CH 2

Hidden behind lush greenery and flourishing trees, the Wei Family Villa was a large, single family mansion. The stone cut gateway was enough to leave an imposing mark on people, and right inside the entrance lay a fountain, water bursting out to shower rainbows in the air.

Due to the contents of the conversation, Wei Sushen sent Arthur away and opted to drive himself.

Fang Shan: “Your parents must be super loaded.”

Wei Sushen pressed his hand to his temple. Usually people said ‘your family is really rich’.

Fang Shang had only specified one word but somehow it made the feeling behind it change.

Right after saying that, Fang Shan frowned and said “Before you’re driven away on the doorstep, we must establish the same footing to compete with them[B1] .

Wei Sushen couldn’t help but interrupt his train of imagination. “I’m not going to be kicked out.”

Fang Shan gave him a look that said ‘I know of your low self-esteem’.

Out of habit, Wei Sushen started to negotiate with Fang Shan in the same way he would with a superior. “Since you’re the system, tell me what the ultimate goal for this is?”

Fang Shan: “Collecting coolness points [B2] and face slapping value, so you can live your best life!”

Wei Sushen didn’t ask any more questions, mainly [B3] because he didn’t want to stretch his belief too far.

Fang Shan smoothly switched between his youthful chatter and a mechanical tone: “The system requests the host to choose between these: One- the system lives inside of the host’s mind. Two- the system will be an external personification[B4] .”

“External personification.” Wei Sushen didn’t give it any consideration.

Fang Shan: “Please make sure your wording is clear. Choose either option one or option two, don’t just repeat the words.”

In that instant, Wei Sushen was able to believe in a bit of karma, and that Fang Shan still being here was testing his thinning patience yet again.

Thinking of that, Wei Sushen narrowed his eyes dangerously. “I choose option two.”

Fang Shan: “Which role does the host wish for me to play?” After speaking, his clothes turned rumpled and undone, and his head tilted to the side. With a flirtatious expression and breathy voice he said: “Option one- coquettish little lover…”

The handsome man disappeared as quickly as he appeared, and in his place was a delicate and fair child, opening his arms for a hug. “Option two- a genius black[B5] -bellied baby son.”

Wei Sushen waited for a while but Fang Shan didn’t continue speaking. “What about the third choice?” He asked.

Fang Shan said seriously: “There are only two options available.”

Wei Sushen’s eyelids twitched and he changed the subject. “What’s the cost if I wish to unbind with the system?”

Fang Shan: “Your life.”

“…I choose one.”

Fang Shan apparently looked sorry that he wasn’t able to play the part of his son. Generally speaking, it’s easier to lower one’s guard when around children, and the role of the grandson would be fairly suitable to come into contact with Wei Sushen’s parents, who would then want to become connected.

“Since that’s what the host is determined to have, I respect your choice,” Fang Shan hung his head and said “Host, please choose the script...”

Wei Sushen looked at him cautiously, Fang Shan appearing rather guilty. “This is the last multiple-choice question for the moment.”

Wei Sushen didn’t say a word.

Fang Shan gave a light cough. “One: A passionate rich love. The tyrant president fell in love with me. Two: Marriage first, love later. Pampering the spoiled little wife. The host is urged to select option two, so the family conflict focuses on me and lessens the pressure for the host.”

“I. Choose. One.”

Fang Shan swore that at that moment, he could hear the other person grinding his teeth when he spoke.


The Wei family was truly rich, the crystal lamps in the living room alone worth hundreds of thousands.

News of Wei Sushen’s injury didn’t reach the ears of the Wei Family. When the family servants saw him, they nodded and called out “young master”, continuing on with the work at hand.

Fang Shan thought Wei Sushen was quite miserable. After all, he had disappeared for a few nights and nobody even questioned it. He didn’t realize that it was a common occurrence for Wei Sushen to travel for business on weekdays and he would often not return for the night.

“Ge.” A fat little man walked down from the upper floor, a rather awkward expression on his face. But when he caught sight of the gorgeously dressed man standing next to him, he was shocked. “This person is…”

Fang Shan leaned bonelessly [B6] against Wei Sushen, chin tilted up and a look of provocation in his eyes.

The little fatty took a deep breath. “You- you guys are…”

“As you can see,” Fang Shan licked his lips.

The little fatty’s complexion changed greatly, his features twitching several times until finally he managed to hold back his emotions.

Wei Sushen forcibly ended Fang Shan’s show: “Have you been able to find any good internships?”

The little fatty’s mouth flattened: “I’m in my last year of university. The most important thing right now is to prepare a thesis.”

An elderly aunty came over then, saving the little fatty from his predicament. “The meal will be ready soon, wash your hands and get ready to eat.”

The little fatty gave a sigh of relief.

“That was my didi[B7] , Wei Supei.”

Fang Shan frowned and said, “your parents are so biased. Even his name has more strokes than yours[B8] .”

“……don’t go and make such a stupid comparison.”

Aunty Zhang’s cooking was very good, and the table was filled with delicious food. Wei

Sushen however was sitting in a place with many vegetable dishes while on the other hand the little fatty had lobsters in front of him.

The Wei’s are not stupid, and though the little fatty looked simple and naïve, his perception of people is quite accurate. His small eyes flashed and he fixed his gaze on Fang Shan. “You seem to have some hostility towards me?”

Fang Shan: “It’s only a complaint for your Ge’s unjust treatment.”

Wei Sushen felt a headache arrive again. Since the time in the care when Fang Shan gave him the scripts, he was certain that this system was anything but a respectable one. He said stiffly: “eat.”

Fang Shan was not affected by his influence and sneered, saying: “I just can’t bear to see it. Your didi eats all the delicious food as soon as he spots it. If you eat the same dishes and stay famished then why does his fat a** look tens of pounds heavier than yours!”


The lobster in the little fatty’s hand fell onto his plate. Fang Shan had inadvertently poked his sore spot. Though born to the same mother, Wei Sushen’s physique was the complete opposite type than his. That is to say, Wei Sushen’s was the type that no matter what he ate and how much he ate, he still didn’t get fat[B9] . The little fatty on the other hand could pack on the pounds even if he only drank plain boiled [B10] water.

Fang Shan was still staring hatefully at the little fatty’s flesh with jealous eyes, and when he turned to see Wei Sushen’s perfect figure his expression turned to one of pity.

The little fatty abruptly stood up.

Wei Sushen sighed. “Sit down.”

The little fatty gasped angrily. “Ge, don’t say anything. I can’t bear being bullied like this.”

Ordinarily, the family didn’t dare to speak so harshly in fear of hurting his self confidence. But today it was the other way around, unexpectedly someone actually thinks his talented dage is in a vulnerable position?!

The corners of Fang Shan’s mouth turned up in a provocative smile and he looked at Wei Supei with his arms folded.

“Don’t overdo it.” Wei Sushen put down his chopsticks. His voice wasn’t neither forceful not soft but it still struck fear throughout their hearts.

Fang Shan and Little Fatty toned it down a bit.

After their verbal spat, Fang Shan started to shell the lobster, giving all of the meat to Wei Sushen: “Eat more.”

His loving maternal gaze poured like water, flowing straight down into Wei Sushen’s bowl.

The meal ended very quickly, and when Wei Sushen went up the stairs Fang Shan followed right after with an absolutely, one-hundred-percent exaggerated pace leaving the little fatty still seated at the dining table. From his point of view, Fang Shan’s butt swung up towards the heavens with every step.

Fang Shan played the role of the coquettish little lover extremely well.


Wei Sushen’s room was awfully big and tidied to the point of appalling. The old fashioned environment truly gave off a stifling air of restraint.

Taking a look around, Fang Shan didn’t find any particularly expensive decorations such as jade, bronze and other items rich people loved to have.

“Fang Shan,” Wei Sushen called out. Fang Shan stayed lost in thought, staring into the distance. Wei Sushen frowned, shouting his name again.

Fang Shan came to his senses, scratching his head: “It’s awfully rare that people call me by my full name. The host should call me by 666, yeah[B11] ?”


“Ai!” Fang Shan said brightly, all smiles.

Wei Sushen: “……it must take guts to act like that. We should have a proper talk about it.”

Fang Shan showed a very tolerant attitude. “Sure.”

Wei Sushen: “Generally speaking, what’s the standard criteria for choosing a host.”

Fang Shan: “Good looks, ambitious, a rough past, not thought too highly of.”

Wei Sushen’s eyes darkened: “Why did you appear at the factory at that time?”

Fang Shan said awkwardly: “It was caused by drinking fake [B12] alcohol. I lost some key information by accident. Fortunately I remembered that the host would be in danger there. I really didn’t expect such good luck! I thought I would have to wait for a bit but I ran into you as soon as I arrived.”

Wei Sushen: “How many times have you carried out assignments?”

“I’ve carried out countless ones.”

“The previous host…”

In an instant, Fang Shan’s smile disappeared and his voice became mechanical: “That topic is classified. The host temporarily has no access rights.”

Wei Sushen was quiet for a moment: “I’ll have Zhang-shen [B13] show you around.”

Fang Shan was about to decline, but Wei Sushen said “Since we’re going to be together for the next part of the future, you should get a basic understanding of this place.”

That sounded reasonable, and Fang Shan didn’t refuse again.

Soon after he left the room, Wei Sushen made a call: “Find the information about the factory in the west suburbs, especially if there have been any strange occurrences in recent years.”

If his guess was correct, Fang Shan had found the wrong host.

“Dage,” outside the door was a cautious voice. Obviously they were brothers, and the age gap wasn’t large but the Little Fatty had an instinctive fear of Wei Sushen. It wasn’t just him, most people did.

“Is something the matter?”

The little fatty perked up: “is that person just now your boyfriend?”

In the early years there were rumors about Wei Sushen’s sexuality. A grown man who had never had a girlfriend with him, the suspicion is really easy to arise.

Wei Sushen: “Your thesis must be almost complete. I’ll go check it tonight.”

The little fatty’s face was bitter and he covered his chest in an exaggerated fashion.

“Oh, by the way,” Wei Sushen said suddenly, “I remember you like reading some indecent books.”

The little fatty had a begging expression, telling him he had to quit reading online novels would cut his lifespan in half.

“Bring a few of them over.”

The little fatty’s eyes opened wide like copper coins...

Not long after, Wei Sushen’s desk was piled up with all kinds of brightly-colored novels. After flipping through a few, he finally found one about systems.

The little fatty stood beside him, saying flatteringly “Ge, you really are with the times. The most popular now are the infinite system flow.”

Wei Sushen was able to see this was about the protagonist unlocking new worlds with the system’s help. Though the writing itself wasn’t really that good, the plot was still interesting.

Wei Sushen closed the book: “Is the system very powerful?”

“It’s only natural,” the little fatty pumped his fists excitedly. “Without the system, the protagonist is as weak as a dog!”


The little fatty’s favorite novels to read were the ones filled with action and drama. After being excited, he said in frustration: “The only drawback is that the systems are too distant and impersonal. It’s always good to be calm and collected, but it also makes the protagonist upgrade too slowly.”

Calm? Collected? Impersonal?

Looking through the glass window, one can clearly see Fang Shan talking and laughing with Aunt Zhang downstairs.

As if he could sense someone looking at him, Fang Shan raised his head and looked at Wei Sushen. Not forgetting his character of the coquettish lover, he blew a hot flying kiss.

Wei Sushen let out a small sigh.

It really does hurt, just a bit.

the author has something to say:

Fang Shan: Darling-ahh, with me here, nobody will want to take any of your meat!

Wei Sushen: ...I like to be vegetarian.

Fan Shan: Don't be stubborn, come come, open your mouth, I'll feed you.

Wei Sushen: ...

the translator has something to say:

ahhh FS giving me embarrassment everytime I read his partssss like where the brother was watching him swing his hips in such an exaggerated i deadass had to take a break


[B1]Ahahaha FS still going strong with the bastard son idea and thinking WSS is gonna be kicked out as soon as he arrives on the step lolol

[B2]like, any of the 'coolness points' or points that systems give for missions in infinite flow novels.

[B3]This would be more paraphrase where he didn't wanna ask too many questions bc his 'believing in this bs' level is getting hit.

[B4]This one is related to the sentence, where Fang Shan lit. says only 'system anthropomorphism', and WSS says the same thing back to say yes (as one does in chinese). FS then says 'please make sure you're using standard language and not just repeating the question, basically being a little shit as systems are wont to do.

[B5]Aka two faced but im pretty sure most people are aware of that slang.

[B6]The word used here means both bones as well as a morally upright. It's kind of a play on, with fang shan leaning bonelessly against WSS as well as having the look of a golddigger. I do need to find a better sentence for that though

[B7]Younger brother

[B8]I'd say pretty understandable, wei supei has more strokes to make the character in chinese than wei sushen does and fs is saying that is because if bias.

[B9]Jealous of wss rn.

[B10]I feel you little fatty. If some random man came with my brother who also never grows fat no mater what he eats and comments on my physical appearance I'd be throwing hands and beating their ass halfway to Saturday.

[B11]He uses 'ba' at the ending, it's kinda hard to translate it and I wasn't sure about keeping it in so that's what you get. enjoy

[B12]Fake alcohol is a pretty big market in china, it still gives you a euphoric feeling but it's made with chemicals and stuff. like after freeze. it's a pretty interesting rabbit hole. it's definitely not like the imitation rum extract we have here for like baking. i probably should have put that in the first notes but oh well. To sum up: it still gets you 'drunk', but it's cheaper and instead of just wrecking your liver its wrecks everything.

[B13]Aunt (wife of fathers younger brother)

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