of speculation.

In any case, the first two hot searches brought great heat to Yin Moshi.

And the third hot search was very thought-provoking.

This kind of hot search had probably never appeared before, and netizens also checked in out of curiosity after seeing it.

Many people have heard of Bai Xinyu’s name, and knew that this was a righteous and famous idol. But they had no idea about his appearance and stature, and also only had a slight understanding of the fans that madly like him.

Then, why did they change idols?

Many people didn’t know what’s going on in the circle, but this hot search had a very detailed explanation.

As the “big powder fans” and “fantou” of Bai Xinyu, naturally they had participated in many of his events to cheer him on, and there were even cards and public photos.

(t/n Big powder fans- fans who have a certain appeal and influence in this circle.)

(t/n Fantou- the leader of a fan group, usually the celebrity himself or his relatives.)

Displayed in front was a photo of Bai Xinyu’s support team. They worked very hard to pay money and outperform others for Bai Xinyu, and even scolded his teammates for him.

These teammates included Yin Moshu.

But in the latest video, just in front of the Gu’s Building that was on the two hot searches, they all sneaked up to Yin Moshu and shouted “Yin Moshu, I love you”, more active than the actual Yin Moshu’s fans.

Bai Xinyu’s fans: “???”

Yin Moshu’s fans: “?…Hahahahahahaha!”

[Falling in love after cursing? Yin Moshu’s charm is too scary!]

[What kind of operation is this, help me, I laughed so hard!]

[Is this the legendary way of using your face to win over your opponent’s fans?]

[Does this mean that Yin Moshu is more charming than Bai Xinyu?]

[Bai Xinyu’s fans are very confused right now hahaha!]

Netizens who understood all this were giggling, as Yin Moshu’s fans took the opportunity to sincerely recommend Yin Moshu, leaving Bai Xinyu’s fans at a loss and angry.

One of the big powder fans involved posted on Weibo: [Fuck, I don’t like that smiling fox!]

And the comments that followed under the post were mostly [duplicity] and [this is love].

Many of Bai Xinyu’s fans started arguing.

Fans came out and questioned what the hell they were doing.

[You won’t take the money we handed over to Yin Moshu’s fan club for support, will you?]

[Are you worthy of our trust, are you worthy of Bai Xinyu?]

[Please give up your admin position, expel yourself from the fan club, get out!]

Not only on Weibo, fans in many large fan groups were also making noise and were inquiring, it had become very chaotic.

The protesting fans were having a hard time opening their mouths.

For the first time, they felt the horror of verbal violence, especially the aggrieved and painful feeling when they were wronged.

On one hand, Bai Xinyu’s fans scolded them as traitors as they felt sorry for Bai Xinyu, on the other hand, netizens laughed at Bai Xinyu, that even the “big powder fans” had diverted to Yin Moshu.

They really liked Bai Xinyu and they had even paid a lot for Bai Xinyu and the support club. Now, they just felt aggrieved and angry.

A year old young-minded big powder fans directly posted their group plans and screenshots of the previous chats in the fan group to prove their sincerity.

Some fans accepted, acknowledging that they had been wronged.

But more fans felt that their Three Views were going to be shattered. They couldn’t accept such a thing, and a large number of people left the group on the spot.

(t/n The three views generally refer to the world outlook, outlook on life, and values . )

They like Bai Xinyu, but they should not be with such people.

With a large group akin to this and with so many people, there was no way to guarantee that everyone would be unbiased and would keep their mouths tight. Thus, this matter quickly spread.

No one thought that #Bai Xinyu’s Big Powder Fans Diverts to Yin Moshu# in the entertainment hot search would have such a big thing behind it.

Then this hot search climbed up two more places.

Now there were more people scolding this group of fans, thousands of times more, and that even “Bai Xinyu fans” had become a negative term on the Internet.

Hot searches on the Internet were still boiling again and again, but the people on the other side had not felt it for the time being, and were still immersed in the emotions of shock or joy.

The PR manager personally took Yin Moshu, Li Yuan and the filming team upstairs.

The director didn’t slow down even for a moment, and walked towards the elevator. When he noticed that the atmosphere was silent, he opened his mouth and stammered, “You don’t need to bother sending us yourself, we will go up by ourselves. We will hasten the shoot then leave at once. We won’t further disturb you.”

“No rush, the top floor is yours tonight.” The PR manager merely said with a smile.


He looked at Li Yuan and Yin Moshu again. What kind of relationship do they have with the Gu family!

If I had known earlier, would I still be urging people in a hurry?

When the elevator reached the first floor, the depressed director was about to enter, but was suddenly blocked by the PR manager. He smiled and said, “Let’s wait for someone.”

Naturally, Gu Jinmian, who was one step behind, had to get on first.

Young Master Gu was gloomy and autistic, and rarely appeared in the company. When the PR manager saw him for the first time today, during the whole course, he was trembling in fear. He was very frightened when he saw his expressionless face. The moment he noticed him coming this way, he immediately tensed all over.

However, when Gu Jinmian stood beside them, like a warm little sun, he only said very gently. “I’ve delayed everyone’s time, let’s go up.”

He entered the elevator first, then followed by Yin Moshu.

The director wanted to follow in, but was then pulled back by the PR manager unexpectedly. He turned his head in confusion, only to see the manager smiling and kindly saying, “You guys go up first, there won’t be enough room for so many people, anyway the next elevator is coming down.” 

The director felt that those who work in a large group were simply worldly-wise persons and flatterers.

Gu Jinmian did not expect it to be like this.

The elevator doors closed in front of them, and there were only the two of them inside the spacious and closed space.

Gu Jinmian looked up at Yin Moshu.

Yin Moshu wore makeup, and the contours of his eyebrows and eyes were outlined more deeply. The stud on his right ear shone brightly under the light, and fell on the clear line of his jaw.

Too good looking.

Just as Gu Jinmian was satisfied with watching, Yin Moshu’s deep eyes moved, and they turned to the right side as they shone with brilliance, and looked over.

Gu Jinmian, who was caught on the spot, didn’t feel guilty at all, instead of retreating, he took a step closer to Yin Moshu, raised his head and smiled at him.

His smile was still relatively stiff and strenuous, but it already had the effect of making people feel happy.

Yin Moshu also showed a smile on his face, “Why are you here?”

Gu Jinmian moved the brim of his hat behind his head and said, “I will be your knight.”

Yin Moshu was slightly taken aback.

Wearing the peaked cap backwards was a challenge to one’s face shape. However, because the lines of his face were extremely smooth, and as the cap was tightly fastened to his forehead, not only did his face not lose points, but it also made his eyes brighter and clearer.

The world was full of chaos, and such pairs of clean eyes were rarely seen.

He smiled again, and without the brim of his hat, it was a fuller smile this time.

“Drive away the bad guys and protect you.”

Yin Moshu’s eyelashes drooped slightly. It obstructed a part of his smile, then his Adam’s apple moved slightly, and only said, “I don’t need protection.”

Gu Jinmian disagreed. “You need it, no one can fight alone forever, everyone in this world needs a knight.”

Yin Moshu was silent for a while, his eyes fell on him, his emotions indistinguishable.

Gu Jinmian thought: Can Yin Moshu accept him a little bit now?

As he was thinking like this, Yin Moshu suddenly took a step back.

In such a tall building, the elevator was naturally not small, and because Yin Moshu had long legs, this step he made was a big step back.

As Gu Jinmian was still wondering, a fist came straight to his front with a fierce wind, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, but that fist changed into an open palm and moved to the inside of his wrist. It was gripped tightly, pulled back and turned behind his back, and then he was pushed against the wall of the elevator afterwards.

Gu Jinmian turned his other hand backwards and reached out, but was easily held by Yin Moshu again.

Both hands were now gripped behind his back.

Yin Moshu completely subdued him with only one hand, making him unable to struggle any more.

Gu Jinmian was a little confused.

He licked his lips, and he was unable to see the expression of the person behind him. The situation of being controlled by others in a closed elevator made him feel a little nervous.

“Young Master Gu.”

Gu Jinmian felt Yin Moshu leaning close to him from behind, his head was very close to his ear, and his breath could even be felt on the skin behind it.

“You, protecting me?”

Gu Jinmian’s ear twitched, not only because of the magnetism in Yin Moshu’s voice, but also because of the seemingly cold feeling that existed.

The air in the elevator seemed to suddenly condense.

Gu Jinmian couldn’t see Yin Moshu’s face behind him, therefore he didn’t know what his expression was, but he felt that Yin Moshu’s eyes fell on his neck, especially focusing on his throat, like an uncontrolled beast sizing him up, making him have goosebumps reflexively in his alert state. 

The blood vessels in his ears throbbed, and his body received the dangerous signal faster than his brain.

“Don’t say such things in the future.” Yin Moshu’s voice was a little lower, and his tone had softened.

His voice had a unique texture. When he spoke to people in a slow voice, there would be a hint of negotiation or even a request in it.

The dangerous signal that hit the nerve disappeared, and the air began to flow again.

“Okay?” Yin Moshu added another sentence, as if to appease.

Gu Jinmian’s erect hair fell down, he swallowed, and was about to nod–


The elevator doors suddenly opened.

Outside the elevator, a group of people looked at them in astonishment.

Gu Jinmian thought about their current posture for a moment.

Headed by Secretary Gu, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and as expected of a worthy person following Gu Lifan that was highly skilled and had overwhelming advantage over everyone, even when faced with such a scene, his expression didn’t even change. He merely pushed the glasses perched on the bridge of his nose with his right index finger, held the documents in front of him with both hands, and then bent over. 

“Sorry for the disturbance.”

The group of secretaries behind him had only just recovered from the shocking scene. Even if they didn’t know who the young man was, seeing that their boss had acted this way, they hurriedly followed suit.

They all bend and bow. “Sorry for the disturbance!”

Their movements were uniform, and the sound resounded throughout the entire floor.

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