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“You said that Gu Yan and I could repair our relationship?”

After the lunch, on the first day of joining the job, Qi Xi basically spent the rest of her time dealing with the files and formalities. That night, she returned to her small, shared apartment with Zhao Yanyan.

Since she was angry at her family over the Columbia Law issue, Qi Xi was determined to break away from her parents’ protection and live on her own means. Because Zhao Yanyan was working at a competing law firm nearby, when Zhao Yanyan was looking for a roommate, Qi Xi immediately decided to take up on the offer.

“It’s impossible,” Zhao Yanyan still had sympathy written over her face. “Don’t you realize that Gu Yan is the type who doesn’t talk much? Now he’s talking ruthlessly. Saying it’s impossible for you to be friends. I think you should invest yourself in the drama. Why don’t you focus on your boss? It’s okay to have an ambivalent relationship with your colleagues, just flatter your boss.”

Qi Xi wanted to cry to the sky, the boss is Gu Yan’s sister, and she was perhaps more difficult to manage than Gu Yan himself.

After coming back from lunch, Qi Xi learned the true meaning of “Goddess” from her colleagues. They didn’t call her “Goddess” because of her personality. She simply had the appearance of a “Goddess” but the temperament of a devil.

“She must have told you that she wants to handpick her own interns before choosing new full-time colleagues? Nope, actually, it’s because other trainee lawyers in the firm refuse to join her team. Though Lawyer Gu earns a lot of money, she works overtime, and young people can’t stand that.”

“Before you, she actually recruited other newcomers to the team. After a few days, they applied for a transfer to be with another team.”

“Her energy is beyond the reach of ordinary people. When a newcomer first entered the company, she was gentle and tender, but now she’s boiled and shriveled up after spending only a week with Lawyer Gu. Meanwhile, Lawyer Gu became more radiant. Maybe it’s genetics. Her brother recently entered the company, and after spending a lot of time with her, he still looks good. Do they have some sort of secret to stay so good looking?”

“Qi Xi, don’t worry, you’re beautiful. It might take you a while to turn shriveled and dry.”

Getting this type of comfort is worse than getting no comfort at all!

While repeating the story, Qi Xi looked at Zhao Yanyan in tears, “In short, even if I can’t get along with this team, I can’t be transferred because the other lawyers are full.”

Because Qi Xi was determined to go abroad, it was too late for Qi Xi to look for a job and submit her resume. Most firms were filled, and it was only through sheer luck she was able to pick up the leaks from competing firms to pick up the offer in this company.

After listening to Qi Xi’s words, Zhao Yanyan could only pat Qi Xi’s shoulder, “Sister, there’s nothing to say, just my condolences.”


“But that’s the case anyway. You might as well be cheeky and have a good relationship with Gu Yan. Gu Yan just entered the industry and is not as treacherous as his sister. Anyway, since you both were classmates for the past 4 years, you should think of friendship! Do what you can. Buy some small gifts for him. Care for him when he is in trouble. Over time, you can repair your relationship.”

That being said, there was a problem.

Though she was classmates with Gu Yan, she knew next to nothing about him except that he was first in every competition and exam.

“I don’t know what his hobbies are or what he likes…”

Zhao Yanyan was still firm as steel, “You’re stupid. You have to have something in common. You can ask his friends or roommates! If it doesn’t work, go to the school forum. Do you have how many people at school were obsessed with him? There were even students from other schools who used to squat down in front of our school to see him. Those girls created an organization called, “Caring for Gu Yan Association.” Why don’t you join that?

“They are all-powerful. They have all sorts of information about him, and even compiled a book called, “The Complete Book of Gu Yan (Gu Yan Daquan)” which includes all of Gu Yan’s hobbies and interests. Occasionally they even update his weekend plans. You would know everything about him, and after being in the organization for one week, you would learn everything about him with your skills!”

There’s such an organization!

When Qi Xi was swiping through the forum, it was as though a whole new world opened for her.


She was dumbfounded when she realized, “The organization asks questions!”

Zhao Yanyan looked indifferent, “Yes, my friend, you don’t seem to know how to function in the real world despite studying in college for 4 years. Some groups ask questions to verify your interest. Most of the questions would be basic things about Gu Yan.”

Zhao Yanyan was right. Though there were 100 questions, the questions covered Gu Yan’s height, weight, and even size of his ears and earlobes. Even the position of the red mole on his neck!

“It’s better for you to do your homework first and then answer the questions. Otherwise you would get too many questions wrong and wouldn’t even be able to be accepted into the group.”

Qi Xi, eager to mend her relationship with Gu Yan, didn’t pay much attention to Zhao Yanyan’s words. Luckily, even if she didn’t know the answer to the first question, she answered instinctively. But perhaps, because she was Gu Yan’s classmate, she received the invitation to join immediately after answering the question.

As soon as she was approved by the group, she went straight to the homepage, asking where she could download Gu Yan Daquan.

As soon as she posted those words, the group owner jumped to share a link with Qi Xi.

There is truly good in this world! Although Gu Yan himself was a difficult person to deal with, his fanbase had a gentle little angel.

“We welcome people who are familiar with and are attracted to Gu Yan, but we hate the kind of people who know nothing about Gu Yan. Who just want to know and fall in love with him because of his face. Not only do we not welcome those kind of people, but we will also strike hard to teach the other part how to respect Gu Yan!”

Yes, yes, yes! Unexpectedly his fans were quite positive, and Qi Xi felt the same way.

She was grateful, and immersed in the joy of being “saved,” quickly downloaded the Gu Yan Daquan from the online disk to study it.

I have to say, the book is beautifully done! It contained a large number of Gu Yan’s pictures, most of which were street shots instead of that taken by professionals. Some of the photos were even blurry, but they still did not ruin Gu Yan’s appearance.

Although Qi Xi has been with Gu Yan for a long time, she never paid close attention to his face. Now when looking at the photos carefully, she realized that he truly was a handsome man.

The more she looked over the basic information, the more she was ashamed of herself. She had answered at least 80% of the questions wrong. For example, Gu Yan’s height was 187 cm instead of 185 cm as she thought. His eyes were a brown color instead of the pure black she thought.

Fortunately I told them I was Gu Yan’s classmate, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to join the group!

Anyway, with Gu Yan Daquan in her hands, she digested the material eagerly and recited all of Gu Yan’s preferences as if she was reciting knowledge points before an exam.

“His favorite foods are coriander, shiitake mushrooms, and soy products. He likes rice the most, but doesn’t like pasta. He likes sweets and sugar in all his dishes but doesn’t eat spicy foods. He likes chocolate the most and doesn’t like drinking milk. His favorite color is pink, and his least favorite color is black. Favorite fruit is durian, and favorite music is heavy metal rock. He doesn’t like playing sports, but his favorite activity is reading quietly in the library. He likes modern architecture and doesn’t like the outdoors or nature. He especially hates sunbathing. He thinks the meaning of life is not about the road, but rather the fruits of labor. He loves collecting trophies and medals, and he wishes to win each participation.”

The more she read, the more shocked she became. Gu Yan’s preferences are like this? Guess I really don’t know Gu Yan that well… in fact, I don’t know Gu Yan at all!

No wonder Gu Yan was always competing with me for first place… even if we can’t get along between the winning and losing, we could still cherish each other!

Looking at it, Qi Xi found an excellent place to start, “It will be Gu Yan’s birthday in 3 days! I should take advantage of this and give him a gift to show my natural goodness!”

Zhao Yanyan nodded, “Actually, it’s easy to have a good relationship with him. Do what you can. Whatever Gu Yan likes, give it to him. Now that you have Gu Yan Daquan, follow what’s written!”

Now that there’s internal and external friction between them with the graduation speech and the relationship at work, if Qi Xi was unable to flatter Gu Yan, Gu Yan could lead to her ruin. His revenge might be so strong that she wouldn’t be able to hold her head in Rongshi in the future.

Just thinking about the potential consequences, Qi Xi broke out into a cold sweat.

She should do what she first intended to. Immediately racking her brains, she thought about the birthday present she could buy for Gu Yan.

Would it be too expensive to buy? Firstly, she has no money, and second, she can’t appear too eager. What about if it was cheaper? She worried a cheaper present would appear insincere.

“You can buy a present that combines his hobbies and interests. Maybe buy a creative present? It’s best to customize, and after he receives it, he won’t forget,” Zhao Yanyan suggested enthusiastically which browsing through her social media, “And it’s best because it shows the sincerity of your apology.”

Qi Xi thought about it for a long time, but she couldn’t come up with anything until she typed the words, ‘Creative Birthday Gift’ into the Taobao search box. A few things caught her eye.

Jewelry, creative customization, unique and memorable, and show the sincerity of your apology…and it’s in the shape of the medallion, just like what Gu Yan likes!

That’s it!

She decided to place an order with happiness, and even paid extra for express shipping.

But I’m afraid this creative gift would be too little. After all, it didn’t cost much… In the suggested posts in the search engine, she saw an advertisement for a men’s tie. Clicking into to it, Qi Xi simply chose one and paid for the tie as well.

The medallion and tie arrived just in time for Gu Yan’s birthday.

When Qi Xi placed the gift on Gu Yan’s desk, it caused him to be surprised.

He frowned, looking away from the file he was working on, glancing up at Qi Xi cautiously, “What’s this?”

“Gift for you! Gu Yan, happy birthday!”

Sure enough, everyone liked receiving gifts, Gu Yan included.

He was stunned when he heard this, the chilling expression on his face disappeared and showed an expression of relief. He glanced at Qi Xi before turning to look at the package on the desk. His voice softened, “You know when my birthday is?”

“Yes,” she said with a little desperation. “Don’t worry, I will definitely celebrate your birthday every year from now on. We all graduated from the same school. Just like you are my family, your sister is also my family!”

Qi Xi hinted, “Although I wronged you before, I hope you know that I want to be a part of your family as well. I don’t want to break the family… if there’s a fight in the family, and I did something wrong, I should be given a chance to correct it, don’t you think?”

Gu Yan looked at the gift on the desk, thoughtfully. It was as if he was seriously considering the possibility of forgiving Qi Xi.

“Open it up and take a look! The gift was customized according to your preferences, and it also represents my heart for you!”

Though he was asked to unpack the gift, Gu Yan naturally hesitated. He looked away and calmly said, “No need, I’ll unpack it when I get home.” He was about to put Qi Xi’s gift under the table, but as soon as he lifted it, he was a little surprised, “What did you buy that is so heavy?”

“Friendship and family is heavy, this heavy weight represents my heavy heart!”

“There’s no need to buy expensive things,” though his tone was unfriendly, Qi Xi felt as though his attitude eased a little.

With honesty, she said, “It’s not expensive!”

It really wasn’t expensive. I only spent 70 yuan and had free shipping! The medallion was not as expensive as the tie!

“Open it up and look!”

Gu Yan, perhaps annoyed by her, pursed his lips with a glare. He began to unwrap the gift, when the gold colored medallion was in full view, Gu Yan saw the engraved characters… his eyes and expression were completely frozen in shock.

He raised his head, tone full of shock, “What is this?”

“Don’t you like collecting medals? You also like creative and modern designs instead of conventional designs. So, wouldn’t like something like this? You can hang this up like a medal!”

Gu Yan was probably pleasantly surprised at her words. Instead of saying something to her, he stared at the words on the stainless steel and his whole body seemed to become paralyzed.

Following his gaze, Qi Xi turned to the striking words on the medallion.

Sturdy friendship is always with you like stainless steel!

Happy Birthday, Gu Yan!

—From Qi Xi who sincerely apologizes

Though there were only a few words written on the stainless steel, Qi Xi was sincere. She had a hand-painted a cake and a villain asking for forgiveness and gave it to the merchant to engrave it into the stainless steel with the engraving.

In the other box was the pure, pink tie.

“I drew this picture myself!” Qi Xi said enthusiastically, “As for the tie, I also picked out a style and color that I think you will like!”


Probably faced with this surprise, Gu Yan suddenly lost his language. He was stunned for a long time before looking at Qi Xi, “Why do you think this color is my favorite?”

Because Gu Yan Daquan said so!

It was rare for a man to like pink, if Qi Xi were being honest. But who isn’t like a princess at heart? Gu Yan was probably surprised she knew his secret likes.

Qi Xi’s smile deepened, hiding her secret, “Because the you in my heart likes pink very much!”

Although he liked pink, Gu Yan was never seen wearing any pink before. I’m afraid he has to sequester his likes because of the world. Now that I’ve supported him like this, he must feel moved.

Understanding of each other… isn’t this the best grounds for friendship?

The man stared at the words on the stainless steel, his words a little harsh, “Do you think you and I can have a solid friendship?”

“Can’t you?” Qi Xi said cautiously. “It’s okay even if our friendship is a little weaker….”

Qi Xi thought Gu Yan was too perfunctory. The man answered her with two decisive words.

“Can not.”

Gu Yan turned away from her, shoving her gift under the desk, as if he didn’t want to think about it any longer.

It’s okay if we can’t be friends! If you can’t be a friend, then don’t. We could just have a cordial relationship instead. Qi Xi feels that she still needs to work harder to integrate into this “family.” Otherwise, the Gu siblings would tear her apart left and right. Is this what it feels like? To be surrounded by enemies in all directions.

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